Inspirational Contemporary Suspense

Write about a character who feels like they're cut off from something.

Well, another usual day. Just had my PCR-test done in the morning because of someone else in the office but nothing to worry though because I was not the close contact. Anyway it was good, because PCR screening day, meant it was another day off for everyone. Hurray! Finger crossed. Nothing to fret. Nothing to bother.  Just headed home, did chores, chit-chatted with kids and parents. Confidence level was 100%.


Since it was a rest day, I thought I would just make full use of it. The extraordinary thing I did was rearranging the rooms, trying to set aside a room for self-quarantine, just in case for future circumstance. Carrying those furniture, here and there all by myself. No one seemed to care.  Mum who stayed with me just had a new modern psychological condition, nomophobia. Well, let me admit that on behalf of her. And my preschooler kids were in their own world. So imagine the hassle of shifting on my own? I thought so, but just felt I needed to. I was careful, deliberate in a way. Well no scratches on my stuffs, but I got them on my arm. My bad. As if I was moving out and moving in a new home. Not at once I glanced at the clock, but my tummy did grumbled. Well, a packet of soya drink to shut the mouth. After all this 10-hours of shifting, my body finally agreed to give it a break because my bones and muscles were not cooperating any longer. Soon, my elderly mum voiced out, “Eliz, why do you isolate there first while waiting for your result. Don’t worry, I’ll settle the kids on bed”.

Well, I had no objection, because I needed much tranquility at that late evening. Too exhausted to even greet or hug my hubby who reached home two hours ago. Even a good night kiss was rather expensive that night.

So, I hit the sack early, 9 p.m. in that spare room for quarantine. Earliest ever in my life. Still, before my eyelids shut, I self-assured, “Everything is going to be okay.”


“Ding!” My phone cracked the silence a little. I was blur, not to mention the darkness and the pain my body was handling. Getting up this way with muscles aching like millions of ants marching on my arms and legs was the best description. And my back surely I could feel tonnes of sacks on it, I hardly got up what more to grope my spec in the dark. It was a long, long process for me to sit up. All in all, 15 minutes. Finally I made it, as if I was wading in the mud trying to get myself on the shore.


Alright, spectacles on, but loosely hung. Blamed it on my weak hand. Alright, vision cleared by now. Time came first. It was 1 a.m. Not skeptical at all. No vexation at all. Peace in heart. Soon my finger did the necessary; pressing the unread message one by one. Right, that was the one. “Open Sesame!”

“SARS-CoV 2 Viral RNA (by RT-PCR). Detected.”

 “ORF1ab gene CT value : 36.29 ;

“N gene CT value : 33.48.”

“Health Ministry will contact you soon”

I thought my eyes got cheated, so I zoomed to the maximum. Unbelievable! My head spun and spun. There was no way the result came out that way.

All the 5W1H; What! Why? Who? Where? When? How? Bombarded this barren mind of mine. My facial muscle spasmed right away. Lips twitching, like first timer on stage. Fingers weren’t crossed, stiff like a fork. Aching legs stood rooted to the ground. Butt buried in my pillow. Back hunching like my grandmother. Busted out of sudden. No escape plan. Believe it or not, yes, I was Covid positive.It was like a bull eye shot.

Still arguing with my conscience. I was told “I were to I think positively, everything will be alright. If I think negatively, everything will end up the negative way.”

But what was that? I thought positively, and I got this positive Covid result? Puzzled. This empty room with just a bed and a diffuser as a companion did nothing to calm this stormy heart of mine. The diffuser did it best to moisturize the room of course but it ended up slowly swelling up my eyes. I sniffled quietly as tears threatening to spill from my eyes any sooner. I couldn’t spill any word either because fear overcame me, choking my throat for the very first time. I felt the instance of being walled up and sealed in an envelope, ready to be deported and interrogated like an alien. “Instinct, you are useless!” My heart screamed.


Fact is fact. Fate is fate. No turning back. No amendment on the document. I had to face this soberness. I had to face defeat. I had to tell my family whom I had raffishly rest-assured earlier.

With much gut, I searched “Contact – husband”. Dialled but no-answer because he was always a sleepy head.

Next “Contact – Mum”. After three rings, finally she picked up. “Mum, I am sorry to wake you at this hour but to tell you this, I am positive, but asymptomatic.”

“Huuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!” That long response of hers did deafened my ear quite a bit.  

As expected, another round of questioning of 5W1H. Last but not least, “Eliz, you did the right thing today, your self-isolating room is just perfect for you. Stay there and don’t you ever step out!”

A moment of chaos began in the house. Beyond my room walls, I could hear the sound of clanging pot, clicking of glass bottles, crinkling of biscuits packets, slamming of doors and rummaging of clothes. I knew they were meant for me.  An hour passed, but no sign of anyone approaching me.


Twice soft knocks on the door. There, stood my poor husband. No protective gear suit like the front liner, but he was holding his fogging machine like a combat man carrying his machine gun, ready to shoot the disinfectant fog at me, the room and the whole house. He wanted to save me and our family. He knew exactly he should perish the bug with crowns forever and stop them from invading further into the clean air at home. The fog did not suffocate me, but his calmness did spurred me. There the thick fog finally engulfed the entire room. Before I could say “I love you, honey!” trying to figure out where he was, I just heard the door bang.


The next thing I knew, the world completely shut its door. I thought everyone was going to turn their back against me. I thought my colleagues would back stab and call me the ‘Spreader’. I thought I lost all human connection. But I was wrong. The health department had been calling me not to interrogate but asking if I was doing fine and to rest well every day. Colleagues had been sending their wishes for me to get sufficient rest too. Church members had been praying and sending beautiful encouraging stickers. My kids and family had been video-calling me every now and then. Now that I know, I had not been cut off completely, but come to realize that, it is love, patience and kindness that bring this world together.


Guess, I just had enough rest because every cloud has a silver lining.

October 11, 2021 09:17

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