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I grew up in a little town in rural south Alamba with my older brother and two sisters. Now when we were young, there was no gentle parenting like there is now-a-days. So our father was big in the community, like a dad to everyone or maybe brother, grandpa. You get my drift, anyway the time we had growing up was just terrible. We were raised a certain way, taught to act a certain way and if you didn't adhere to what ma or pa said you was taught a rathe harsh lesson. Being big in a small town it had its pro's but it also had its con's. So our father worked mainly outta of town alot, so it was just mother and us kids. The other men in this small town were all like uncles to us and so we had a lot of influences. Some good some bad, it all depended on how we took it or where we were in our own little world. And it all started from generations back and how this beautiful country was founded. So many, many, many moons back our great great great grandfather won some land and rights in a poker game. Now these rights wasn't just ,anything they was the start of the way we survived and thrived. So enough about us, this is how we were built. so around the time of George Washinton, there was a movement taking place on who was who and how things went. The tale is told like this! Because of who ole Washington was and what he did during the war, he was known as what we call a people's man. Now he wasn't the first president of the United States but the 7th. now John hanson was the first to stake claim to the presidency around 1790 or so. and each year they would get a new person in the seat. then came the time to put ole Washington. So, Goerge Washington, because of his moonshining skills which he was the best of all time with his apple brandy, and because his title in the war as general, he communicated with everyone equally. He didn't treat one different from another, the said straight across the board with everyone. When this beautiful country was then founded in 1796, the higher up's I call em wanted Ole Washington to be the very first one on paper that is. Then, well history wrote itself, so they say. George was a straight shooter, but also, he belonged to a society of secrets. you guessed it! The Free- Masons. As George gets put in office he decides not to forget where he came from and wanted to have his war buddies and dear friends. Some things got change and before you know it, The Founding Fathers where together like, what we would call today a power-house team. So as Time comes by they start to write we know is called THE DECLERATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Man, to be in that room how to be something I bet? I could hear it all now, one would say we should have the right to speak what we want, and another say, well, if you are gonna speak what you want, I should have the right to bare arms and shoot if at all nessacery. Something like that, maybe who knows? Anyway, so tale is this ole Georgey Boy and his founding fathers were free-masons and exactly after the other put thier John Handcock on that paper they instantly became what we know as Free-Masons. Goerge was up on the stage after they all signed and said this. "We are a country who was built by immigrants who came together as one Nation under God and have the right to be free. He then states," we are to be a country built on moral, respect, and honor. also the is a code we as free americans are to carry .We also need to be E pluribus unim, meaning united together, divided we fall. We are to protect at all times the borders we have set in place to the north and south of us. we will become the biggest strongest nation of all times if we stick together. We must not forget these things men, and we will be a force to be reckoned with. What we have made here today will be the beginning of our beautiful history. " So they appointed a cabinet of so-called people known in them days as THE INFAMOUS TWELVE.

Now the Infamous 12 is where it all started, you see they were all buddies and dear friends of Ole Georgie and he brought these twelve men up on stage and appointed them a section big enough that their friends and their friends, friend could not even tend, Or could they? So as these men were placed in their areas, they had to have them two men, them two, have four, them four, eight and so on and it went down like a pyramid. The Places was set, the guys knew thier boundaries and they knew the 3 laws they were taught. Rule One- always handle business with honor respect for each other and be your brothers-keeper. Two- never go against a handshake. A handshake is just like a signature it goes forever. Three- Respect ALL women, children, and widows, never go against what GOD himself sees fit. As times passes by and THE INFAMOUS TWELVE are doing thier part, the older generations start to die off. If you didn't gamble your land and rights away it was automatically handed down to your kids and their kids and so on. it just so happens that the 12 are separated exactly 5 states apart for the most part. Each of the 12 controls 4 states, boom!! there are your upper 48 states. you get it ! AS time passes by 3 generations back my grandpappy 3 back won our rights and land in a hand of "hold em". Charlie, my older brother by 4 years was the first of us kids to get a place on the pyramid, well that's we what we call it, heck, it's on the back of our dollar bill with ole goergie smilin' in the front. So as dad moves up Charlie gets his ole spot, then when charlie moves I'm next. and so forth. So as time flies pass. People pass on as the older hands, we called them pass thier down the line they step up. the younger folks forget what their dad and dads. dads did for this beautiful country. To think you are owed anything it , ridiculous.

One of ole Washington quoters were, There is nothing in this world for free if you want it you have to work your butt off for it. The younger generation forgot this and wanted to shoe thier asses after the elder had passed. So let me tell you about ole Charlie Boy.

