A Journey to Earth.


God called in the angels that were watering the Celestial Garden and told them he wanted a volunteer.

“Angel Tiffany, your name signifies a manifestation of me, so you just volunteered.

I’m thinking of doing a reboot down there on earth, so do a quick ‘once-over,’ in case you see some redeeming features that I might take into consideration.”

“I know it’s not my place to question you, my lord god of the highest order, but you, who knows all about sparrows falling, will also know my background.”

“We don’t have to get all high and mighty, Tiff, just call me G. It’s because of your background that I am choosing you. You’ve kept your sense of proportion. Not like those bloody ex smokers, venting their wrath to all and sundry on the iniquities of the weed. Why, in hell’s name, oh, pardon me, Tiff, it slipped out. If they hadn’t added all the chemicals with it, the smokers would have lasted a further 10 years.”

“Oh, G, I did love smoking, but couldn’t you have made the ash-trays a little sweeter smelling?”

She suddenly started to cough and choke with the realization of whom she was criticizing.

“Relax, Tiff, I’m not making ‘infallible’ statements like that other guy down there. I know I screw up sometimes. That’s why I want you to have a look around the place to see if I should ‘cut the rot’ completely, or let them have a game salvaging the joint. You can take your kid with you, just the one you came here with. Your other ones can look after themselves.”


G had chosen Tiffany, - yes that was the name chosen for her by her mother, Tawny, - because the scales had ceased to exist on this woman’s eyes way before her daughter had arrived at her present home. An unrelaxed Tiffany was becoming aware of the burden being placed upon her, she thought, inadequate shoulders.

She’d heard that God always gave his favorite people a very hard time. She bet that many wished they hadn’t ‘won the lottery’ in this particular case. Maybe she wouldn’t get boils, or aids, but she felt she was going to get a lot of mental anguish. She was thankful that her favorite child was going with her, maybe she could give her a hard time, because she loved her so much. However, on reflection she knew she’d feel even more anguished about that. Maybe, G got it wrong!

Another spell of coughing and choking convinced her to not speculate on ‘big G’s’ ways, she’d heard they were mysterious.


God told her to take her time, for he would get her report without any heavenly time elapsing, even though many years could go by with her jaunting around on that plane that was the flat earth down there. G told her he was just screwing with those Italians, when he made them believe it was round. God smiled at the thought of how many of the people down there now believed that their world was not only rotating, but also whizzing around a solar system, which was itself whizzing around a galaxy. “And to top it off,’ G said, “this galaxy is supposed to be heading around a universe at a speed that I would have difficulty keeping up with.”

“Just shows me what people can be made to believe whatever,” he said to himself. “Anyway, it’s crunch time and I’m going to put my trust in a woman and her child.”


Tiffany, and her child, Kathy, were given the power to adopt any guise they wished. Old, young, ugly, beautiful, whatever. Even animals if they felt it would help them.


Naturally, Kathy was excited about the trip. ‘Heaven was great,’ she had said, but planting and watering a garden wasn’t as cool as designing and improving their night-dresses, was it?


Tiffany had chosen to return to earth visiting her own country. She wanted to see her old ‘hang-outs’ and visit former friends. She knew that a ‘stripper’s’ tenure was not a lengthy one, so possibly most of them would be in ‘rest-homes’ by now. Still, she was excited.

G had been generous with her and her daughter. They could partake in anything that they wished if they thought it may help them evaluate and come to an objective a decision as they were able.

She knew that G’s finger was ‘poised’ on the destruct button, anyway. Although she had given herself a rough time down here with the decisions she had made and the beliefs she had held, in spite of this, she loved this ‘playing field.’


Kathy was well aware of the life her mother had lived whilst on earth, as she had snuck into the ‘heavenly video room,’ to check her out. She had also looked up the circumstances of her own demise with great interest.

Holding a ladder for her drunken mother to adjust a satellite dish was not an elegant way to go. She had felt the memory of her mother’s impact on her as she watched her mother’s body crush her to the ground. She’d had fun teasing her mother about the incident. Now, she was glad it had happened. She relished that the pair of them were off on an adventure, and she could grow a pair of tits and wear high heels, sometimes. G wouldn’t object to that, would he? She thought she heard a chuckle. She knew G wasn’t serious all the time. Not like that Peter who manned the ‘Golden Gate,’ jeeeeeeeeezzz.


Tiffany and Kathy had turned up at her old ‘pole gyrating’ establishment as women of equal age taking a day off from housework.

Nobody bothered them as they wandered around the place. It had deteriorated since she had performed here many years ago, but she thought that her changed circumstances could be at fault, rather than her memory of its current condition.

It was Kathy that jogged her back into their present reality, indicating that they were done here.

“Come, mom, let’s leave them to enjoy themselves in their own way.”

This remark from her daughter brought home to her the reality of, ‘who were they to judge, anyway?’ She was being asked to judge, by G, using her viewpoint. And who was she to judge if G’s viewpoint in choosing her, was to be questioned.

“So called ‘Free Will,’ was free will, wasn’t it? So if I want to, although, assuredly mistaken, I can disagree with him, can’t I?”

Kathy could see that some inner turmoil was taking place in her mother and didn’t interrupt her. Tiffany took a grip on her emotions and felt a hand grasp hers and give a squeeze, it was time to move on.

 Mother and daughter decided to go from this ridiculous venue, to an even more ridiculous one, the halls of government.

She and Kathy, as invisible and insubstantial women, were able to observe and pass through into the many chambers where deals were being made outside of any public scrutiny.

Major decisions that affected, but did not benefit the many however, allowed those in power to remain in power.

Tiffany again startled herself by realizing that immoral and unethical as it was, it was unimportant in the overall scheme of things. What people did, was what people did! It was a game. People played games. They loved playing games. The quality of the game was just viewpoint. It was the way that humans occupied their time. Basically, she saw, the measure of participation in whatever game was in their own hands. If you played the game with a set of wrong beliefs that got you clobbered, then maybe the resulting wisdom would make you a better player. She could see that basically people loved each other in spite of the apparency at times of doing the reverse.

Boxers trying to knock each other’s heads off, depend on having an opponent to have a game with. If wars and conflicts weren’t wanted, people would not participate in them. People are not a hunk of flesh, they are spiritual beings, making out that they are flesh.


Political decision making went unscrutinized to the degree that inattention toward it prevailed. However, if people found it amusing to observe the antics of very rich individuals, whether or not they appeared to have no discernible qualities except money, that is their choice.

She comprehended that for her, there was no other purpose for Mankind than to believe, choose, and involve itself in games purely for the interest and experience.

Whether G ‘pulled the plug’ and rebooted she was sure didn’t rest on her shoulders. He apparently created it all, he could do what he liked with it. He was obviously playing a game with her, and consequently within that format she also could apparently do as she wished.

She would vote for humanity to screw-up or save themselves in their own way.




February 15, 2020 02:51

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Jubilee Forbess
22:27 May 14, 2020

So interesting and innovative; good addition to my library!


Len Mooring
07:41 May 15, 2020

Thank you, again, Rhondalise. At times I get a little 'soapboxy' when I shuck my leash.


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