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Write a story that begins in the light and ends in darkness, or the other way around.

A World Of Light By Mia 

This book has a mention of death and blood. Just a reminder!

Ciana hated her world. It was the year 721 AL. Ciana knew she was destained to live in the past, where things were so much simpler and there was light. 

Because people were damaging the earth, there were tons of chemicals polluting the environment. And then light never did shine on earth again. It was as though Mother Earth was giving humans a punishment, no light. For the past 7 2 1 years, no speck of light touched the earths surface.

Ciana read that there was something called climate change and that was what destroyed the earth. Why did humans like her do that? Now she lived in a world of darkness. 

She lived in a humble cottage, and everywhere Ciana walked, she saw dead bodies of beggars sprawled on the floor. They were all bloody, which blocked out their pale, white skin. Sometimes, Ciana would see people eating those dead bodies. She hated seeing that 

Ciana sat inside her house looking out the window while eating her lunch. It was a steaming bowl of soup. Because there were no kind of vegetation anywhere, the food was made of chemicals. Trying to hold her breath while eating her ‘soup’, Ciana wondered how food tasted like before. I think it tasted much better than this Ciana thought. But instead of wasting it, she gulped it down. 

“Hiya, Cici!” Ciana’s little sister, Tilly came out of her room. Tilly was much paler and skinnier than Ciana. Tilly had a small triangular nose that was tinted pink at the tip. She was very cute. “Can I have some?” Tilly had just woken up. 

“Sure, yeah” Ciana replied and put a bowl of ‘soup’ in front of Tilly.

“Yay!” Tilly scarfed down the ‘soup’. She coughed up something red and wiped her mouth.  

Ciana stood up and walked towards the door. “Bye, Tilly, see ya’” Ciana went to work along with her parents at a metal factory. 

The factory was crammed and most of the time, Ciana had to hold her breath, so she wouldn’t smell the sweat from the workers bodies. Her parents worked in a different section, so she wouldn’t be able to see them. They had to work twenty hours a day, with no holidays or rest times. The kids had it a bit easier. Ciana only had to work six hours a day, six days a week. Ciana and the other kids there powered up the big machine to make metal for the rich people, or the barons. The barons get cool jobs, like being a scientist or the people that 

Ciana had to pour the hot substance into a metal thing, some kids died of heat but Ciana tried her best to stay alive, although she wanted to die. The pay was one cent a day, so Ciana loved walking home with something heavy in her pocket.  

Ciana happily skipped home with her one cent. One cent means one more year she thought. It was the quote that every child working in the metal factory said.  

When she got home, Ciana spotted Tilly lying on the couch, blood was surrounding her. Tilly coughed and blood filled her mouth like saliva. 

“Hey Cici” Tilly managed to speak.

Ciana rushed towards her “Tilly! What happened?”

“Dunno” Tilly coughed again. Ciana wiped the blood with her sleeve. “Cici, do me a favour.” Tilly said as she pointed to the mirror in the house. “Bring… me… there…”

It was a weird order, but Ciana carried Tilly to the mirror. The walk took nearly all of Ciana’s strength, and she was panting, and her heart was beating by the time they made it. The mirror was small, about the size of Ciana’s face. The tip of the mirror cracked and there were some brown things on the sides. Tilly looked at herself; her bloody mouth, her small ears, her thin eyebrows and jet black hair. Ciana looked at herself too; pointy nose, pale, yellow face, and jet black hair like Tilly’s. Ciana and Tilly looked quite alike. 

Ciana’s stomach did a flip. Why? She didn’t know. Ciana opened her eyes. She didn’t realize they were closed until now. There was light everywhere. Not artificial light, but real sunlight. Ciana squinted and saw green, brown, and other bright colours. Never in her life had Ciana seen such a beautiful sight. The floor was green too. Ciana bent down to touch it. It was spiky but soft. The air smelled sweet and clear. Everything was amazing.

“What is this?” Ciana looked at Tilly.

“A world with light” she answered. 

A world with light? There’s no such thing. At least no such thing on Earth. 

“How-” Ciana started, but there was a woosh, and she was back in her hut in a dark world again. Tilly was in her arms, but her eyes were closed. What happened? “Tilly?” Ciana checked her breathing. Nothing “Tilly!”

She just wasn’t here. Tilly had gone. 

Ciana’s parents slumped in. They looked like zombies. Their eyes had purple bruises and droopy, pale, grey eyes. 

“Mama, Papa!” Ciana screamed.

Her parents looked closely at the lifeless body. Tears started flowing from their eyes. Each of them picked a side of her slumped figure and opened the tiny window. Heads first, they carefully threw Tilly’s body out of the window. Ciana’s parents went off to bed. They had work in four hours, so they slept three hours before walking to the metal factory. 

Once they were gone, Ciana touched the mirror. A world of light, She heard Tilly say

She saw the light again. It was beautiful and warm. Tilly’s voice was everywhere a world of light,

Ciana danced and danced. A world of light.

The air swayed with her. A world of light.

She was safe in a world of light.

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