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Fiction Lesbian

Quick warning: a tiny bit of homophobia

Travis gave the grumbling barista a small smile as he picked up his coffee, though he only received a dismissive wave in response.

He didn’t take it personally. Maybe she was just having a bad start to her day.

Her name tag red ‘Amy’. Simple enough to remember, though not many people looked. Who really cared about the name of the person who prepared their coffee?

As he wasn’t in a rush, Travis sauntered over to the nearest free table, a small 2 person table situated in the middle of the little caféhe was at. He had a view of the whole interior, and a wonderful view of the sun coming up over the buildings outside. He hoped the view could give him the inspiration he was looking for. He couldn’t put off his works any longer, because procrastination didn’t pay his bills.

When he had first stepped in, he had been shocked at the number of people inside. They had just opened. Though, he had looked, and the majority looked to be college students using the free WiFi to study. It was finals week, wasn’t it?

“Order for John.” 

Travis felt bad when Amy took in a deep breath, before she plastered on the fakest smile he had ever seen and continued to take and fulfill the never ending orders. She looked stressed, and he couldn’t blame her.

He certainly didn’t want to be in her position, he hated people and taking orders, and really anything to do with social interaction.

The bell drew his eyes to the door as it opened, and he almost snorted into his caramel macchiato. 

The girl who had just walked in had to be the most obnoxiously dressed person he had ever seen. 

Her hair was a bright bubblegum pink, and was pulled into two braids, one on each shoulder. Her crop top was bright, neon green, and was mostly covered by an oversized denim jacket. The pants she wore were black and ripped at the knees, and splayed out towards the bottom. She sported a blue cap, backwards, of course, and carried a skateboard in one hand. The other held a ratty looking denim backpack, which drew his attention to the contents, which were so very close to spilling out.

She must be a college student, if the multitude of textbooks weighing her down was anything to go by.

Okay, maybe she wasn’t obnoxious. He was certainly exaggerating. She was just…attention drawing. Possibly the same thing, depending on who you asked.

He paused in bringing his drink up to his lips when he saw Amy perk up, clearly spotting the newcomer.


Said girl looked up from her place in line, and Travis himself flinched at the glare she was giving. But Amy only smiled.

With newfound energy, Amy flew through orders and dumped cup after cup onto the ‘pick-up’ counter. And soon enough, Melody was the only one left in line.

He didn’t know what he expected, but he certainly hadn’t expected Amy to lean over the counter and pull Melody by the collar of her oversized jacket into a quick kiss.

“You’re going to get fired.” Melody scoffed, though it was clear she was blushing.

“So worth it.”

An older lady, possibly in her early to mid 60s, also must have heard and seen the two interact, as her eyebrows twisted in disgust. 

Travis knew what was going to happen before she even opened her comically overdrawn, chapped, and down turned mouth.

“People like you shouldn’t be in public.” She had one hand placed on her hip, he other holding her steaming cup of coffee.

Melody seemed shocked, and looked to Amy in confusion, “Us?”

She must’ve dealt with people like this often, because Amy didn’t even bat an eye before she responded, “Homophobic old ladies shouldn’t be allowed in public, but here we are.”

“Excuse me? How dare you talk to me like that. Do you know who I am?”

Amy narrowed her eyes into a glare, one that sufficiently shut the elder woman up. “You’re the old lady who’s going to get kicked out if she says another word to me or my girlfriend.”

Melody worried her bottom lip between her teeth as the lady contemplated her next move, apparently not used to such situations.

“Have a good day!” Amy yelled with a smile, waving as the lady high tailed it out of the café.

Travis looked out the window and snorted when the lady accidentally dropped her coffee directly outside the building.

She didn’t come back in for a new one.

He turned his attention back to the front when he heard Melody speak once more.

“Do you get people like that often?” She was clearly worried and nervous. Her eyebrows were drawn together, and she clutched her two items tightly to her body as if it would protect her.

Amy shrugged. “Yeah. Kind of. But I usually also don’t go around kissing girls, so it’s not like they know enough to say anything.”

“What do you mean ‘usually’? Amy don’t make me come behind that counter.”

Amy expertly avoided the fingers that aimed to pinch her on the arm as she began collecting some ingredients with a pleased smile on her face. “Oh please do, I’m so very lonely.”

Lonely?” Came Melody’s offended squawk. “I came here to hang out with you?”

“I know.”

“I’ve never been so insulted in my life. I thought you loved me.”

Amy didn’t react with anything other then an eye roll when Melody began sniffling, so Travis assumed that the dramatics were a common occurrence.

“Go sit somewhere. I’ll bring you your drink, and I have backup coming in like 20 minutes, so I can come help you study.”

Travis gave Melody a small smile when they made eye contact as she passed by, looking for an empty seat.

He got a bright grin back, and he turned back to his coffee, which had gone mostly cold.

He didn’t actively listen after that, but he did pick up on Melody’s whining about how ‘but science is stupid anyways!’, and Amy’s tired responses, such as: ‘you’re literally a science major, you idiot’.

Travis left shortly after, having gone for a cup of coffee and some inspiration. He had only really expected the coffee, but was more then pleasantly surprised at the ideas that now floated around in his head. 

If his completed next story starred an eccentric skater girl and a feisty, overworked barista, then he’d have to go back and thank them.

August 01, 2021 03:17

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Hannah Fransen
19:36 Aug 07, 2021

I liked this story! It was simple but charming, I thought you used the prompt cleverly, seeing the main relationship from an outside perspective. I hope you keep writing!


Hazel Osborne
21:07 Aug 07, 2021

Thank you so much!


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