Drama Fiction

      “The gift has been given to you. Others have lost this gift because either they did not want it or used it for their own selfish needs,” I was told many moons ago.

           I lowered the bucket down the empty well, knowing the results once I pulled it back up. Many will call me a fool for this well held no water for years. Of course, they did not know I had the gift to bring forth water. Water that will fill the soul in a world gone to madness. It is my job to bring comfort to ones in need.

           It was before I was born that the land lost its drinkable water. There was still water one can drink, but over time it will bring sickness to the body to eventually lead to death.

           Did humanity bring this calamity upon itself? Was it the land revolting against humanity? Or is it the superior being that so many have now forgotten or hated bringing this upon us? All other life continued to live on. Only humanity was cursed.

           “We will all die!” was screamed throughout the land.

           But the miracle came forth soon after the poisoning.

           The miracle came as certain individuals inherited the ability to bring forth drinkable water. Not to just refresh the body, but to bring peace to the tortured soul. Water that will help for extended periods of time. Depends on if the person changes their ways for the better or continued their way of a depraved life.

           “How is it that only certain people are given this gift?” asked by many.

           Over time, it was realized that ones who were selfless was given the gift. Ones who showed mercy to all humanity were given the gift. A gift that a very few were given since most of humanity loved their fellow person little. Humanity loved each other and is despised all others. Because of humanity’s vile nature, they were being punished. But there is always redemption. And it came forth. One last chance? Maybe.

           I was quite young when I was given the gift. It helped that one of my good friends, who was coming upon his golden years, was also gifted. Much mercy was displayed to me, so I ignored the masses who hated each other. I ignored ones who preached that the incredibly young and old should be abandoned to die. The helpless were pushed aside and, most times, killed by the evil in humanity’s hearts.

           Once the gift entered my life, I found out quickly that there was another gift given to me besides bringing forth water. There was a sense put upon me where I could avoid ones with evil content on their minds. A sense that occurred long before encountering the evil, meaning no harm to me. Who would harm the one who brings life to all? Ones who let darkness consume them where they have little thought of their consequences. Would the water fix them? As of the present, I do not have a clue. The few gifted I have encountered know neither. Will I find out one day?

           The bucket is brought forth from the well, and it is almost full to the brim with clear water.

           “Many will be refreshed,” I mutter to myself.

           Giving the gift of water is a blessing to me, but there are countless days I am by myself as I travel the land. Loneliness is a burden I must bear.

           I open the lid to a canister and pour the water in until it is full, and the bucket is empty. I put the lid back on, the canister in a holster, and strapped to my back.

           “Let’s go save the world,” I say.

           I begin my journey, seeking the ones in need. It does not take long to find a mother and daughter lying beside a tree trunk, away from the sun. They slowly raise their faces to me as I approach. Glazed looks as I come near. When was the last time they drank? By the looks of them an exceptionally long time. A day later and they will be dead. Many memories flashed through my mind of ones I was too late to save.

“I bring you water,” I tell them.

           “Water will kill us,” the mother croaked out. “We have already drunk the poisoned water.”

           “This water will clean your body,” I assure them. “The poison will be gone. Your thirst will end.”

           “We have tasted the water,” she says. “Long ago.”

           I stand there speechless for a moment. There is so much need for many more to be gifted. There are not enough of us.

           “I shall replenish you,” I finally say.

           “To live on for a period before we are back in this situation. We choose to die. We are damned.”

           I take a step back in shock for I do not hear of such words. The only ones that speak this way is near death because of wounds inflicted upon them. I still offer, but they know it will be wasted. It takes the last moments of life for people to think of others. Such a pity. But these still had plenty of life in them if they will only drink.

           “Don’t end your lives this way,” I tell them. “Drink and not only will you be refreshed, but with a change of your lifestyle you can also be gifted.”

           The mother looked at me with a glimmer of hope. Then looked at her daughter.

           “I don’t think I will ever be worthy,” she says.

           “As long as you breathe, there is always a possibility,” I say as I take my cup and pump water out of the canister, down a rubber hose, and into the cup. “Just do not give up. We are not made to give up.”

           Moments go by before she reaches out and grabs the cup. She drinks half the cup then gives it to her daughter, who finishes it.

           It does not take long for their complexion to change, and both practically leap to their feet.

           “Thank you,” they both say at once.

           “Keep good thoughts and the water shall keep you well longer. I hope for you to become one of the gifted.”

           I put the cup away and move on as the two dances around the tree. I pray they think of others and help them out. We need more gifted.

           Time went by with me helping a few who begged me for the water. They were refreshed, but for how long? For a period to keep them away from evil practices.

           I walk up a large hill when the sense of a vile soul on the other side came upon me. I stop and look to my left and right to see where else to go.

           “Continue on,” a whisper speaks inside my head.

           Did such thoughts pop into my head? To head on, face the evil on the other side, and face my doom.

           “This can’t be right,” I say.

           “Continue on,” the voice spoke once again.

           I looked up at the clouds. Most people nowadays do not believe in a superior being, which personally I think is what caused this mess that society is in. People want to do it their own way. To me, that is like asking a group of five-year-olds to build a tall wall or building. Sure to collapse. For myself, I had an excellent teacher, and always pondered on a Maker. It is more of a surety once I received the gift.

