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Creative Nonfiction Drama Teens & Young Adult

White floors, white walls, all white. That's what the Cleveland Clinic Hospital Room 511 looks like. On a mattress measuring 3 by 3 centimeters lies a patient with Tuberculosis who has been stiff for 3 consecutive months. Nobody visited it. Each month the money comes out of the wallet as much as $ 300. The services are in accordance with the fee, in the form of treatment and checking of his throat, which is completely dark in color. Her body was fragile, but still able to move even though only her fingers. Luckily, it was the last month of his recovery after undergoing exclusive treatment. Unfortunately, it affected him psychologically. Right after leaving the makeshift healing place, his body suddenly went into convulsions like a stroke symptom. When an impromptu nurse examines him with minimal but sure equipment, there is not the slightest bit wrong. His heart rate increased by 2-3 beats per second, even then it was temporary. On foot, he carried a tall young man like Michael Myers who had just been caught back to the asylum. Sure enough, her hair was so long that it covered most of her face which seemed very pretty. Unexpectedly, only 5 meters away, a nearby asylum was found which seems to have been formed since the 1800s. Sure enough, this historic place has indeed been made since 1868, has been operating since 1878. A building is in line with art deco according to the year it was made, making it excellent compared to other buildings. The predominantly brick-red walls make it look more like a playground than a shelter for lost souls or their thoughts of experiencing a kind of prolonged short circuit, whether happy in delusion or emptiness. "Welcome to the Athens Lunatic Asylum, what can I do for you?" A warm welcome from a half-fat man with a split mustache deafening the ears of a physically ill patient who has turned into a mental illness. The nurse who felt he had five minutes wasted immediately left him without saying anything. What an unfortunate fate of that man, who had just been healthy with a disorganized soul was now experiencing even worse. Miraculously the seizure reaction suddenly disappeared, but suddenly became passive and his gaze was always downward, just like a serial killer trying to show his misfortune so that the law gives him empathy, even though the law is still an absolute written law unless it is changed, it is not necessarily what he wants. . She put the man in a large cell, about 15 by 15 centimeters. Made to be broadly adjusted to the disease they are experiencing. The room is separated from other patients. It turned out that when he was just silent, contemplating fate. Even more crazier, actually had no disturbance at all in his mind. Realized the things he had just done. Deliberately entering the empty room because he wants to spend half his time in that place, pretending to threaten the lives of those who meet him. To be sure, food and drinks are provided free of charge, so there is no need to work. All he did was remember his life from childhood until now which meant Extential Nihilism to him. Introduce, a 5 year old boy in kindergarten was scolded by his teacher for still bringing a pacifier to his school. It seems that the aim is not to be more mature, but to invite friends around him to laugh at him. The whole class shouted "Baby Joe, Baby Joe, here is mommy". Somehow Joe didn't shed any tears. Without realizing it, behind there was a girl who was silent watching him without saying anything. Eight years later, a blonde teenager slicked back, with minus 2 words on the right and 1 on the left rode a bicycle to Ohio Middle School. The teenager was none other than Joe who grew up to be a shy teenager but always wanted to interact with his friends, so all he did was join in without saying anything. Strangely, though, they never became real moons. Only a few friends call it "Freak" or "Dumber". Is the kid acting weird at school? In the first year huh. At that time, in his mind, there was a struggle to do something that he knew was wrong but was still doing it because of the encouragement of his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which he had at the same time was not aware of, so that gossip about him spread throughout the entire generation. Yes, only generation! Without a single teacher. It's a very dangerous situation for someone who has just returned to puberty with excited hormones and uncontrollable emotions. That also made him have weaknesses as well as strengths for his friends to provoke him. How would the teachers know if he was only in How do the teachers know if they are provoked only verbally. The type of provocation he experienced was very special, unreachable by the Hollywood film industry which several times showed several films depicting the typical disruptions that occurred and the stereotypes of each antagonist which ended with the victory of the main character, such as in the 1984 film The Karate Kid in which Daniel Larusso beat Johnny Lawrence with a kick. The same year as his first year in middle school, right in December which is none other than the film's premiere year, with a giant mini-screen tube television dominated by a beautiful green color, Joe watched the film with a flat reaction. Joyce, the mother asked, "What's wrong, son?" "It's okay, ma." Joe lives in a cramped, cheap flat. Even so, they were very happy as a family. He is also of Italian descent from his father who did not return to Ohio, so he only gave the pair of mother and child what they needed through the post office. Of course his expression was flat because what he was experiencing was not physical violence, but verbal abuse. The next day, go to school as usual. One of his ridiculous habits is taking unidentified trash to put it in a heavy bag filled with books that don't need to be carried, as well as writing utensils that don't need to be carried. Once upon a time, he brought poster paint for no apparent reason. It was his second year in middle school. As usual he sat at the front with reasons of unclear vision. Some of his friends often flicked him on the neck which of course was done based on his easily provoked nature. At that point Joe realized that this time the reaction had to be different. Behind all of that, his mind was even more active to look for cracks and opportunities for every problem he faced. Unfortunately, no one could tolerate his thoughts which were so vast they could not be reached by his thoughts. To be precise, no one appreciated her slow but sure changes. They still think of him as a strange kid with silly questions that come out of his mouth. In fact, in semester 2 he had not done it at all. It seems that all social life is like