American Drama Happy

“Mum, I’m going to the hospital for my checkup,” Jane called.

“Alright, be back for our lunch early. There’s going to be a gift for you” her mother said, preparing the feast. Jane drove to the hospital listening to her favourite song. She reached

the hospital. She entered the doctor’s room, before even seeing who the doctor was, she spoke

“Good morning, Dr Murphy,” Jane smiled.

“Good morning Dr Murphy is on leave today. Dr Park speaking,” he said. Jane smiled nervously and sat on the doctor’s chair. 

“Please lay down for the scan,” Jane lay down feeling apprehensive. The scan was done.

“All good,”

“Thank you. Happy New Year,” 

“ Happy New Year,” Jane came out of the examination room and went home. Jane showered and wore a pink satin short sleeved dress. . She applied a shade of light make up. She went downstairs smiling. There was a great feast. Her whole family sittedd.All of a sudden the doorbell rang, Jane’s mother scurried to answer it. Jane’s mother rudely answered to the person. 

“Mum, who is it?”

“Nothing Jane, just stay seated,” Jane heard the person shouting. Jane got up at once. Jane saw who the person was. It was the same doctor who Jane had seen earlier. Jane stood frozen with her eyes full of tears.

“Patricia, you didn’t tell me that Jane is my daughter. I saw her in the morning. Patricia, answer me!” Jane’s tears started falling. She turned towards her mother,

“You to-to-told me th-that my dad was dead. I grew up learning that my dad died in a car accident while going to the hospital. You lied,” she sobbed.

“You lied to me!” she yelled, crying. She ran upstairs.

“Jane, listen to me! Jane,” her mother called. Jane’s father entered the house. Jane ran up to her room. Dr Park ran up to his daughter. He knocked on the door.

“It’s your dad,” Jane wiped her tears.

“I work as a cardiothoracic surgeon and I have emergency calls at dusk. Your mother didn’t understand that and thought I was cheating on her. I tried to make your mother understand my job but she didn’t. She constantly said I should quit being the chief of surgery but I didn’t. I worked for it for years,” he said. 

“I was around nine when I stopped asking her for my dad. She must have gotten sick and tired and told me that my dad died in a car accident,” Jane said. There was a short silence and Jane interrupted by saying, 

“Can I go home with you?” she asked. 

“Of course, but you better ask your mother,”

“Let’s go down,”

“You sure? Jane, you don’t have to stay with me if you aren’t comfortable,” 

“I want to stay with you. I’ll be fine, not to worry. Jane went downstairs. Her mother rose from the chair. 

“I’m going with my dad. I want to stay with him,” Jane answered, sternly. Jane followed her dad into his black Porsche. She entered the house. 

“Follow me to your room,” She dressed in her pyjamas and got comfy. She went down the spiral staircase. All of a sudden, at the coffee bar, Jane saw her dad on the phone.

“Everything is fine?” she asked. 

“Yes, I was called on call but I refused. Your more important that my job,”

“No Dad, I actually want to have a word with Mum. Just an hour or two maybe then maybe we can have late dinner or supper,” she said, softly.

“Right, I’ll send you there,” He sent her there. She rang the doorbell nervously. Her mother opened the door solemnly. 

“Hi,” she said solemnly, keeping an eye contact with her mother. She entered the house. Her mother closed the door.

“Janie, your dad hasn’t planned a party?”

“We’re going to have supper since he is on call now. Are you fine at home?” she asked, sobbing.

“I deserve to be alone since I lied to you about your dad,” All of a sudden, Jane’s dad honked. Jane closed her eyes and said,

“I think you do. Mum, I remember that when I was around nine you used to go to nightclubs. You separated me from my dad and went to nightclubs,” Jane rose at once and entered her father’s car. She wiped her tears and smiled at her dad.

“Jane, are you fine?”

“Yes, what happened in the hospital?” she asked.

“A patient came in with a heart attack. Jane, are you sure you’re fine?” he asked, worriedly. Jane suddenly burst into tears and said, 

“Dad, do you know when I was nine years old Mum used to go to nightclubs. She would dance there since she was a dance teacher. She would leave me alone with sometimes fast food. Dad, I’ve known you only for a day but my heart feels as I have known you for my whole life,” Jane sobbed. Her dad stopped the car and hugged his daughter.

“Jane, I know you didn’t have a very pleasant childhood but it’s the past. Stop thinking, Jane,” he said. Jane nodded her head. They reached home and ate supper together. 

"Jane, are you going to permanently stay here with me? If you really want to shift with your mother I'm fine. Whatever, she is still your mother,"

"But dad she did something every evil to me. She seperated me from you. I remember that I used to go to school and my teachers will all ask me what your surname was. Mum, made her surname mine. Dad, someone is ringing the bell. I'll see who it is," Jane went to answer it. Her mother stood.

"Jane, may I please speak to your dad," Jane called her dad. Jane moved away from the door and her father stood there with a stern look.

"Park, is there any chance that we can go back together? I'm really sorry for doubting you," she sobbed.

"Sorry Patricia, but you brought me to court and forced me to sign the divorce papers. Anyways, I just want to spend my 2022 with my daughter and my job. Nothing else. Happy New Year," Patricia went away. Jane was busy eating the supper made by her dad. She looked at the clock and smiled.

"Happy New Year Dad," Jane smiled.

'Happy New Year, Jane," he smiled back at her,

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