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For those who were granted good luck I just wanted to let you know that I envy you. Yes, YOU I envy you. It must feel good when things go your way unintended. Ugh, I wish I could relate but sadly I can not. I've never had the best of luck growing up and I still don't. You think I'm overreacting well let's just say that judgment of yours will change once this story is finished.

The earliest story that I can remember when I noticed that I was granted bad luck was in the 7th grade on picture day. Every child remembers those middle school picture days when you wore your favorite style of clothes for one day along with showing off your photogenic skills for the cameraman.

Well, I wasn't too lucky that day. I woke up with a pimple of the size of a Quarter on my nose. I thought that was a good reason to not go to school that day but unfortunately, my parents thought differently. Since I was told that I still had to attend school I thought of a brilliant idea to hide that hideous pimple with my mother's makeup kit and boy did it work!

As my parents dropped me off at school I waved them goodbye and started to make my way into the building with my head held high. As I walked through the halls I felt like a princess who just was told that she is a part of royalty. Then suddenly I felt a touch of water fall onto my eyelids, the last thing I knew I was drenched with water, and the makeup that covered my face had been washed off. The sprinklers went off and I stood in the hallway being the joke of the moment.

That's not the end of it. I missed the school bus home and got stuck in a rainstorm.

You see that right there is a prime example of me desperately wanting to change my luck. I want some fairy or wizard to grant me good luck. For once, I want my days to go well instead of unwell. There was a folk tale that my grandparents had told me as a child. They said that whenever you feel like your days are unlucky flip a coin into a well. A well is similar to a genie it will make all of your wishes come true with just a flip of a finger.

So, that I did. Monday morning after work I went to the nearest wishing well in the neighborhood. The quarter in the palm of my hand slipped right out of my hand without me granting a wish. "Ugh, why am I so unlucky?!" I scream into the well. My voice echoed every time I spoke as if I were speaking into a microphone. With a face full of sadness I left the wishing well feeling no different than yesterday. As I started to walk the color of white clouds turned to gray. "Oh, that's great its gonna rain." Before I left the news said sunny skies all day what a catastrophe.

The only thing that I had in my hand was a rolled-up newspaper that I thought could shield me from the heavy rain but boy was I wrong. When I arrived home my clothes were drenched and my electricity went out. "Can this day get any worse? I meant my life!"

The next morning the sunlight that bursts through my bedroom curtains sat upon my face waking me. "Another dull day," I say to myself I mean it's been happening for a while now might as well make it a part of my life routine. The teapot that sat on the stovetop felt warm when I touched it. "How can that be? I didn't turn the stove on to heat it."

The clock on the wall read 8:45 am meaning that I woke up on time. That never happens. I usually wake up when it's time for me to clock into work. With just those three things I still didn't feel any different.

While waiting at the bus stop a small child offered me a piece of one of his chocolates. The chocolates happened to be my favorite milk chocolate with caramel and peanuts. As I thanked the child the bus that I have been riding for 6 years finally came early. It was so unexpected I didn't know how to react.

When I finally arrived at work the people in the building stared at me as if I were a statue. I stare back but with a face beet red. "What could they possibly be staring at?" The voice in my head had said.

Suddenly the frowns that appeared on their faces turned into gentle smiles along with a standing ovation. People were coming up to me telling me how proud they are of me for showing up to work on time.



My heart rapidly skips a beat due to excitement. I've never had a crowd of people stand up and clap for little 'ol me. Maybe the wishing well did work after all. Maybe the thought of good luck wasn't just a thought anymore it was becoming a reality. The room begins to spin as I smile and wave at the generous people. "This can not be happening!" The voice in my head says that sentence constantly until I felt a raindrop fall on my nose.

"What's happening?"

The bright room that I stood in turned pitch black. I couldn't see my body let alone hear my own words.

As I opened my eyes I see my body laying on my bed. "How did I get here?"

The clock on my headstand was blank and I could hear the sound of thunder rumbling.

"What? It was all a dream?!"

The gigantic hole that sat in the ceiling of my home let the rain come pouring through. The last thing I know my bedroom became a swimming pool.....

"Oh, just my luck☘!"

June 11, 2021 22:20

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Emily Bronte
15:36 Jun 24, 2021

Great story! The dream ending was very creative. The only thing I would add to make it better, would be to extend the wishing well scene a bit. That way the reader can get some more insight on why the character really wants to change their luck. All in all though, this was an amazing story and I really enjoyed reading it!


Jade Orien🍀
16:31 Jun 24, 2021

Thank you. glad that you enjoyed the story😄


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