An Unforgettable Friend

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Well can I say? Here we are again, another strainuous school year completed, I knew that in three months time that I was headed for one more remaining year of being picked on. Next year, my plans were to graduate the twelfth grade is getting to live another year of ordeal in a confining school system and later on, hopefully going to work full-time. I really had enough of this kind of unnecessary harengment. The whole idea of the ‘ no pain, no gain ‘ issue has been highly overrated and often considered as resentful.

Before his excruciating end, Jesse had always been a great friend of mine; a reliable one. He had one day wanted to become a private investigator. He certainly had a knack for speculative detection and enjoyed reading mystery novels. BATMAN was his very favorite comic book hero, too. Some of his aspirations to one day becoming the next Bill Finger; yet he that this was never going to be realized because his lack of longevity.

Knowingly reality, it had depicted a different outlook upon his life. This existence of his longevity was certainly coming to a head. He had been clearly aware of his fatal destiny. Jesse was previously operated on for a small cranial tumor that shortened his lifespan. Random convulsions had made his life quite unbearable, yet the physician had prescribe him medication for temporary relief and with was no existing cure; there was only treatment.. He had eventually came to terms of his own mortality.

This cerebral defect had been the malignant complication that prevented him to see the age of twenty-one. He wanted to make the best of what time he had left. Since he was living in unwanting blood relations. If GOD has ever existed; He have never cared nor shown him any pity for an innocent being. And I strongly hope that the theory of reincarnation is a fabled myth only to entertain the simple-minded masses and not a realilty. I would never be interested in returning to relive another life filled with hardships, again.

Jesse’s homelife had been quite merciless and unforgiving towards his present state. Many could not accept in handling Jesse’s current deficiencies. My family had welcomed him to live us for the remaining time of his life - he did accept. As an infant, he was left behind to live with relatives and litereally fend for himself. He had never known his father because he had deserted his when he a child; yet his mother who had quickly succombed to cancer, not too long after.

Admittingly, I was always internally envious of him because he was gifted with an immensely strong constitution by being to withstand large amount of pain and stress. He was always in good humor, as if nothing ever bothered him and never revealed his true feelings. Inside, I had quietly envied his spontaneous characteristics and stamina. This was straight-forward guy who always either made you feel like a family or treated you like a detrimental enemy. That’s who he was; a good-hearted person who never got into trouble; there was no two ways about him.

Though, somebody would have to be really stupid enough to have ever deliberately stepped on his toes. This is because it would be a definite mistake to do so. They would soon be shown no doubt to be seriously regretful from their initiated actions.

Jesse had been a very diligent student in school,yet very little people had bothered to ever take notice. He had always knew somehow knew I really felt: tired, frustrated, depressed and despondent. As voicetrous as he was; he had never held back to what hew was really thinking. He never gave damn what anybody thought; just as long that he was happy; he certainly didn’t care, otherwise. He savoured every precious moment he had left.

As we were both reviewing the last few annual high school yearbooks; I was pointing out to him the people which were constantly picking on since grade nine; I’d also get pushed around and beat me up for no reason. These creeps were only being bullies showing off their might. Disgusted as I was circling the photos of the idiots which were tormenting me. There was either five or six particular miserable bastards in question.

Jesse possesed a positive attitude outlook on life even he knew his looming fate had been soon awaiting him. He was making a stand off with Death where he showed absolutely no fear. He was only trying to lift my spirits. One day, he mentioned to me that each one of these pricks will be receiving their own medicine in one manner or another before they would ever graduate. He said to me: “ Just listen to the symphony of your heart “. At the time, I didn’t actually take him seriously; yet, I did notice that he had been closely examining each one of the circled photos within the recent yearbook. He was doing so, while we were discussing various matters. His memory had been a phenomenal gift. Jesse was quite adament of his premonition even though privately, I had my doubts, but I didn’t want tell him what I really thinking. I had only wanted to leave him with his creative beliefs and fantasies.

Suddenly Jesse had started to inscrutably physically convulse. I had completely no idea what to do - he was suffering a brain hemorrhage. I had swiftly jumped and rushed over to him to find out what was going on with him. His eyes were rolled up in the back of his head and he began to be foaming at the mouth. Within my hysteria, I had rushed to phone for an ambulance. I simply didn’t know what to do. My impatience was irrational; and absolutely panic-strickened. After I had attempted to cover him with a heavy blanket until the medics arrived. Hearing the siren, I ran to the front door and rushed them in. While they were strapping him in securely in the gurney, I had erratically explained to them of his current medical condition. I told the attendants that I wanted to assist Jesse to the hospital; they cordially agreed. Once the doors were locked; Jesse was still shivering when they both lifted him into the ambulance. Once the driver had spun off on the road, another was giving him oxygen and striving to keep him comfortable.

