You check the mail for what seemed to be the millionth time this morning. Again, no luck, it was once again junk mail from annoying sources. You groan in annoyance, taking another swig from your "You can do it!" mug of coffee. Heavy bags rested under your eyes, from the stress and lack of sleep. You stand up from your cushiony office chair and shuffle to the front door, picking up the mail and glancing at the source addresses. No luck from there either. It's already been six weeks, and you've heard nothing from the college about your application.

You begin the same routine that you did every day for the past six weeks. Eat breakfast, finish remaining schoolwork, eat lunch, read, exercise, eat dinner, read, and sleep. The next morning, you make yourself another mug of coffee and sit down at your desk. After answering a few texts from your comrades, you hear the quiet notification from your computer. There was some more mail waiting for you, so you open up the app. Just junk, junk, more junk, and...

A response to the application you sent? You drop your mug, thankfully without spilling any contents, and quickly move to open it. However, you hesitate to click on it, thinking about how it would feel if your application got rejected. "No," you say to convince yourself. "This is what you were waiting for; if you get rejected, it won't be the end of the world. Right? Right. Just do it." You press down on the mouse, and it opens the email. You skim through it, mumbling parts to yourself. "We are sorry about the wait... Thank you for submitting a form. After much evaluation, we have decided to accept your application! Welcome to your new home!" You cheer loudly, dancing around with happiness. Your parents rush in, worried about the sudden noise coming from your room. Once you excitedly recap what you just learned, they hug you tightly, congratulating you with comforting words. 

The next few weeks go by in a blur, but you had much to do. Prepping your school supplies, clearing out your room, saying goodbye to everyone in your town, customizing your dorm, and gathering up the willpower to leave the only home you've ever known. Finally, with tears in your eyes, you pull your suitcase out of the trunk, kiss your parents' goodbye, ruffle the hair of whatever siblings you have, and head into the station. 

You sit on the metal bench, the jeans guarding your legs against the cold. Texts flood in from group chats, friends, and family members, congratulating you about your acceptance. You read them half-heartedly, not bothering to respond to any of them. You sigh, your breath shuddering as it flows out. Getting accepted into your college was, as cliche as it sounds, a dream come true. But you never considered how much it would hurt to leave, and how scary it was. You're leaving your home, the place you've lived for your entire life, and the people you've known since you were a baby. And it's all for an unfamiliar area and unfamiliar people.

A voice announces the arrival of your train just as the sleek transport screeches to a stop. You stand up and rush to the doors, suitcase in hand. Before you switch platforms and step into your new life, you hesitate. You weren't sure if you could handle this sudden change. A feeling of anxiety began creeping up on you as people rushed onto the train. You shake the feeling away, assuring yourself that you were ready, and step onto the train.

The train began pulling out of the station slowly as you settled into your train cabin. Eventually, it left town and began speeding through the fields of golden grass. You lean against the wall, staring out the window. The bright sky dimmed as gray clouds blocked the sun, and a few minutes later, fat drops of water splattered against the window. The news, which had reported the area to be sunny for the rest of the day, was wrong. You sigh in annoyance; you can't trust that news station.

Lightning flashes in the sky, and thunder shakes you to your core. The wind blows against the walls, whistling frighteningly. The train interior darkens because of the storm, making it a disturbing place to be. You close the blinds to block the windows, pull down the door curtains, and flick the light onto a low ambient setting. The room is lowly lit with the warm orange light, making it a perfect setting to relax and watch some movies. You pull down the bed, wrap the comforter around you, and settle in.

A few hours into the ride, the stewardess knocks on the door, making you jump out of your skin. Calming yourself down, you slide open the door and greet her wearily. The smiling lady offers you a beverage and a small snack to hold you over until dinner. After choosing the components for your mini-meal, and she retreats with her cart to the next person. With a sigh of annoyance, you end your movie marathon and open the blinds. The clouds had withdrawn, leaving the sun brighter than ever. The golden rays burn your eyes, making them water, so you block the window view again. Instead, you slide open the doors and step out into the hall, stretching your unused limbs.

You walk around, trying to get some steps in when you run into someone else. They apologize and introduce themselves. You immediately felt awkward and didn't have any idea what to say. It was most likely because you had never spoken to someone outside of your small town. You began with stuttering your name awkwardly and telling them why you were taking the trip. Coincidentally, they were on the train for the same reason. Being able to relate to them helped you relax, and you two strike up a conversation. You and your new friend spend hours chatting and joking, but eventually, you have to pause the discussion and head back to your cabin for dinner. As you sit back down in your cushioned seat, you realize that you feel a lot better than you had previously. The thought of having a friend with you calmed your nerves.

The rest of the day was uneventful. You lay your head down to rest once the sun had set. Despite the noises of other cabins and the train's rumbling, it was one of the most peaceful nights you've had for a while. In the morning, after breakfast, the conductor's voice came over the speaker, informing the passengers about the next stop, your stop. You gather your things and group with others near the doors. Your friend from the other day greets you and begins talking nonsensically; you could tell they were nervous. The train screeches to a stop, making many topple over. You grab onto the railing and hold on for dear life until the momentum dies out. There's a ding, and the doors slide open. People behind you bustle out, forcing you out onto the tile platform. You stare at the new area with fright, half-wanting to turn around and head back. Your friend grins at you, and while looking scared, plows forward with confidence. You take a deep breath and follow them into a new life.

June 25, 2020 10:10

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