History, epic, that's what I call my love story. It was epic from the first moment my eyes landed on Matt. History was our love story and it all began on a sunny spring day.

Three years ago, I was walling in the park when my eyes landed on a stranger. I walked passed him but I had this urge to look back so I did. He looked up and saw me. Our eyes met. I couldn't move. I was frozen in place. This perfect stranger started to walk towards me.

He was tall with deep green eyes. I couldn't take my eyes away from him. He came up to me and introduced himself. His name was Matt. I was tongue tied. I didn't know what to say. I stood in place looking at Matt and his beautiful green eyes. I was afraid Matt was going to leave. So, I opened my mouth and told him my name is Melanie.

Matt extended his hand to me. Strong and powerful he was. Sparks flew immediately. I felt it so did Matt. We walked around the park together getting to know each other.

I was nervous. I never talked to a complete stranger. I let Matt do all the talking. He told me he was in the military, the Navy to be exact. He lives in Virginia, likes to go to the beach. I listened intently. Matt wasn't a crazy insane killer.

We sat down on a bench to relax. Matt bought me an ice cream. He continued to talk about his Navy career. I can tell he was very proud of the work he did. Matt told me the reason why he joined the Navy. It was to get away from his parents especially his mother who is overbearing and controlling. He couldn't take it anymore. Joining the Navy was his escape.

I sensed sadness in Matt when he talked about his parents. I felt just like him. I didn't come to Virginia for a vacation. I came to Virginia to escape from my parents and two brothers.

I grabbed Matt's hand and I told him my truth. I told him I came to Virginia to escape my parents and two brothers. I told him my parents and brothers are controlling, they tell me what to do all the time and I couldn't take it anymore.

Tears started to form in my eyes. I broke away from Matt because I didn't want to be near him but Matt wouldn't let go of my hand. Matt held on to my hand for a long time.

In all my life I never felt comfortable with anyone but with this stranger I just met I felt more alive than ever before. I felt safe and happy. I didn't know what was happening between me and Matt. What I did know is that me and Matt shared a common bond. We both escaped our own families.

Our connection was strong and part of me was scared. What was going to happen next? For the rest of the day and into the night me and Matt spent it together. He took me to the beach then to a nice restaurant. We talked about happy things like our favorite music, favorite food, favorite books and so much more.

I had so much fun with Matt. He's funny and easy going, he's still like that today. Matt made me laugh so much my stomach was hurting. I didn't want the night to end. A true gentleman Matt was, he walked me to my hotel and up to my room. Matt kissed me on the cheek. He told me he wanted to see me again. I of course said yes.

I walked into my hotel room happy. My smile was as big as the sun. Nothing was getting in the way of my happiness. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I could be me, the real me. There was nobody telling me Melanie you can't do this. Melanie you can't do that. I only answered to me.

Matt a total stranger understood me and I understood him and for now I wanted to keep on getting to know Matt. Something that day in the hotel room clicked for me. Maybe Matt's the one.

In the ensuing days I would find out how much Matt meant to me and how quickly I fell in love with him. The next day Matt came to pick me. We went to breakfast then after breakfast Matt took me on a tour of Virginia.

Matt was a good tour guide. He took me to some amazing places like Shenandoah National Park, Colonial Williamsburg. We went zip lining, a dolphin tour even a ghost tour. I had so much fun.

After our fun day and night Matt took me to the beach for a night time picnic. I looked up at the night sky and I told myself I don't want to leave Virginia and I don't want to leave Matt. I had to make a decision fast because at the end of the week I had to go back to my nightmare.

Throughout the rest of the week me and Matt continued to spend more and more time together. I was quickly falling for Matt but the real question. Was Matt falling for me?


Sitting here in my backyard of my home in San Diego watching my beautiful wife Melanie, I think back to three years ago when my eyes met her eyes. I just got to the park after yet another fight with my mother. I needed to escape my home. I walked around for a bit, then I ended up at the park.