Here is one of ther letters i wrote to my big brother.


Hi Charlie, it's me again. Didn't you get my last couple of letters. So here is what's happening while and why I am constantly on the move. So, a couple of coyotes brought some aliens across the border and they asked if I could drive them while they work. Now, before you say anything, you know how we was raised and how this all started the pyramid is collapsing Charlie, and I have to keep money flowing somehow. Remember, paper trail paper trail, paper trail! That's what we were taught. Come on C don't get sideways just remember when they found this beautiful country and the paper president, yes ole Washington, he was the 7th Charlie 7th president not the first. But because he was a people person, and he made the best moonshine and was a general in the army people respected him. They're not gonna remember John Hesson/Hanson or whatever his last name was. They don't remember him being the very first on charge of this country. So, Washington built a foundation and because he was a free mason, him and the founding fathers made sure that the other 51 became Mason right after they signed the Declaration of Independence. So, Washington picked 12 men and scattered out through the land and then 12 men got 2 each and then 2 got 4 and so on until they had a pyramid of guys who controlled everything of this beautiful country even the president whoever it maybe and when they won't heal to what The infamous 12 want, well they get rid of them. You of all know that Charlie . Anyway so the pyramid has collapsed because of the morals that this was founded on come on Charlie you know them. One - always protect ourselves from enemy of the North and south both borders. Two- By all means respect all elders and women and kids and a handshake goes like a signature . Three- Take what we are taught as free Americans and teach our children the respect and honor and morals go for miles of handled right . Well Charlie. They forgot number 3 and the younger folks lost respect for the elders here and they all started the own deal and allowed people of the South to come in and offer money and when you lose a teer on a pyramid it gets off set and falls . So the twelve where scatted through the north 48 and each one control 4 states and now there is tension in a could areas . So it has to be handled and I will wright you as soon as I can Charlie but for now be safe and can all the food you can because never know what may happen. So okay remember the brothers from the Ozark Mountains . Yea the two what we would call hillbilly's , so they got where they thought they was owed everything without doing nothing. You know when ole Washington. Started this society back after the others all signed, it was working we actually got along and things was working. The infamous twelve had full control over their areas and everybody respected the ways of the land and a handshake. So great uncle Trevor died this past month and the boys from the hills stated showing out because big brother ray got his spot on the tier. Brother ray started demanding all these changes that shook down the ladder and across other sectors . That caused a big stink and this has been the longest 3 months of my life . So, now they stated building sectors in each area of the 12. Do the math the 12 control 4 states, yup that's it 48 Charlie they are doing what they said 40 yrs ago. It's finally here . Begining of the end and what other way than to divide all what we have built as not just a family but a society all together . So we need to prepare for a change because wether we like it or not the boys for the below south have arrive. The boys from the hills are out to make a point, they started out real ruthless and believe you me , we don't need them on our bad side like they already are . It has been real , too real at times. We have to let everyone know that a change is coming the rise of the new era has started . I sure hope that ma and Pa are doing well I hope they like their new home we put em in off the grid. I can't stress how important it is that we remember what this beautiful country did for us throughout the years down the generations and to make sure that who we are, gets passed down to our little ones . It is not about us and who we are , sure we made a name for ourselves and our family , but it is the legacy we leave behind that is the most important . The great value and morals that we was taught down the road . That is what we leave behind respect, dignity, and proper morals. So, if you get a letter the next few times remember this brother, it may or may not have a name on it that you don't recognize and I will put our family lettering om the back side of the envelope. I believe I may have bit off more than I can chew this time. Only time will tell for me and how I need to do things still with the codes we were taught but times has changed big brother and people has too. But a different name is probably better off anyway and a hair change because I really don't want people to recognize me because of the changes it's not code but like I said before brother, everyone has a price. But that's enough of that talk. Make sure you give little Alicia and Mikey my love. Tell them uncle will see them hopefully sooner than later . Charlie, I truly thank you for being you, the ways you helped me so many years back giving me the chance I needed to show the elders what I was about. We come from good stock and truly blessed for what our dad and his dad and his dad's, dad for our family name and on our name, not our legacy big brother I will represent with the best of my abilities the way it should be. Who knows this may start a revolution off on its own Charlie. Lol. Make sure you give everyone my love and don't forget to (CAN) all you can because it sure is getting hard out here for this older generation. Until next time stay safe, and Godspeed brother.