           “And now I hear this voice,” I mutter. “But the voice wants me to go into danger.”

           I am quite reluctant to do so, but will it cost me the gift?

           I stand there for who knows how long, battling my thoughts. Finally, I moved on, hoping the voice will protect me and give me wisdom when I encounter what is on the other side.

           Up and up, I went until I reached the top. Twenty feet away, to the left of the path, is a man digging a hole. Why is he digging?

           “I guess I will soon find out.”

           “I walk toward him until he looks at me when I am ten feet away. He sneers and hisses at me as he stands up to the height of around seven feet.

           “This is not looking good.”

           Stories I heard from the gifted and non-gifted of ones completely turning to the dark side and I will say this is one of the worst I am now encountering.

           As he continued to look at me with hate, he brought his hand to his mouth and sucked off what looked like black sludge. As he did, I could see him become energized as he started howling and jumping up and down.

           “Is this stuff like the water I give, but it brings corruption to the soul?”

           “Your days giving water is over!” the man screams out and starts walking toward me.

           I look around to see if there is anything I can use to protect myself. Looking at this man’s arms and hands, I see he will crush me easily. I come close to turning around to escape when the voice speaks.

           “Stand still.”

           I immediately think this is madness, but knew if I disobey, I am a dead man.

           As the man nears, he raises his hands to swing down to crush me. I put all my faith in the voice.

           “Time to die,” the man growls.

           He lunges down on me, but before he touches me, he is blown back ten feet to the ground. I stare in astonishment as I look at his motionless body.

           “Give him water,” the voice whispers.

           I hurry over to the man, hoping he is unconscious. The man is out, so I quickly fill the cup and put it to his lips. Little by little it enters as I wait to see what it will do to one infected by the darkness. The man’s eyes suddenly open and I figure I am dead at first. But a smile comes to his face. He takes the cup and drinks the rest before handing it to me. I step back as he stands up to tower over me.

           “Thank you,” he says with a deep voice. “You have saved me from the darkness.”

           The water takes the evil away.

           We talk for a while, and he wants to join me. Join me to help others out of bondage. I quickly agree.

           We move on and it is not long before my new friend is gifted. Such a blessing for not only can he help give the water, but now I have someone to talk to.

August 26, 2022 02:14

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Mustang Patty
08:34 Sep 08, 2022

Hi Corey, I enjoyed this story - despite the sadness about the human race. It is comforting to think that there would be people wandering the world who could bring hope when it feels like all is lost. Great story line and execution. ~MP~


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Miles Gatling
14:37 Sep 05, 2022

Very nice, you highlight the good things in people 👍


Corey Melin
16:41 Sep 05, 2022

Thank you for the comments


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20:12 Sep 03, 2022

Wow, what a beautiful story!! I loved it. You did a great job with the prompt. 🙂 I especially liked the ending, and how even the man who was corrupted was changed into a water bearer himself to go on helping others.


Corey Melin
15:11 Sep 04, 2022

Greatly appreciate the comments!


02:19 Sep 07, 2022

You're very welcome. Thanks for checking out my own story as well. I appreciate that. 🙂


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Raquel Rodriguez
15:35 Sep 03, 2022

Hello! It's been a while since we last spoke. The way you wrote this story is interesting (in the good way of course). It was different. One thing I couldn't help noticing is: '"How is it that only certain people are given this gift?” asked by many.' I think the 'A' should be capital because you don't relay who specifically is asking the question or like how they said it or whatever. Of course, I might be wrong, and I'm not sure about this. I do like the story, and the end though! If it's not too much trouble, could you check out my newest ...


Corey Melin
14:46 Sep 04, 2022

Thank you for the comments and by looking at the part where many are asking I will say you are correct. I should have been a capital “A”. I will check out your story


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12:47 Sep 01, 2022

Interesting. Its written as something like a parable. A sort of distant first person pov. You are a good writer and It kept my attention but the ending could have used a twist in an unexpected direction i feel.


Corey Melin
13:45 Sep 01, 2022

Thank you for the comments. With the limited time I had left I had to quickly come to an end. Not my normal way of writing since I always love a twist


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Kevin Alphatooni
00:31 Aug 30, 2022

I really enjoyed the nuance of your story, and your insight into how humanity brings about its own destruction was interesting to read. I am not sure if it was intentional, but your story sometimes sounded choppy and fragmented. I use an App called Grammarly that helps me with my grammar, syntax, and catches things I miss during edits. Check it out.


Corey Melin
01:43 Aug 30, 2022

Thank you for the comments. With my full imagination in play my grammar tends to suffer. To a point I wanted it to be fragmented. I use pro writer but should give grammarly a try again. It has been a very long time


05:39 Sep 01, 2022

I use this free chrome extension which prob isn't as advanced but is easy to use: https://languagetool.org/ saw your story popup on critique circle and will give it a full read today


Corey Melin
13:48 Sep 01, 2022

I will give it a try. Grammar has always been my thorn. Plenty of imagination. The good news is that my fellow writers on reedsy has helped me in areas that are lacking


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