Miss. Warrenson.

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Miss. Warrenson is the woman who we all fear. You see her, and you know she means business. Every kid in the neighborhood fears her. She struck fear into everyone around her. Except for me. For some reason, we had become very close. But she hated my sibling. She always had an insult for them. I was the only kid she actually liked, and I think it was because I was the only person that really was nice to her. I always felt kind of sorry for her. But my friends one day stopped liking me and began to make fun of her. I ran outside and told them to leave her alone. When they saw me, they ran. That was their new thing at the time. Miss. W. saw me and it looked like she was going to sneer at me. Then I broke down crying. I had no one on this planet.

He walked over to me and tapped me on the back with her cane. "Get up child, and wipe your tears," she said. She reached out to me, and I took her hand. She took me in and we had tea together. And from that day on Miss. W. was my best friend. And I was very happy that I had begun to have such a friendship, as I had always respected her so much. She told me all about her and her life. About her dead husband, her long-gone son, and about her garden. We would play chess together sometimes, and on the best or hotter days, we would garden together. If I was not in my own house, I was at hers. But the noise that kids made outside her house were angry. I hated how much noise came from outside. It didn't happen when I was at my house. Only hers. And the terrible things they would cry at her.

And my sibling was one of the main people there to gang up on poor Miss. W. They would always make fun of me for hanging out with Miss. W. My mom would sometimes scold them, and other times agree. My mom was a single mom, so could never really have time for both of us. My mom went through a divorce when my sibling was five and I was two. I don't remember anything about my dad. My mom threw out all the pictures of him, or cut him out of pictures. Miss. Warrenson was like a parent that was always around. My sibling and I were allowed to be out anywhere as long as we were home by a certain time, and had our phones with us. My sibling went everywhere with their friends, and I was with Miss. W. Sometimes, my mom would ask me why I was there so much. And when she did, I would tell her about the day's adventures. My mom seemed worried most of the time, but never said anything about her worries.

My mom has met Miss. W. She said she was a lovely woman, but that she was older. I told her that I wasn't going to be young forever. And my mom responded simply by saying that I should enjoy being young. This ended the conversation. Until my sibling started making fun of me again the next day, calling me old. Whatever. Haters are going to hate. One day in May was especially nice. Miss. W. took me out to her garden, and we started planting. And then the noise started. We started grumbling about it, hoping it would pass. It was there, and there to stay. They started calling at her, but then they started making fun of me as well. There was nothing I could do about it. I broke down, shriveled up in a ball, wishing I could just disappear, and my misery would end. But the noise picked up some more. And then I remembered, that I could file a noise complaint.

I called the police and told them everything. And they got caught. My mom was very upset when we had to pick my sibling up from the police station. But when I blurted I called the police on them, the entire car went silent. My mom turned in her seat and looked straight at me. I was asked why by both at the same time. I explained, and at the end of the story, my mom was at the end of her rope with my sibling. I mean, it was clear that my mom was not going to tolerate my sibling's shenanigans forever. But I thought it would be a while from now when my mom reached the end of her rope. however, I was wrong. My mom said we were now going to have Miss. W. over for dinner every week, to my great delight. But to my sibling's great dismay. Fine by me. So now, every week on Friday we have dinner with her. It's hard to now believe that there was once a time when they didn't get along.

But the noise problem seemed to continue. Which confused me. I asked my sibling to stop every day. But it didn't matter. Miss. Warrenson just closed everything and made tea whenever they came around. She would put on classical music and we would have fun in the house. Miss. Warrenson became an honorary member of the family. She has been through a lot, and honestly being lonely is something that we both get along so well about. We are inseparable, and I could never imagine a life without her, considering how important to me she is. My sibling and she will make amends. One day will see the sides of both of them that I cherish, and even enjoy the bad stuff as it comes. Miss. Warrenson gave me a special present when I turned 14. We went to see her son for the first time in forever. I was told so much about him, and how much she missed him. that I reminded her of him. And we had a blast.

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