Fiction Friendship

Once, there was a fish. They called him Orange Fishie the Small. Now, there is nothing wrong with small fish. Do not get me wrong. But the small orange fish was the least liked fish. Everyone saw him as annoying and mean and kept him on the sidelines in their school. They did not like Orange Fishie the Small one little bit. The school was very judgemental. Orange Fishie the small did not see him as annoying or mean. He was just trying to be seen like all the other fish. But as he was so small, the other fishes did not believe that he could be like the rest of them.

Orange Fishie the Small wanted to be like all the other fishes and prove to them he was the same or better than all the other fish. But because he was so small and practically kicked out of the school, he had no one to prove he was as good as all the other fish were. Now, being his own fish and not in a group was hard. He got very lonely all the time and overall, he was a rather sad fish. He just wanted to be accepted. Even if the sea creature accepting him was not even his own species. He prayed to a star every night that he would be granted a friend or be accepted.

One day, Orange Fishie the Small was swimming along in the ocean. He was going about his normal swim for the day when all of a sudden, here came a shark. This shark was called Grey Shark the Large. But everyone he knew called him Biggie. Biggie was a hero to all the other sharks. But he was very young, like Orange fishie the small. He did not know what to do as he was so large. He needed to run away because he was so tired of being used for his size. So in a panic after all the sharks around him, he decided to flee. And bumped into Orange Fishie the Small.

Orange Fishie the Small got scared. I mean, if you were a tiny little fish and had bumped into a big, huge shark, you would get scared as well. Orange Fishie the Small started screaming for help. But no one wanted to help him because the other fish had seen him. But Biggie heard how loud Orange Fishie was. He did not want attention drawn to them. "Please, be quiet. I will not eat you, fish. I am running away. I am too excepted around all the other sharks and I do not want to be pressured like I was before. Please, I beg you. Just be quiet, please." Biggie begged.

Orange Fishie the Small started swimming away, sure that Biggie was going to eat him. But Biggie meant no harm and wanted to reassure Orange Fishie. But even though Orange Fishie was small, he was still very fast. Not only that, but because of his size, he could squeeze through very small little cracks in coral. Biggie could not, but because of his size, he was able to keep up with Orange Fishie the Small. Eventually, both got tired. When they stopped, Orange Fishie said, "You can eat me. No one likes me. No one wants me. At least I would serve you some purpose."

Biggie shook his head. "No. I want to be your friend. I am so tired of people only liking me because I am a large shark. My name is Grey Shark the Large, but everyone calls me Biggie by the way. I am sorry I gave you a scare. I know my size makes me seem like I want to kill you and eat you, but I honestly do not. I am a very nice shark. Many of the other sharks found out I do not like to kill things even though I am large and a shark, but they decided that it could be a faze so they kept thinking me a hero for being so large."

After listening to Biggie's story, Orange Fishie the Small felt sorry for him. "My name is Orange Fishie the Small. I do not have a nickname because I do not know anyone. My parents abandoned me when I was hatching. I joined a school, but they did not like me because I was so small. I just wanted to have a friend, and fit in. Be liked by the other fish. But the school kicked me out. Now, I am all alone and I hope that I get a friend someday. Do you want to be my friend?" He asked hoping.

"Yes," Biggie answered. They smiled at each other, and then they went for a swim. They had fun. A few days after that, they ran into Orange Fishie's old school of fish. He went to say hello, and when he introduced Biggie, they all got super scared. The leader of the school declared him the new leader of the group as he had shown bravery and made friends with a shark. Which was a big deal to the other fish. A lot of the fish were still scared of Biggie, but some warmed up to him as quickly as Orange Fishie the Small had. And instead of being called Orange Fishie the Small, he became Orange Fishie the Brave.

While leading the school of fish, Biggie and Orange Fishie the Brave ran into the sharks Biggie lived with before. And when they saw what he was now like and how happy he was with the fish, they accepted that he was happier as leader of a fish, and then renamed him Grey Shark Fishie. He was never happier. He could not believe that he was allowed to not only be able to be with the fish but also with the sharks. Both were accepted and were so happy working together. They led the school. They were strong leaders and did a fantastic job leading the school.

April 23, 2022 19:08

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