Yoshi Goes Missing

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Yoshi Goes Missing!! 

It was a sunny day in the little town of Nateville and there is a family who  was getting ready to go to their Camp in the woods, not to far from their family home in Maples. When they was almost ready to go, their son was just about ready, when he couldn’t find his favourite teddy. His green dinosaur Yoshi. 

“Mom where is my Yoshi? I cannot find him; Can you help me find him”? Said Nate.“Where did you see him last, said his Mom. Did you leave him in your room? Said his Mom.”Maybe he is under the bed or in your closet”!.  No, I already look there and under the bed and he is not there”!  Mom, where is he…he cannot be far, said Nate.” 

“Did you look in the back bedroom? “Where our room is or in our closet?” Said  his Mom. No, I did not look there said Nate, I will go and look! He replied back to his Mom. “Can you look quickly please, because your Dad is waiting for us in the car.”. If he is not there, than you will have to grab something else and we can look for him later said, his Mom!”

He went down to the bedroom to look,

 but Yoshi was not there. So, he came back up from looking and he was sad, because he could not find his favourite dinosaur. So, his Mom saw that he was sad and went to look for him too, but she could not find him either. After she was done looking for him and she told him that maybe he was already in the Car. So, he grabbed his Nintendo switch and went out to the Car.

So, his Mom turn off the lights and grab their lunch for the camp to eat  later. She closed the door and lock the lock on the door of the house and went to get in the car.

He went to get in the car and he look for him, but he was not there either. So he buckle his seatbelt and play his game on his Nintendo switch that he brought with him. His Dad put the car in drive on the steer shift drove out of the yard to the Camp. 

Jake! Do you have the fire ready yet for our BBQ. Nate, Anna and Jay are on their way here to the Camp and they want  us to get the BBQ ready for them and have everything ready so we can eat said Joy. He just text my cell phone said Jake and be here in a few minutes. He wants us to make sure that Yoshi is hidden in the woods. So there son can go look for him after they are done eating.

“ Baylee! is the the stuff for the Marshmallow roast is ready yet for later?” Nate and his parents are on their way here to the Camp, and we have to have the marshmallows to make s’mores with later said Joy.”

Jake is the campfire ready yet? Said his wife Joy.

After awhile Nate and his family drove through the woods to his parents camp and parked the car. 

Nates Gramma Joy came over to the car to say hello! To him and noticed that he was sad as his eyes started to filled up with water and gave his Nana a hug. Than she held him for a minute and let him go to say hello to his Grampa Jake.

They knew that he was sad because he didn’t know where his Yoshi was. But they knew that because he left him at their place the other night and he forgot to grab h when he got ready to go home.  

He went over to his Grampa and told him that Yoshi is missing and I do not know where he is, said Nate. His Grampa gave him a hug and told him that it is ok, he will show up. So he got down off his Grampa lap and went inside the Camp. 

His sister Baylee was in the Camp making lunch, when he walked in. “Hello Nate! What are you doing”? Hello Sissy! I cannot find my favourite dinosaur Yoshi! He is missing and I do not know where he is!”said her brother. “Do you know where he is? Ask Nate.”

I don’t know maybe we can look for him later, said Baylee. After we have lunch we can dig out our detective gear and go on a hunt through the woods to find him, said his sister. 

“Where is Nate?asked Jay”. Oh he went inside the camp to see his sister, replied his mom”. Anna do you have the dinosaur, Yes I got it!, from your Dad. Ok! Let’s hide him up here in the tree where the bird feeder is. He walked across the yard of the Camp to a patch of trees around the corner of the roadway and he sat Yoshi in the tree on a branch.

After a while they finished their dinner and went for a walk through the woods to Find his green dinosaur Yoshi!

Following that, Nate and his parents went for a walk through the woods. His Grandparents kept the campfire going, so they can have marshmallow roast later. Along the way of their walk, they came to a tree that had a bird nest in it And they were some baby birds waiting for their Mom to come. She was gathering some bugs for her babies. Than all of a sudden Nate look up in the tree on the way back from their walk and he saw his missing dinosaur sitting in the tree. He was so happy that he found his favourite teddy Yoshi! But how did he get up there? he repiled to his Dad”. I do not know! His Dad said, maybe he climb the tree and wanted a closer look at the birds in the nest”. No I do not think so, I think MAMA grab him before we left the house today”. I bet she put him in the tree when we was not looking,he replied.

April 17, 2020 06:19

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06:22 Apr 17, 2020

It is about a boy ,who lost his favourite dinosaur plush and he didn’t know where he was. So he went looking for him with his Dad.


Izzie Q.
23:04 Apr 22, 2020

I honestly, loved the idea and the title was very interesting. Congrats on posting your first story! I look forward to reading more.


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