Wedding Stories From a Photographer.

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Drama LGBTQ+ Romance

I'm a classic wedding photographer. I show up to the wedding, sometimes I get in the way, and then I take a ton of pictures. Classic. Sometimes, I take pictures before, a photo shoot, and show up. Usually, people have normal weddings. In fact, having an abnormal wedding is something some people choose and you show up and realize how similar it is to one you might see on Pinterest or Instagram. I have a discount for my friends when they choose to get married. But in the meantime, I just go to other people who pay me to take pictures.

I do really like my job. I have my own photography business. I can find myself having a good time. I am still able to have a good time and still enjoy the party. I may not understand all the things that are happening, as there are a lot of different wedding practices that occur. So being able to enjoy these things are lucky and quite fun. I am usually able to enjoy the things that people are usually able to do. As I may be easily ignored or dismissed, I am still important. I am usually able to be happy with the way things are happening. Even if I do not understand something.

Now, there can be some happy weddings, some sad. Some that mean more than a wedding. But one I witnessed was completely packed up. I got there an hour early, so I could take pictures of the empty venue. It was a parking lot. I was all for being married anywhere but in the parking lot of an Arby's? That was one I had not seen before. The wedding happened. The reception wasn't even at Arby's! Well, they signed some documents and everyone started praying when they both picked up the pencil. Then they kissed real loudly and snapped everyone out of praying.

I was puzzled. Then they climbed into their cars and left. Then, they told me they were going to have the reception and wanted pictures of that. So I climbed in my car, we drove to a bar, and they had an hour's worth of reception. It was a nice bar though. Then, they told me that was it. It was only twelve in the afternoon. It was odd. It was the most interesting wedding ever. I only had around fifteen pictures. Usually, I had fifty. Sometimes more, and sometimes less. But never as little as fifteen. They still liked the pictures and bought all of them. Which was great. But I was still weirded out by the wedding. Never in my life have I been to anything even similar to that wedding.

Another wedding, probably six months later, there was a really sad wedding. In this one, the bride and groom's families refused to sit together. Unfortunately, they did not have enough chairs. They tried to put their families and friends together. The friends tried really hard to put them together without fighting but they were not having it. A whole fight broke out about the dinner during the reception, and at one point I just started taking pictures of the couple with a few people. When I tried to get a group picture, they made me take two. One with the bride, groom, all their friends, and then one of the two families.

It was sad. In the end, they bought a few of the photos that I took and none of the group pictures. I felt really sorry for them. They told me at some point their families met, and then they told each other a bunch of stuff they didn't mean. And then a fight was there. They couldn't sew it together and make amends. They told me they didn't mention they would be there. At some point, they considered two weddings but made a final attempt to put them together again. Yet, this wedding did not work out in their favor. They told me that there There was nothing the couple could do. I wondered how they were going to be able to put up with them. How they could do it. I know I could never be able to.

At one wedding, there were two grooms. I took loads of happy pictures of the beautiful couple. I told them so. From what they said it sounded like there was going to be loads of people and gave me a different venue than the normal few used in the area. They signed some papers at a courthouse. Legally binding them. I took some great pictures. But there was only one friend from each of the two. It was so weird, as the friends were on their phones. And the couple was totally cool with it. I felt so sorry for the couple. Why could they not be on their phones? Especially on such a joyous occasion. I got them to at least look happy in the picture at least. Oh well. At least the couple was happy. The reception was pretty epic though, and it was lots of fun to be a part of.

I encounter loads of weddings. There was always some sort of thing that goes wrong during these meetings. I felt that there were so many things that went wrong at these ones. As you can see, it can be hard to be a wedding photographer. It can be hard to be a wedding photographer. To be on the outside of a special occasion for someone you don't know. But I do it. I am a witness to this. I can easily feel like an outsider. But it's ok. I am still able to have fun. I love my job so much. I do really like to enjoy things like weddings. As it is my profession to take pictures for weddings, I also capture the best parts of weddings. Some are walking the aisle, and some are getting to see them during the reception together. But being there, even if I don't know them, is a fun thing that I get to do. Something that brings me joy.

May 02, 2022 16:58

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