Love alwalys, Adam

So as times go by, we were to climb the so-called tiers of this pyramid. A true pyramid for instance has 22 tiers or so. and the work you put forth for you and your sector gets recognized. My big brother Charlie was doing great things for himself and our legacy. We were always told the even the first man that GOD created had to work by the sweat of his brow and die. If it was good enough for the very first man that God created, it was good enough for us. Charlie was always a family man first no matter what because how my mother raised us. We used to say that Charlie was an ole soul of George Washington because, he, himself was the people's man. Never made an enemy anywhere he went or did. As our family business, Charlie got to step into the farming side of what we produced and supplied for our sector. And since the time our granpappy 3x back won this land, our family only ran six recipes. that's all, six, two for each year and rotated out every 4th year. So big brother decides that for generations he wanted to improve on a certain recipe, because the time had come where, speed and all that other crap was out, and in order to keep up with the "JONES" , he needed a hail mary. Well to cut to the chase it freakin worked. he had worked day and night throughout the year inside, outside, and everywhere he could to prefect this certain thing. And just like the big bottle rocket's on the 4th of July, this thing took off like never before. It was deemed, "speed weed'" it did everything for you all that other crap on the streets was doing. I even heard of a man cutting his grass outside in his backyard at 2a.m. in the morning with a da-gum headlight on his head. Now that was some killer stuff!

As time moves like a locomotive, out of control, 100's mph. As does the beautiful Home of the Free, ands Land of the Brave. The boys from south of the border,was seeing all the chaos the ole hillbillys were leaving in thier paths, they decided to join forces and the morals,code, dignity, all the went out the window in all areas of the 12 sectors except one. Now this time i was goin by alias, because of the simple reason. everyone had a price! and the outsiders became more insiders as the time slipped away and everything our Founding Fathers and good Ole George Washington did, just ripped down the center and fell away.

I was in certain situations where i had to change my name like 6 different times because of the simple fact of CHAOS! I couldn't go home if i wanted to i wouldn't. i fell off the radar and played dead to true family and friend's. Like, Ma and Pa always said," 'DO NOT SHIT IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD, BECAUSE YOU MAY STEP IN A STEAMY PILE OF YOUR OWN SHIT ONE DAY." Hell, I can recall lots of big mistakes I made along the way moving from coast to coast, sector to sector. Think about this, the infamous twelve, somewhere down the line went from controlling a 500 million dollar industry a year , mind you of good ole American un taxable money. To just damn near giving their rights away at a low price or being killed for them. Big brother, now he had it all handled in his little corner on the south eastside of the country. He was still carrying on a tradition and little did I know he built his own industry and kept the families thriving in his jurisdiction. He did it, and they tried to calm the problems here and there, but he handled it, and had people around him that truly cared and protected what our Four-Fathers had built centuries ago.

I can see the aftermath of what's to come if we don't change our ways of what's going on here in our beautiful free country, it will not be beautiful and free much longer, down the roads we are traveling. It does give me great honor to have a big brother like I have and a family that may not know me much, but will be there at the drop of a hat if I ever was to just fade out of this life-style and fade into one back home, deep in the cut where the dirtroads end and nothing but loving family all around you. That does sound nice, matter of fact! I may raise ole Lazarous from the dead so to speak, you know kinda' like Jesus did there one time in The Book. Yea, ole Charlie!! Sure would be nice to see how the Big Guy in the sky, has blessed what he did by carrying on not just a name but a LEGACY. Like the ole song Pa used to sing us, "I hear the train a-comin, comin round the bend." Or something like that "Folsom Prison", that's it!

Well I do hear my train, and time is sure dragin' on. I do believe it's getting close to raising my Lazarous, yes I do. So, until the next time or who knows, maybe I can sit and write to you all again some sweet day under a good ole Alabama pine, with a big glass of sweet tea and some fried chicken on an ole dirt road surrounded by nobody's to you, BUT somebody's to me.Remember, show people the respect you would want to get, and we can change the world one person at a time if we just cared a little more and smiled.

until we talk again, with much love, Adam

August 19, 2023 08:09

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JarJar Giles
01:08 Aug 25, 2023

Yes it is Mary thx for reading it . You have awesome penmanship I must say


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Mary Bendickson
00:02 Aug 24, 2023

Welcome to Reedsy, JarJar. Lots of good ol' philosophy in this piece. I am assuming the misspellings, grammar goofs, lack of paragraph divisions, etc. are all part of the colloquial flare you have achieved for characterization. Thanks for following my stories. I'll follow you to get to know you ,too.


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