Funpark Blues.

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FUNPARK BLUES. “How much further? We’ve been driving for hours! Will they still be open when we get there?” “Okay, stop with all the questions every half an hour! I told you Ted, when we started this morning, it would take a few hours. It should be coming into sight any time now, so just be a little patient, please!” “There it is! I can just see the top of the scenic railway! Whoa, that’s very high! I might change my mind about going on that one Dad!” “Now you decide you might be too scared? Ted, you are the one who begged your mum and I to go here in the holidays! You better make sure we aren’t wasting our money!” “Just joking Dad don’t worry, I’ll go on everything, maybe twice, even if you have to carry me off!” “Okay here we are, Ted you help Mum carry the lunches, while I pay for the tickets. Excuse me Sir, are we allowed to take in our own lunches?” “Of course Sir, we have some lovely lawns for you and your family to sit and have lunch. The only thing you can’t take in are glass bottles.” “Thank you, no we don’t have any glass bottles with us.” “Okay Ted, what’s first? We have about an hour before lunch. How about we start off on the slowest first, then have lunch, then build up to the biggest and scariest last?” “Sounds good to me Dad! So that means the Ghost Train first! Yay! Let’s go! I love the Ghost Train! This train is very small and seems to jump around a lot, I hope it stays on the track. What was that noise, it sounded like a growl? There it is again, only louder now, it must be getting closer! Go away! Dad help, it’s attacking me!” “I thought you loved the Ghost Train Ted?” “That’s enough of that scary stuff, who touched my hair? I can feel something on my back! Dad get it off! That’s not funny Dad, it touched me. What if it had eaten me? In the dark you wouldn’t know I was gone!” “Oh, I think we’d know Ted. We’d miss all your chatter and noise!” “Thanks Dad, I always wanted to be remembered for my chatter – not!” “You are so funny Ted! I would never have thought you would be scared of the Ghost Train.” “I wasn’t scared, I just wasn’t expecting anything like that, let’s go have lunch!” “This is such a lovely spot to sit and have our lunch, we can see the whole Park from up here.” “Would you like me to spread out the rug Mum?” “Yes thank you Ted, then I’ll set out our sandwiches. I hope you two have lots of fun today.” “It’s a great spot Mum, and thanks for the yummy sandwiches, do we have any orange drink left?” “When we finish cleaning up here, we’ll head for the Ferris Wheel. Will you be okay with the height Ted? Mum gets vertigo so she won’t be going on anything high.” “Sure Dad, it’s only a Ferris Wheel, let’s go! This is great! Whoa, why is it stopping? Sit still Dad, you’re making it rock! Why aren’t we moving, has it stopped working?” “No, don’t worry Ted, they are just letting people off, and new people on, as it works it’s way around.” “Well I wish they’d hurry up, it’s getting windy up here and I’m freezing!” “Just relax son and enjoy the view, wave to your Mum down there minding our things. We’re moving down slowly now, so we’ll be off shortly.” “What’s next Dad? How about the Mouse Trap?” “Okay, now your talking! Fast and furious, just how I like it! Are you sure you’ll be okay on this ride Ted? Still a bit too high for Mum.” “Sure, I’ll be fine Dad. It’s very fast but that doesn’t bother me!” “Up we go, there are a lot of twists and turns to get back down to the bottom at a furious pace, so hang on tight Ted!” “Aaaaarrrr! Help I’m going to fall out! I can’t hang on any longer, help me Dad!” “I’ve got you, you can’t fall out! Just relax and enjoy the ride! We’re coming into the station now, so you can open your eyes son!” “Get me off this stupid ride, it’s dangerous, I almost fell out so many times!” “Okay Ted calm down, you didn’t fall out. Maybe the next ride will suit you better, no twists and turns and the Pirate Ship isn’t even very fast!” “I like the Pirate Ship, it’s not as scary as some of the others. It’s a shame it’s still too high for Mum.” “Mum is quite happy just to see all the animals and shows, she has never been interested in Funpark rides.” “This is great Dad just swaying back and forth. It feels as if it is getting higher and picking up speed. Where is the seat belt Dad? I need a seat belt or I’ll fall out!” “There is no seat belt Ted, you can hold onto the rail at the front if you’re worried.” “Uh oh, that is a long way down, and I feel like I’m falling! Hang onto me Dad! Help! Let me off this thing, I feel seasick!” “Just hang onto the rail Ted, it’s starting to slow down now. You haven’t had much luck with these rides have you Ted? Mum said you were a funny green colour when we got off the Pirate Ship. Are you feeling okay now?” “I’m fine, I just haven’t found a ride I really like yet.” “Well there aren’t many left to try Ted. Other than the children’s rides, we only have the Scenic Railway left. I don’t think they call it that anymore, this one is called The Velociraptor for some reason. Will you be okay on this one Ted? It has a lot of twists and turns and some parts are very high.” “Sure, I’ve always loved the Velociraptor, even when I was very small.” “Okay then, Mum is minding our things as this is too high for her. Look at this Ted, we have the first seats, isn’t that great?” “Have you ever been on the Velociraptor before Dad? Do you know what it means to have the front seats?” “No I haven’t been on it before, but it doesn’t worry me which seats we have. I guess with the first seats we get a better view!” “Please make sure the bar is in place and locked in. You will hear it click when it locks.” “Okay the bar is locked in place, let’s go!” “It’s a long way up to the top, are you okay Dad? You look a little worried.” “I’ll be okay just didn’t realise it was so high, it sure is a big drop, we’re almost there. Aaaaarrrrr! Let me off this thing!” “Round and round, isn’t this great Dad? Why are you holding on so tight, your knuckles are white! Why aren’t you saying anything Dad? Your eyes are so big! Are you scared of this ride Dad? I love it, it’s great! Round we go again! Aww, it’s coming into the station, I could have stayed on here a lot longer!” “Mum, I think you better give Dad a hand, I don’t think he feels very well.” “I’m okay now, I just wasn’t used to that ride!” “Hey Dad, that’s my excuse!” “You’re right Ted, guess we aren’t so different after all! This has been a great day. Mum liked the rides that weren’t too high, I liked the ones that didn’t turn upside-down, and you liked the scariest one of all Ted. Now it’s almost closing time and time we left for home. I don’t know about you and Mum, but I’m looking forward to a nice peaceful ride home.” “Me too Dad, let’s go home!”

January 12, 2021 22:41

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