Just before we reached the hospital emergency entrance; at the age of eighteen, Jesse had inexplicably collapsed and died on arrival. He happily died, he was surrounded by loving family who took him in during his most intense time of his life. Just feeling helpless throughout the whole ordeal, I was an emotional wreck. Being traumatized of his passing; I couldn’t help feeling partially responsible for his demise. One of the paramedics had tried to reassure me by expressing how his dissolution was inevitable and that there was unequivocally nothing I could do to save him.

Days following his funeral, I was still grief-strickened, alone and lost; I had felt very hurt, scared and deserted, my best friend was taken away from me at our most glorious time of our lives. Walking around paranoid and always looking over my shoulder wasn’t an activity I had in mind.

In the meantime, I had kept to myself, avoided the bullies and stay occupied until the rest of the school year. Some of these bastards were secretly gleeful that Jesse was no longer a ‘social hazard ‘. They had assumed that there’s one less challenging antagonist to deal with.

Inspired by Jesse’s circumstances, I had decided to take on a nightly First Aid course. Next time this event would occur; I knew I’d be definitely prepared. That particular summer was a greatest period as a teenager until his untimely death had came to pass in early August. It was the very last time that we ever enjoyed his company. Unfortunately, Jesse had never gotten the chance to enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays, let alone being denied to attend a high school graduation. This celebral disorder had caught up with him, much too early in his life. He had been forever denied any of his dreams.

Shortly after mid-terms were over; it was found that the following events had become notably eerie. Each one of these bastards were being pegged off randomly, one after the other. They each were pounced on in a different method. One guy had four of his fingers on his right hand brutally hacked off in shop class; two others were expelled for dealing drugs on school grounds.

A fourth one had been arrested and brought on a second-degree rape charge upon an under-aged minor; he had to do time in juvenile system and later had to register as a sex-offender. Another was caught stealing audio equipment from a department store; he was also went to prison for for five years. Both of these individuals had eventually being received in dire and welcoming company such as they had each deserved.

A last one was so severely beaten up by a fed up and angry student. One innocent bystander who had always kept to himself had shocking lost it. He had gone ultimately ballistic where these issues had long passed the limits of his sanity and had received enough abuse. Since no one else wanted to come to his aide - he took matters in his own hands and showed this jerk the very same amount that he was dished out to. He had completely lost control of his temper where it brought his to mind to boil and had shown the bully absolutely no pity. The bully went to the emergency with a broken jaw and fractured ribs. Teachers were certainly no help to this poor soul; they had refused to lift a finger in coming to his assistane. An understanding had finally been attained where this young man was never charged with his iniquitous battery by virtue of several witnesses.

Somehow, these same bastards had utterly stopped harassing me just as well as others who were unruly and physically manipulated. All of these distinct incidents which had instantly occurred.

Months later after his passing; the concept had struck me like an arrow to the brain on to what he did for me. I had quickly recalled listening to Jesse’s peculiar philosophies. Were these actions, the actual reprocutions by each their own idiocy? Was it fate coming into play? How were his premonitions had come to pas into reality? Who was Jesse? Did he have this talent in him all of this time where had just unequivocally accepted it? Were these strange occurrences, simply accidental or deliberately caused? Like a flying cosmic boomerang being randomly flung into space; had Karma finally reached back to return their unlawful actions?

Could it be a possibility that this was Jesse’s manner of conveying to me for Thanks and Appreciation of standing by him until his passing? Was he trying to transmit a message to me from the great Beyond? Was it his curse inflicted these creeps? Was it a promise he made and readily kept? Unfortunately, as long as I live; I’ll never really know the exact truth behind these unusual occurrences.

In my heart, I knew that he friendship had never left me. I had never wanted to admit this fact to himself or to anyone else at the time because I didn’t want to give anyone the impression that I might be losing control of my senses. I just accepted this sensitive passion to myself. Subconsciously, I had continued to have the feeling that I was not alone no matter where I went amidst school grounds. Was I being protected by some kind of silent phantom guardian? It was just as if there was a an unknown and constant presence hovering over me. Was it a restless spirit avenging the culprits? I don’t know enough about such theories because it’s beyond the realm of my comprehension.

How did he actually know? Was it just lucky guesses? Was he especially granted this wonderful gift of foresight before leaving his difficult existence? Why was he the only one being granted this piece of wisdom? And not others? These are questions which may never be answered in my own lifespan as well it’s possible that they will never been revealed in any other era. It will always be an inexplained cosmic mystery.

Today, I keep hearing his words like a beating drum in my mind ; “ One’s word is just as strong as the bond of the friendship. “

Knowingly, the amount true friends that one has is too small compared for the number on one’s fingers of the human hand. And why is it the only good die, young? Filled with sudden emotional distress and relief; with tears in my eyes running down my cheeks, I gradually looked up into the gloomy sky and calmly said ‘ Thank you, Jesse. I have truly listened to my heart.‘

June 12, 2023 17:18

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