Science Fiction American Thriller

The oval office was quite busy this evening. The President was going to address the nation about a calamity that was onto them. The pandemic was responsible for the killing of many innocent lives.

The President wanted to assure the nation about a recent breakthrough in vaccination. This breakthrough will help to escalate herd immunity and eventually overcome the pandemic. 

Everything was set to launch the countermeasure. The President entered the Oval Office and adjusted his chair. He went quickly through the teleprompter and gave a thumbs-up sign to the operator. 

'Ready to go on Air, Mr.President?' asked the press secretary.

'Ready,' came a courteous reply from the President.

'Okay. Five. Four. Three..'

Suddenly everything went dark. A rare event because the Whitehouse never faces such an issue. Backup generators failed along with all the redundant system.

An EMP Surge from a spaceship had darkened the entire city of Washington DC along with the residential areas within 100 miles radius.

The spaceship landed on the bridge on the river Potomac. The traffic came to a halt, and everyone was watching the glowing bubble.

Suddenly, with a loud noise, a door opened from that spaceship. Three aliens walked down carrying a human figure. 

One of the CIA Agent was in the vicinity of that ship. One of the Alien scanned the population gathered around the spaceship and identified that agent. Aliens handed them that Human and confirmed the age-old line: 'We come in peace.' After saying that, they made a V sign with their three-finger hand. 

They returned to their spaceship as they came, flying instead of walking. The only difference was the number of beings returning to the ship. In a second or two, the spaceship escapes the horizon, and it was like there was no ship at all. After some time, a device appeared where the spaceship landed. It began beeping, and in five-second it released an anti EMP pulse to take out the effect of EMP pulse to normalize the electricity flow in that area. As soon as the electricity flow normalize, that device blew itself into pieces. That CIA agent escorted that Human figure into his car and gathered the scattered device, which was more like carbon pieces. 

The CIA agent took that human figure to langley. The CIA agency identified the human figure brought by the aliens. The FBI was already there as it was also a domestic issue. Both agencies agreed to a joint task force to handle the issue. That Human figure was the payload specialist on the 32nd Space Exploration mission to a planet 81 light-years away. 

After 45 months, their communication with the spaceship terminated after an SOS signal. The mission control assumed the loss of that spaceship and the astronauts. 

The human figure was a part of that mission. The human figure narrated all the ordeal that he faced on that journey.

He said that the Aliens helped him due to that SOS signal.

The planet that those Aliens inhabit was just like the Earth. The Aliens survived on Nitrogen rather than on Oxygen. 

'But, what happened on that spaceship that you had to sent SOS signal?' asked one of the agent.

'We were hit by asteriods.' replied that payload specialist.

After that, he narrated that he was going for a spacewalk to fix solar panels when the asteroid hit. Others perished due to sudden pressure drop, but he survived due to a spacesuit. Aliens saved him, and after some years, Aliens agreed to bring him here on the Earth. 

The President addressed the nation on the effective measures to be taken to tackle the pandemic. After he finished addressing the nation, the President asked about the outage. The defence secretary narrated the turn of events and the aliens and about that payload specialist. 

'I want to meet him.' ordered the POTUS (President of The United States)

'We need to put him in quarantine for observation.' advised the CIA chief.

'Okay, after quarantine the first thing he would do would be narrating his entire ordeal to me.'

'Okay, sir.' assured the CIA chief.

During those fourteen days, POTUS decided to disperse the vaccination via the rain. Intense research had made this possible to inoculate people via drinking water. 

The entire world agreed, and the UN gave its permission. An unknown scientist developed this serum. The odd thing about the scientist was that he had all the papers but no fingerprint ID. His entire hand was without any biological print. No one gave it a second thought as he had developed a serum that would uplift humanity from the pandemic. The POTUS decided to launch that serum via artificial rain around the world. 

That payload specialist completed the quarantine without any complication. The CIA took him to the POTUS. He retold his entire journey details to POTUS. The odd thing about the payload specialist was that there were no fingerprints on his hand. He was about to leave the Oval Office when POTUS called him back for a photo-op. 

He came near POTUS, and they smiled for the camera. Before leaving, he shooked his hand with the POTUS. All departed from the oval office except the POTUS and the press secretary. They discussed the strategy to address the media tomorrow on launching the serum via artificial rain.

The POTUS and the scientist were allowed to launch that serum. The next day, the scientist arrived at the Oval Office. The POTUS sensed some uneasiness, but he continued with the launch. The fingerprint began to disappear from the hands of POTUS. After some time, those Aliens took over the control of the POTUS. 

That scientist had altered the serum with nerve gas that will destroy humanity. It will allow other things to survive and no property damage. A move to destroy humanity without any destruction. 

Aliens planned to take over the Earth and establish it as their residence. 

As they were about to launch, the launcher did not accept the request as there was no fingerprint on the palm of the POTUS. No identification, no launch.

The defence chief entered the Oval Office to find the reason for the delay. That scientist lost patience and threatened the defence chief to launch manually, or he would kill the POTUS. 

One of the agents of the secret service took a neat shot and killed the scientist. The fingerprint appeared as Aliens lost control. With those fingerprints, they established that the scientist was a homeless man from the LA shelter. 

They immediately secured POTUS, and the joint task force aborted the launch. The joint task force connected the dots and saved humanity by destroying those artificial rain machines. The joint task force put the POTUS in quarantine, and the VP took over the charge. They are still finding ways to neutralize the control of aliens over the POTUS.

May 05, 2021 07:09

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