Contemporary LGBTQ+ Teens & Young Adult

This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues.

"You're different."

The words stung like a slap to the face. He had known for a long time that he was different, but hearing someone say it out loud made it feel like a curse.

"Why can't you just be like everyone else?"

The question hung in the air like a challenge, daring him to prove himself, to be someone that he wasn't. But he couldn't do it, couldn't pretend to be something that he wasn't.


The word was like a knife to the heart. It made him feel like there was something fundamentally flawed about him, like he was less than human.


The word made him feel like he was covered in filth, like he was something that needed to be scrubbed away.


The word was like a death sentence. It made him feel like he was an outcast, someone who didn't belong in this world.

The words kept coming, like a never-ending barrage of hate and anger. He tried to ignore them, to rise above them, but they were always there, like a shadow that he couldn't escape.

It wasn't just the words, though. It was the looks, the sneers, the hatred that he could feel radiating off of people. It was the way that people would avoid him, like he was contagious or something.


He tried to be strong, to stand up for himself, but it was like fighting against a tidal wave. The hate was too much, too overwhelming.


Something felt off, like a puzzle piece that didn't fit.


There were days when it was hard to get out of bed, when the weight of the world felt like it was crushing down.


The little things didn't matter anymore. Everything was gray and dull.


Food lost its flavor, and even the things that used to bring joy felt like a chore.


Sleep became a refuge, a way to escape the never-ending darkness.


The world felt like a hostile place, and every interaction felt like a battle.


The days blurred together, and time seemed to stretch out into infinity.


It was like being stuck in a hole, with no way out.


It was a lonely, isolating feeling, and it seemed like nobody could understand.


The beginning of feeling depressed was like being lost in a forest with no way to find the path home.


It started with a whisper, a gentle numbness that crept in and took over.

At first, it was almost a relief, a way to escape the pain and the hurt.


But the numbness grew, until it was all-consuming.


Everything became a blur, a hazy fog that obscured the world.


Colors lost their brightness, and sounds became muffled.


Nothing seemed to matter anymore.

It was like watching a movie through a thick sheet of glass, removed from the world and everything in it.


It was a lonely feeling, like being trapped in a bubble.


The numbness was a prison, and there seemed to be no escape.


It was a dark, suffocating place, and it seemed like there was no way out.

The numbness was all-consuming, like a black hole that swallowed everything up.


It was a never-ending cycle of emptiness, a void that seemed to go on forever.


The numbness was a weight that could never be lifted, a burden that would always be carried.


He felt empty, like there was nothing left inside of him. The world around him was a blur, a jumble of muted colors and indistinct shapes.

He wanted to escape, to find a way out of the pain that seemed to be consuming him from the inside out.


He was so alone, trapped in a void of his own making. The people around him didn't understand, couldn't understand the pain that he was feeling. He tried to reach out, to find someone to talk to, but no one was there.


It was always there, a shadow that seemed to follow him everywhere he went. He wanted to escape it, to find a way out of the endless cycle of sadness and pain. But he didn't know how.


He was so lost, adrift in a sea of uncertainty and doubt. He didn't know who he was anymore, or what his purpose was. The world seemed like a cruel and meaningless place, and he didn't know if he could go on.


It seemed like the only way out, the only way to find relief from the pain that was consuming him. He didn't want to die, but he couldn't keep living like this.


It was a comfort, a shield from the pain. He slipped into it like a warm bath, letting it envelop him completely.


He was gone, and the world kept spinning without him. The people around him mourned, but they didn't understand the pain that he had been feeling.


It was too late now, too late to turn back the clock and make things right. The people around him were left with nothing but regret, a sense of loss that would never go away.


The world was a little emptier without him, a little darker, a little sadder. He had gone to find the escape that he had been seeking, but in the end, all he had found was more emptiness.

The man's mental health is suffering, but nobody seems to notice. He tries to put on a brave face, but inside he feels like he's falling apart. He reaches out for help, but his cries for assistance fall on deaf ears. People brush off his concerns, telling him to toughen up or shake it off. He feels invisible, like nobody cares about his struggles. The stigma surrounding mental health leaves him feeling isolated and alone. He worries that if he speaks up too loudly, he'll be labeled as weak or unstable. So, he suffers in silence, hoping that one day someone will listen.

A Man’s Mental Health.

February 19, 2023 00:38

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