that. The turning point was when he was in high school in 1988. The reason was obvious, namely his new friends. However, there is one of his biggest challenges, Hector Matthew, the great provocateur since middle school. As the name is gripping, this boy does not hesitate to tease anyone with his sarcasm in his surroundings, from normal people to those with mental disorders like Joe. I don't know what "Normal" really means to him. Even the slightest bit of strange behavior comes from someone, it just becomes an easy target. Crazy, this professional provocateur has many friends, even though among them he is not the most prominent, let alone popular. Very ordinary. For a long time Joe had been waiting for the time when they were far apart. What happened was the opposite, they were always in the same class until they graduated. Now they are in the same school. When they first met after being apart for a long time for a month, the action skyrocketed again. Looks like this kid did not let Joe have a better reputation than before, so right in front of the crowd that did not know each other doing the same thing to keep away too. Luckily Joe can go through all of his terrible challenges. Once upon a time, his emotions were provoked so that there was physical contact where he pushed Hector with only one hand. Hector as usual replied with words in order to escalate the situation so that the whole environment will know, "You think I'm afraid of you?" One of his friends is Vito, who is actually kind, but like a teenager in general, he will always maintain his reputation so as to support those who are more powerful. Joe knew that well, so even though he never blamed those who didn't defend him. Although there has never been a history at Ohio State High School where a person sacrifices his reputation by defending someone who is oppressed. To be precise, all schools are like that. His provocation only ended at that time, meaning that it was only around mid-July to September 1988. Actually, there was no need to be completely worried because Hector was the only one who broke it, so there was no need to worry. One of the things that gave him relief was when one of his new friends, named Manuel, knew very well that Hector had won a "provocateur" which he thought seemed to be due to his mother who had died when he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school. Slowly Joe did not react to this statement at all, did not show any sympathy or pity, for him it was not an excuse to act like that. Even based on his experience since middle school, putting that fact aside, Hector's relationship with his younger brother, Ferry O'Conell is really good, so it seems like a happy family. Until graduation in 1990 or more precisely in the early 90s, Joe graduated with an average grade of 80. As suggested by his father, Giovanni Santos, advised him to enter an accounting major which he took just like that. Even so, Joe has an interest in composing stories, both short stories and made into a book or novel, more in the direction of social fiction, especially to devote everything he thinks so far, as well as the problems he is experiencing. As is known, his intelligence is average, but his thinking is very broad, the insights he has without relating to many people are very broad. His father's advice regarding market demand should be more obeyed, and tends to be sarcastic in responding to new people who optimistically express their passion. Along with the terms "Plan A and Plan B". Both things he digested carefully, only nodded from the outside, but from inside his mind he described them into various opportunities that were separated from one another. His very complicated mindset made him an opportunity to achieve whatever he wanted. Plan A "not done" does not mean thrown away, but kept carefully while thinking carefully until graduation in mid-June 1994. He is free to do anything because since college has lived alone in a small flat in Ohio. Once again aware of the coldness of the prison floor, Joe Santos realizes his main goal. In the asylum Joe actively writes using an ICT machine that is given by the hospital. So that the semi-adult unwittingly uses the two "Red Pill and Blue Pill" based on the theory simultaneously. Red Pill, because in a limited room, cannot stop his desire to immediately write about his illness so far, while the blue pill pretends to be crazy so he gets everything for free. Unconsciously imitating a prisoner "Charlie Edward" who spent his time in prison with positive things, such as writing books about physical fitness, painting on canvas and the face of his own painting teacher, which he tied up to become an object of his artistic soul which resulted in imprisonment for a lifetime life. The difference is that you know for yourself. His illness indirectly gave him the opportunity to work more quickly and creatively than normal people in general. It only took a week, he gave a total of 527 pages of writing with a thickness of 5 cm, measuring 5 by 5 inches with a very simple cover, namely a child sitting on a bench with a wooden table writing with eyes sticking out almost touching his book. On the back cover is a child with a grim face, picking up a rotten green-brown leaf, holding a bag that is about twice the size of his body. His book entitled, "The Story of OCD Youth" which was later published for the first time by "Window Glass", thanks to the enthusiasm of more than 3000 from children to old people. On May 3, 1995, Asylum patient Joe Santos was freed from bars. Right after exiting the gate, immediately escorted by a white van with the words "Joe The OCD" in bright green color. Without his agreement, the seminar was held in his middle school first, attended mostly by fellow alumni. From a distance there is a man dressed in crumpled but luxurious brand, leaning against a very cold white wall, holding a shiny brown “Joof” cigarette with a wistful gaze, looking at the victim of his old provocateurs, delivering his short message but different from the others: “For 13 years I have hidden this fact from all of you. Someone who uses their distraction to become an opportunity to achieve their dreams, whatever it is. There is one person who just gives up and considers his shortcomings as bad luck, the second is optimistic about everything that happens in his life, both bad and good things. I am the second person. " Joe deliberately did not indulge in any further problems with his illness, because what he said covered all the mental disorders that everyone has.

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Art Deco was not a movement that started as early as 1878. In fact, it only began in the 1900s, and is more in line with the 1910s and 20s.


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