My back was facing the people, I was facing the trees. The side of my eye caught someone walking by. I didn't turn around until I sensed the stranger watching me. I turned around and saw the most beautiful woman starring at me. I took a chance and walked up to her. I introduced myself but she didn't say anything.

As I was about to leave, she finally talked to me. She told me her name is Melanie. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady. I saw that Melanie was nervous to be around me. So, I did the talking.

Me and Melanie walking through the park. I talked about my Navy career. She listened intently. I liked that. I spotted some benches and an ice cream truck. I went to buy Melanie an ice cream, then we walked to the benches.

We sat down and I continued to talk. I told Melanie the reason why I joined the Navy. I joined the Navy to get away from my parents especially my mother. Melanie did something unexpected. She grabbed my hand when I stopped talking. It was and still is always hard to talk about my family. We use to be close but somewhere along the line we grew apart. What she told me next took me by surprise.

Melanie told me the real reason she came to Virginia. She came to Virginia to escape her parents and brothers. I saw the sadness in her eyes. Tears began to form in her eyes. Melanie began to pull away from me. I didn't let her go.

I had this urge to protect Melanie. She's so beautiful and I knew Melanie has a good heart. In all my life I never had a connection like this to anyone not even my twin. But with Melanie I felt something inside of me that is strong and powerful.

Me and Melanie spent the rest of the day and night together. I took her to the beach, then to a nice restaurant. I love making Melanie laugh. Her laugh is infectious. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

At the end of the night, I walked Melanie to her hotel and up to her room. I kissed Melanie on the cheek and I told her I wanted to see her again. She said yes. I left after Melanie closed the door.

That day and night I spent with Melanie was amazing. I never felt more alive than I did right at that moment. I got back to my place feeling like I'm on top of the world. Nothing brought me down that night.

The next day I got up early, took a shower, got dressed and went to pick up Melanie. I took Melanie out to breakfast, then I took Melanie on a tour of Virginia. I took Melanie to the national park, to colonial Williamsburg. We went zip lining, a dolphin tour and a ghost tour. I watched Melanie all day long and I realized, I wanted to watch her forever.

Later that night I took Melanie to the beach for a night time picnic. Melanie looked so beautiful under the moon light. I knew Melanie had to go back home soon. The truth was I didn't want Melanie to leave. I wanted Melanie to stay here in Virginia with me. I just had to tell her.

The heart wants what the heart wants and I wanted Melanie. Knowing her for a day felt like a lifetime to me. I didn't waste any time. I told Melanie I wanted her to stay, that I needed her to stay. She looked at me with those beautiful hazel eyes and I knew her answer was yes.

Melanie hugged me. We kissed. Our first kiss was magical. Our boned, our connection was made stronger that day. One day was all it took for me to find the love of my life. I know Melanie will say the same thing.


One day was all it took for me to find my happiness and end my nightmare. When Matt told me he wanted me to stay in Virginia with him, I was beyond happy and to this day Matt makes me happy. For our life together in San Diego the rest is history.

May 24, 2023 22:21

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- Lavendosaii -
19:33 May 31, 2023

I really like how direct and concise your writing style is.


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John K Adams
23:52 May 31, 2023

Melinda, This was like a perfect love story. I think stories gain more interest when there is more conflict. Maybe bring the families into it more. It all felt a little pat, for me. I have found that reading aloud helps me find and correct simple mistakes (like in the second to last paragraph 'Our boned...') I fell in love at first sight with the woman who is now my wife, but it took years of friendship to arrive to the same place in our hearts.


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Mike Rush
12:19 May 29, 2023

Melinda, I so enjoyed reading this piece and found many connections to my own life and relationship with my wife. We had our own "I saw her she saw me" moment too. It wasn't one day, but I asked her to marry me after six weeks. I was terrified someone else would ask her first. And too, I wanted out of my home because of seriously controlling parents. In my memoir, I gave my dad the name, Fire, my mom, Water, and my sister, Chosen, because those names seemed like them. I had to get away. There's a typo in this piece and I usually wouldn't...


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