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“One star”

“How- “

“Thank you for wasting our time, Mr. Walker”

“Mr. Ockham, please reconsider”

“Kindly leave”

He was pushed out.

Flinn Walker was a writer. He was a good writer. But no one wanted to read a nineteens romance. Nobody did. No one wanted to read about Estelle and Phillipe. Flinn wanted to give the world a taste of his creativity. Just a taste, and they would come begging for more. Just a taste and the world would be at his feet.

Flinn sighed sadly.

He walked out of the office. Another publisher, another day. Estelle and Phillipe would have to wait. He wished he had an Estelle in his life. Someone who would inspire him to write. Someone who would have patted his shoulder right now and told him it would be okay.

He crossed main street. He would have to go back to his grocery checkout job. Atleast till he found a publisher.



He collided with a girl.

She fell onto the sidewalk, and he landed right next to her.

“What were you thinking?” She yelled at him “We could have been hurt”

He looked up, pushing away his unruly mop of hair.

He didn’t see an angry girl. He saw Estelle.


“Do I know you?” She asked, pausing her fit of anger.

“No, but I think I do”

“I haven’t told you my name, how did you know?” She asked curiously.

Flinn just stared. And said- “It’s complicated”

“I’m listening”

He got up and dusted the dirt off his trousers. He got a full view of her.

Mocha brunette hair tied into a messy bun. Olive green eyes. Peach lips. High cheekbones. Glasses tucked into her oxford shirt pocket. The most perfect Estelle.

“Not here. I might be thought a madman”

She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Meet me here tomorrow at 8 am” She slipped a chit into his hand.

“Alright, your name is Estelle, right?”

“Of course,”

He grinned, turned around and started walking away. Estelle, real.

Had he known her? Perhaps he met her once or saw her in the distance which caused ideas in his subconscious mind.

She was exactly like he imagined her. Her looks, accent, and even practical thinking. Estelle was a real person out there. If Estelle existed, so would a Phillipe. His world was perhaps real.



“So…Tell me how you know me”

Estelle and Flinn sat at a café, sipping coffee and doughnuts.

“Its hard to explain…I’m a writer and one of the characters in my book is called Estelle and looks like you”

“Wait…so I look like your book character?”

“And have her qualities too”

She was looking at him as if he were crazy.

“Can I” She asked, “See this book of yours?”

Flinn hesitated. And then puled out a large stack of papers tied together.

He pushed it towards Estelle.

She reached for it and flipped through.

After an hour of painful waiting, she looked up.

“It’s amazing!”

“Is it? No one seems to like it”

“You have to get to a better publisher!!” She exclaimed, slamming her hand against the table, spilling some coffee.

“Estelle, they don’t like my novel”

There was a pregnant pause.

“I” Estelle said, softly “like it”

And all of a sudden, Flinn felt like warm gold rushed up his body, like adrenalin.

“Flinn, I have an idea”

“Huh? Tell me”

“Its late now, I have to go meet me here same time tomorrow”

She got up, waved a small goodbye, and left.

Flinn just stared. And then he smiled. A wide and soft smile.




“What is your amazing idea?” He asked spooning porridge from his bowl.

They were once again breakfasting at the little café. Less awkward now. They breakfasted as friends and not a lady who wanted a strange confession out of a strange man.

“My uncle”


“He runs ‘Dream On’ publishing”

“Wait…slow down. Your uncle runs ‘Dream On’ publishing?”

“Yes! And you can get an interview and go, while I put in a good word for you!” She laughed childishly.

“Estelle! You are a genius!” Flinn muttered in disbelief.

“Let’s celebrate! Let’s go down to the bookshop and treat ourselves to something good!!”

“That’s a great idea Estelle!! Off we go then!!”

“Met me here tomorrow after your appointment, Okay Flinn?”

“Okay, Estelle”


Flinn opened the door to his house and walked in, his spirits sailing high, full of confidence. His book would work. All because he created Estelle.

He landed on his sofa with a crash.

He pulled out his phone and looked up ‘Dream On’ Publishing.

‘Dream On’ publications is one of the world’s top publishing services. It has published a great number of famous books including- “The Ravyn to destiny” and “If I ever come across you again.” Augustus Windshield runs the publications. The contact details are as follows…

He smiled. He could dump his job at the grocery store and move into a better house. Not worry about eating boxed ramen for the rest of his life. Think about his next book. Get cool clothes and shoes. Buy a car. And what not!! Life would be perfect.


“Flinn Walker”

Flinn was at ‘Dream On’ publications head office. He was nervous. His name had been called to meet Augustus Windshield. It was his life’s moment.

Please let this one go right.

He got up and followed his informer into a large room.

The room was big, large as the small supermarket he worked in. It was furnished to every possible limit. The floor was carpeted in vivid colors, the ceiling lined with thin air-conditioning vents, the sofas were filled with cushions pillows and the furniture was made of unmistakable oak wood.

An old man in about his late fifties sat behind a large study table.

He looked up as he came in.


“Mr. Windshield”

“I saw the sample of your novel, you mailed me” he said rubbing his hands together.


“It’s truly exceptional!”

Flinn froze. This was a reply a publisher had never given him before.

“So...” He said breathlessly “Will you publish it?”

“Yes! There is no doubt. You will be one of this company’s successes!”

He shook Mr. Windshield’s hand warmly and said- “Thank you! Now I must go. I have a meeting with your niece, Estelle”

He turned to leave.

“Niece? I don’t have any niece!”

Flinn jumped around.

“Your niece…Estelle. The girl who recommended me”

“You must be mistaken, Flinn. No one recommended you and I don’t have a niece”


Flinn sat at the café, drumming his hands impatiently on the table.

Why had Estelle lied to him? Why did she lie?

 Hours passed and the day ended.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to leave, sir” One of the waiters told him “Its time to close up, you see”

Flinn got up with a sigh and left.

He never saw Estelle again.

Perhaps, he often thought, she was never real. Just a figment of his imagination telling him to never stop. Just a figment of his imagination who came from in there.

April 10, 2022 16:23

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10:18 Apr 18, 2022

Hello Niveditha, This is an entertaining read and I enjoyed the twist at the end. We could all do with a mysterious muse!


Niveditha S
11:19 Apr 18, 2022

Thanks for reading!!


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13:56 Apr 13, 2022

You definitely have an ear for dialogue and pacing -- this clever story moves along at a brisk pace! One thing to note is your punctuation, especially your dialogue. See below: “I’m afraid you’ll have to leave, sir” One of the waiters told him “Its time to close up, you see” “I’m afraid you’ll have to leave, sir,” one of the waiters told him. “It's time to close up, you see.”


Niveditha S
09:09 Apr 16, 2022

Sure!! Thanks for the tips !!


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Danissa Cheryl
11:41 Apr 12, 2022

Nice one.... <3


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Vera Kurt
03:47 May 06, 2022

Very cute story! I like its simplicity. In the beginning it gave me "Ruby Sparks" movie vibes :)


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