I want to tell you a story about a woman who performs miracles on unsuspecting people. In this case the miracle worker goes to a town in desperate need of her work. This town doesn't believe in miracles, but she will make them believe and believe they will.

The town of HopesWell is a small unassuming town with a population under a thousand. HopesWell is a town many people believe is full of hope, but that is not the case. No one knows this but HopesWell is a town you don't want to visit nor do you want to live there. Then one day she comes along to give life to this town who has lost everything.

She is a mysterious person with a name no one knows. She performs miracles everyone has heard of. She is a person many believe is an Angel of God. But who is she? What is her name? and Do people really believe in miracles?

First, let's start with a question. What are miracles? Miracles are inexplicable acts of wonder. Many people believe in these acts of wonder and she has shown the people miracles can happen in the most unnatural ways.

How does she do it? This is how she does it. She searches everywhere, every town, every city for people who are down on their luck, who are sad and depressed. She watches them for days, months, even years then the miracle happens without the person ever knowing about it. But there are times when she reveals herself, that only happens on special occasions.

HopesWell is a unique situation because it's not just one person who needs a miracle, but the whole town. She selected HopesWell as her next miracle because she wants to bring joy and happiness to a town who so desperately needs it.

The people of HopesWell have lost faith in themselves and in life. The town use to be filled with so much happiness, with so much life and love and now all that is left is a town lost in darkness. The light has been shutoff and no one knows how to get it back.

She has watched the people of HopesWell for months. She has observed the people in such despair. The looks on their faces are those of fear, fear of something she doesn't know.

She is going to HopesWell to perform the biggest miracle she has ever performed and she will do this without the people ever realizing she was there.

We will call her Alya. Alya is on her way to HopesWell. She is traveling many miles to perform the miracle. The people of HopesWell have indeed heard about the miracles that have been performed but like everyone who believes miracles are a fluke believe these miracles are nothing more than a joke. What the people don't know is that Alya, the miracle worker is coming their way.

Alya has heard the voices of the non-believers and she doesn't care. Alya knows who she is and what she can do and she has brought three miracles to the town of HopesWell.

It's two in the afternoon, the sun is high in the sky and the people of HopesWell are doing the same thing they do every single day and that is wallowing in their misery.

The three miracles that are going to be performed are one bringing medicine to the much needed town, two fixing the town and restoring HopesWell to its natural beauty and the last miracle is the biggest miracle of all and Alya is keeping that a secret.

Alya has arrived at HopesWell and from the very moment of her arrival Alya is having second thoughts, a first for her. She looks up at the sky and asks God for the strength to perform this miracle.

Alya has found the strength to continue her miracle work. She has disguised herself as a resident of HopesWell. She has quietly and without alerting the residents Alya has rented a house on the outskirts of the town.

She walks to the house, unlocks the door and enters. Alya puts her belongings on the table and takes out her first miracle, bringing medicine to the town.

Under the cover of night Alya leaves the rented house and goes to the hospital. well it's not much of a hospital, but it's all they got. Alya walks carefully so as not to arouse suspicion.

The hospital building is on the other side of town so Alya walks the streets of HopesWell looking at all the places that need fixing. Alya jogs down all the things she sees and there are a lot of places that need so much work.

Ten minutes later Alya arrives at the hospital. She checks her surroundings, all clear. Alya opens the door and to her luck the door is unlocked. She enters the building and proceeds to the patients room.

Alya checks the patients charts one by one and picks the patients who are in the most dire need of help. Alya's first miracle is to a little girl who is suffering form leukemia.

Quietly she opens the door and enters the little girls room. Alya takes out the medicine and as quiet as she can be Alya hooks up the medicine to the little girls IV. The little girl opens her eyes, Alya touches the girls forehead and sings to her. The little girl goes back to sleep.

After sometime in the room Alya leaves and goes to the next patient and does the same thing. Alya performs the miracle to five more patients.

Once her first miracle is complete Alya leaves the hospital, but first she leaves the rest of the medicine on the reception desk. She leaves the hospital on her way back to the house. Once at the house Alya looks over her notes and begins to make plans for her second miracle.

The second miracle is going to take a lot of doing so Alya has called in reinforcements. They will arrive when HopesWell is fast asleep. In the meantime, Alya is going to see the reaction to her first miracle.

Alya wakes up early the next morning, she puts on her disguise and leaves the house. Alya goes back to the hospital, she goes inside the building and pretends to work there.

Alya watches as the parents of the little girl enter her room. A few seconds later the screams of the mother are heard. The doctors and nurses come rushing to the room. Alya quietly walks to the room and sees the little girl sitting up on the bed sit a smile on her face. The doctors don't know what to make of this. Alya hears the little girl telling her parents, the doctor and nurses that an Angel saved her.

They didn't know what to make of it. So, the doctors and the nurses went into the other patients room and saw the same thing. The sickest of patients awake and healthy, all with a smile on their faces and telling the same story. An Angel was here.

The news of the cure patients is spreading all over the town, but nobody believes this true until they all go to the hospital and see for themselves.

The first miracle is complete. Now on to the second miracle, restoring the town to its natural beauty. It's late in the evening on her second night in HopesWell when Alya's reinforcements arrive.

Alya gives her crew their assignments. She tells them to be as quiet as possible and not to be seen. Her crew gets to work. Alya also gets to work.

Little by little Alya and her crew work to restore HopesWell to its natural beauty, from replanting the gardens, to painting the homes and businesses to doing construction work, they do it all.

At sunrise the second miracle is complete. Alya and her crew head back to the house. Alya says goodbye to her crew. Now she is waiting for the people to wake up and see the miracle. At 9 am Alya hears the first gasps coming from outside the house.

Once again Alya disguises herself and heads outside. She sees the people looking in wonder at the gardens and at the houses. They also see words of encouragement left by Alya. One reads.

"Wake up with a smile and your life will be full."

Another one reads "Always believe and never stop."

The towns people couldn't believe what they were seeing. They want to know who did this. The little girl who was once stricken with leukemia is out of the hospital is standing next to her mother and seeing the beautiful site in front of her tells the people "The Angel did this."

The towns people looked at the little girl and they started to believe the miracles they heard about are indeed true.

The second miracle is complete and now on to the last and biggest miracle of all.

Late on her last night in HopesWell Alya calls one of her past miracles and tells him what she has been doing. She tells him all about HopesWell and how her first two miracles have worked.

Alya also tells him how the people of HopesWell have slowly started to believe in miracles and lastly she tells him the last miracle is to be the biggest miracle of all.

Alya instructs her past miracle, a man we will call Jon. She tells Jon to send an all points message to her other miracles, to tell them to come to HopesWell. Jon does as he is told.

Messages begin to flash on Alya's phone. They are on their way to HopesWell, with a smile on her face Alya packs her belongings, puts on her disguise for the last time and leaves the house. Alya slips in unnoticed at the rental office and leaves the key on top of the desk.

Alya heads to the main road leading out of HopesWell, before she leaves Alya takes one more look at her miracles, she then leaves. Alya walks out of HopesWell, and goes to the mountain overlooking the town.

Alya climbs the mountain and like an Angel looks down at HopesWell. At exactly 9 am the first buses carrying her miracle people arrive.

A smile gracing her face, Alya watches as the people of HopesWell welcomes her visitors.

The third and biggest miracle is complete. The people of HopesWell have been giving a gift of new life, hope and a miracle.

Like an Angel sent from Heaven Alya flies away.

June 29, 2022 22:41

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