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'Keep up the pace, my love,' said Tim to his wife, Eva.

'I am trying. The pain is holding me back,' said Eva.

Tim looked down to Eva's right thigh, where a bullet went through. The only good thing about that bullet wound was that it stopped bleeding. Tim attended to the bullet wound instantly, and that helped stop the bleeding. But the Diclofenac failed to make its impact. 

'I am feeling dizzy,' said Eva holding her hand and running simultaneously. 

Tim stopped and looked at her. They were escaping the prison compound. The alien species abducted the couple from the mid-space en route to Mars from Earth. The new species attacked the Earth. The newly formed Space Defenders defended the attack. Aliens ran away along with the prisoners like Tim and Eva. Tim was the captain of the abducted Spaceship. He was commanding the Spaceship to provide a safe passage for 54 new settlers to Mars. Instead of settling on Mars, now those 54 had to live inside a prison camp. Tim and Eva survived the extreme conditions of that prison camp. They plotted their escape for nearly five years by observing the daily routine of the prison guards. The guards were not of the human species. However, like humans, their brains loved the autopilot provided by the routine. Tim observed that routine for five years and plotted the escape.

One of the guards enjoyed watching flares in the sky at 4.00 clock in the evening. The collision of colours gave him the chills for about five minutes. Lucky for Tim as that guard protected the entrance of the emergency escape pod from the prison camp. Those aliens were without any planet to call home. They were in constant search of a new home, and in that quest, they had destroyed many civilizations and captured innumerable species. They built a special prison camp or research camp for bio-genetically modifying themselves to unlock their full potential.  

Tim charted a way to escape the prison camp on an escape pod and send an SOS signal. He wrote down his plan on the backside of the carpet in the dining hall. The aliens assigned Tim and Eva to the kitchen. Tim would serve food to his masters. While Eva would properly arrange the food on a plate to evoke visual appetite. In their spare time, they would plan their escape. Tim and Eva planned the escape to perfection.

The escape day arrived. They followed the routine and reached the kitchen of the masters. They finished their chores and now were waiting for the clock to tick at 3.00 pm. Tim was tense, and his eyes were reflecting it. Eva was calm like a sea. She was eager to meet her daughter after a decade if all the cards fall into their places. 

'Are you ready, my love?' asked Tim.

'Are you sure that it is the only way and there exists none other less risky way?' asked Eva.

'This is the only way to distract the guard. You have to touch his skin, and this chemical would do the rest.'


'The only drawback is that I will be in comatose and you might have to carry me. It would be hard,' explained Tim

'Don't worry. Years of practice have made me strong enough to throw you miles away.'

'Place your palm over here,' instructed Tim to Eva. Tim placed a drop of chemicals on the tip of the thumb, and She experienced a sense of bliss. Tim had already injected an antidote to that serum. 



'Eva, it all depends on you. I trust you to complete it well.'

'Like I will mess it.'

'No, I am just confirming.'

'Good. Let's escape.'

Tim and Eva exited the kitchen and entered the prison camp right on time at 4.00 pm. The aforementioned guard who would play a key role in the escape was busy watching the flares. He was not aware of what was about to happen in the next few minutes.

'Just tap his hands, and the serum would play its part. Remember to catch me imediately if I fall. Never let go me off your sight. Right?'

Eva smile. She knew that Tim didn't know how much she loves him. She would go to any extend to protect him but won't go far along with words to convey those inner feelings. To her, her smile was all she can use to address the concern of her husband. 

'I will take care of you till my last breath.'

Tim managed to force a smile on a tense face. 

Eva touched the guard, and the guard experienced the same bliss as experienced by Eva. Albeit, without an antidote, the guard failed to return from that blissful place. 

Meanwhile, the serum took control of the guard's physical body. That serum replaced the consciousness of the guard with that of Tim's consciousness. Tim physical body entered into a comatose. The physical body of the guard was taken over by Tim. Eva picked up Tim's body on her shoulders and began his run for the escape pod. 

The only thing that he forgot was the guard at the end of the escape pod. Tim never saw that part and missed that detail completely. 

Tim devised a plan and grabbed the collar of Eva. 

The guard that was at the end of the escape pod thought that his colleague was bringing some prisoners with him.

As soon Tim reached near that guard, he shot that guard. 

'Now,' shouted Tim inside the guard's body.

Eva gave the antidote to Tim's body, and Tim regained his consciousness inside his own body. The guard's body would remain inactive for five minutes.

They made a run to the pod. But the faith had other cards in place. That guard regained his consciousness quickly and knew what happened.

He opened fire, and Eva got caught in the line of fire.

Guard was some yards away. Tim quickly attended to the wound and gave her Diclofenac. 

Now they were running for the escape pod.

Luckily they made it and escaped the prison camp.

Unluckily the prison camp was flying a hundred light-years away from the Earth. 

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