What Goes Around, Comes Around

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Contemporary Fiction High School

"Just look at her! She is so pathetic. If I had teeth like that, my parents would have had braces put on me the moment I got teeth." Megan's three friends giggled at the remark. "It even effects the way she talks. Look at her over there eating alone again." Megan then imitates Becca's speech to the delight of her friends. "I hope she doesn't bite herself while eating her lunch." Gales of laughter erupt from the table and drift through the cafeteria. Becca doesn't need to look up to know she is the subject of the laughter.

Becca is used to the bullying and teasing, it's been that way since she came to this school. Six months has given her the time to get used to it, but it still hurts. She and her mother moved in with her aunt when her mother got sick and couldn't work. Life was tough right now, but her mom had promised they would get better. She and her aunt took shifts caring for her mother. Her aunt worked nights so Becca could attend school during the day. Becca worked on the weekends to help out.

As Becca went into her last class of the day, she could still hear the laughter echoing in her ears. Only three months to graduation and then perhaps she could have some peace.

Megan put her books into her locker and headed out to soccer practice. She was one of the best players on the team and loved the game. She loved the praise the coaches heaped on her and the adoration of the other girls. Someone yelled,"LOOK OUT!" Megan saw something out of the corner of her eye and a soccer ball hit her square in the mouth. The pain was unbelievable and immediately blood poured out of her mouth. The coach ran over and tended to her. Megan heard the conversation but the pain was all she could concentrate on. The team helped the coach get Megan into the back of his SUV and stood amazed as they left for ER.

Megan's mother met her at the hospital. The special dentist they had called in, was not very encouraging. Three teeth had been knocked out and most of the rest loosened. He needed to do surgery and Megan would have to wear a retainer until they could implant the missing teeth. Her mouth and face were swollen and even with medication the pain was terrible. Megan missed a few days of school then returned. She talked funny because of the missing teeth and retainer but no one dared say a word.

Becca opened the front door. "Becca, Becca, you won't believe what happened last night. I was cleaning the dentist offices as usual and the dentist was there. He had just returned from an emergency at the hospital. I told him about your teeth and he said he would like to see you. Maybe he can fix your teeth isn't that wonderful?"

"But Aunt Sally, we don't have money for teeth. But thank you for talking to him."

"Just go into his office and see what he has to say. Do it for me."

"OK you make the appointment and I will be there." Becca smiled, her aunt was always willing to help people. But Becca knew that to fix her teeth would cost thousands of dollars and that was impossible.

Becca couldn't eat breakfast the day of the appointment her stomach was full of butterflies. She and her aunt went to the ten story building and rode the elevator to the 5th floor. Dr. Robbins was so nice. He poked around in her mouth and then declared he could fix her teeth. "I will have to pull a few, and you will have to wear braces for awhile, but you will end up with beautiful straight teeth."

Becca's voice trembled as she said," Dr. Robbins it's wonderful to know you could fix my teeth, but we don't have any money for teeth. We just have money for food, rent, and my mom's medicine."

Dr. Robbins smiled, Your Aunt tells me about how hard you work to help with your mom, and that you are a good student, and I would like to do this for you free of charge."

"What? Free?" Becca began to cry. Dr. Robbins gave her a hug, then they set up the appointments needed for the procedure.

"Dr Robbins is going to fix my teeth for free!" screamed Becca as she ran in the door. Now it was mother's turn to cry, then Becca, then Aunt Sally. There were tears and hugs all around.

Megan meanwhile suffered many painful treatments, implants, and had to drop out of soccer. Her favorite mantra was. "Why me?" She had to eat soft foods and wear her retainer 24/7. Life was terrible. "What did I ever do to deserve this?" People began to become impatient with her complaining all the time. She even began eating alone.

Becca suffered many painful treatments thinking of each one as a step forward to her new smile. She was happy all the time and had even made some new friends. She no longer avoided people's eyes but looked them straight in the face. Life was wonderful. the braces came off the week before graduation and she only had to wear a retainer. She couldn't stop looking in the mirror at her beautiful smile.

The day before graduation was Becca's last appointment at the dentist. She brought cookies for Dr. Robbins as a thank you. As she waited in the waiting room, the door opened and in walked Megan. They stared at each other. "Hi, Becca said, Don't you go to Liberty High? I'm sure I've seen you there?"

"Yes, but I don't think I've seen you."

"You probably don't recognize me. I look different. I've had my teeth fixed."

"Sorry, I don't recognize you. What year are you?"

Becca smiled and said, a senior, I'm graduating with you on Friday. Aren't you excited?"

"Are you kidding me? Look at my mouth! It's a mess and I'm embarrassed to walk across the stage. I look awful!"

"Becca," the nurse called.

When the door closed, Megan thought Becca? The Becca from the cafeteria? But it can't be, she's beautiful! She doesn't even talk funny anymore, and look at me. How ironic!

May 28, 2023 18:18

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S. W. Vaughn
02:13 Jun 04, 2023

Great story, I like how the tables turned! :-)


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Colleen Ireland
01:54 Jun 06, 2023

I hope you expand on Becca's story in future writings; I felt all her emotions throughout the story!


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