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Right. Easier said than done. Even as these words spill onto the paper I know some bottom feeding stalker is reading these words preparing to launch an attack based on them. So, how do I ignore the stalkers? I suppose I mentally elevate until their shit doesn’t register. I’ve already come a long way for that this year. Less than half of their shit reaches my conscious.

Before you get excited, it doesn’t reach my subconscious either. I kind of half notice things and think, it isn’t relevant to me and it gets tossed straight out before hitting the mind. Maybe I can ignore the stalkers.


Yup. You heard it right. No more offers to do what these people ask. These punks keep asking me to be a prostitute, or to become a slut. They haven’t noticed I gave my life to Jesus.

I have offered a few times, that if they give me the contract of a lifetime I might be willing to consider sex with someone. I mean, if you’re asking a person day in, day out to do something, it means you really want them to do it. That means I have the commodity they need. No worries.

I’d like to be in the lives of my three children. I’d love to have family.

Wealth. Oh, yes. Lot’s of wealth. If I am going to allowed my body to be used to entertain the masses with you better believe I want real good compo for that.

Privacy. An absolute must. I can’t be expected to have an authentic intimate anything with anyone without privacy.

End the stalking. Seriously. I’ve said I’ll do it as long as I have a contract. I’d like to know what it’s like to live a life of social inclusion.

Anyway, those are the terms and conditions I offered them on the contract. These would have to be fulfilled before I do what they ask. But that’s the thing about these creeps, they ask and ask and ask but as for negotiating a contract they aren’t stepping forward. So, as far as I am concerned they can make those requests of the women that they do have contracts with. I don’t have a duty to the people who bullied me and I don’t owe loyalty to the people who betrayed me.

As of 2023 I will no longer offer to sign a contract with them. In other words, what they are seeking is not available to them for any price or any reason. Let’s just say, even if they showed up I’d have to say its too late. The door is closed.

I’m sure the asses, I mean, whoops, masses, will continue to ask me, but as I elevate and ignore them, the requests won’t even filter into my mind.

Resolution three: CREATE GOOD KARMA

This is the winner. This is what will get me family, wealth, a husband, children, job, house and social inclusion. The catch? Not in this lifetime. Doesn’t matter. I have a unique view on life. I am in control of my karma. Not my enemies. Not my stalkers.

“Oh, but, can’t they trigger you?” you think.

I must answer back, “No, they can’t. And if you’ve been paying attention, you would be able to see that.”

You see, because of this stalking business I’ve stepped onto the path of salvation and enlightenment. They are two paths from two separate thought schools but they are both similar and are both related. I like being responsible for my karma. It’s the adult thing to do. I am responsible for my past life karma, this life karma and the next life karma. That’s accountability.

Of course, this gets me thinking. Now, I know, my stalkers gone be shit done out of luck. Turns out they sacrificed all right, but it wasn’t me, it was their own karma for a good life in their next life. The way things is going now, unless you a real saint this lifetime you going to be oppressed as shit in the next. Every gang stalker out their going to reap in their future what they sewed in this life.

The whole verse where God makes your enemies your footstools makes sense when you understand karma. Nasty? Yes. But, I will use my position, wealth and authority in my future life to dismantle their system, while they, with all their bad karma, sit back and watch it happen with tied hands because they tied their hands themselves this lifetime, through their own negative karma.

You see, as much as people like to tell themselves karma doesn’t exist, while saying at the same time that somebody they hate just paid their karma when something bad happens, or that God doesn’t exist, most people believe that these things do. They just don’t want to admit it to themselves on the conscious level because they know then they’ve placed themselves in a very unpleasant position through their own decisions. That would hurt.

But you see, stalkers can’t ride with that because they are afraid of what their masters would do if they turned around and said, sorry, we don’t want that bad karma for ourselves.

Their masters could make this current life hell but if everyone paid their karma, just owned up, became accountable in a couple generations the current system in place would be destroyed. Climate change would resolve. This planet would become a beautiful place for everyone to live.

Being a target was never about destroying me. How could it with faith and a conscience like mine? Gang stalking is a secret war of oppression upon the stalkers, so that they are reborn in their future lives in a position where they can all be easily oppressed. The stalkers lost their freedom because they refused to be accountable to the spiritual laws and powers. It would suck to be a stalker.

These are my resolutions for the new year. I can assure you that most people in this greedy, perverted, selfish, materialistic society would not even consider my resolutions as something worth attaining.

I, however, intend on winning this war, one lifetime at a time, until humanity has some semblance of spiritual freedom. To do that I must take a very big picture, long term view.

Never The End.

December 31, 2022 07:51

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