I remember the every detail , when I first saw her . It was raining heavy and I was at the bus stop waiting , checking my watch , soon I was riding on bus, everything outside the glass appeared as water painting , only drop's of water could be seen on pale glass . I was told to arrive at east street near a old church, it was my first time ,The rain had already stopped and I sat on bench near the street , tress shinning in the water droplets, I could feel excitement and little anxiety, I clenched my hand with hope that she would come . At last , I found her , she was tall and had long and straight blonde hair's .she wore a casual dress with light yellow colour . She was gorgeous and it looked like all the bird's in the world would built there nest upon her growing heart . By feeling the presence of her made me automatically smile , I don't usually smile to somebody female.She was straight coming to me, I saw her crystal blue haze , which has experienced life in a very short age ," sorry to keep you waiting , caleb " she said ,I said quickly ," No! it's been only while, don't apologies " , I protested. " So, kind of you " . She took my hand , I could feel glowing hand of her ," come this way" I followed her , she took me to a polish looking car a big black one , with some symbol on it ," what's this ? ", I said pointing at symbol not holding curiosity anymore . "Oh! that, it's logo of car or company symbol, it's porsche taycan ".I sat on back seat which was comfortable then my bed , she sat on driver seat and we drove together.

But life took a untwisted turn in both's life . Before that I lead myself a abnormal life , I was declared mentally retired after losing my family but one day she came to our orphanage for business reason and she saw me and spoked with me , she made frequent visits and finally , she adopted me and told me to arrive at given address , my farewell was no great , as I was the only boy isolated. After arrival of her, my life seem's to be change slowly , I felt confident about myself and never felt nervous about something, God there is truly magic in her!! It felt thousand's life's within one soul of her's . She took me to her lovely home and made me comfortable and just by speaking. My mouth was half opened by this sudden marching. Though it took time for me to get comfortable, though she already said it but thing's works slowly with me .she had house of four large bedroom , though in this large room she was alone , she had a drawing room with full of books .my assumption were wrong she had many friends , they were making frequent checks over here and it was annoying me and I was going back to nervousness but she used to cheer me up by baking lovely cookies for on every sunday , Though from first day we had some type of connection between us we grew closer to each other's .she would make me feel that, like I'm not a grown up kid , she would make everything simple and possible to make me reach but aside form this she was strict about exercise and health. In orphanage , I used to never get up early but thing's got changed here , she would woke me at 5 am and then exercise routine could get started. She instead me make lot's of friend's, " they may help you one day ".

I had college and part time job .she said that," it's alway's better to have a job", with s lovely kiss planted on my cheecks . My face suddenly turned orange- red .I never knew she had put my name to college , it was like a big surprise for me , I was little nervous about never made my conversation in front of the crowd .She was not always busy, though she had lot of work to do , but she alway's found time for my complainant's and hobbies . She had kind and warm gesture , she alway's listened to my every detail description, about anything .She had her own company to work for . She never looked tired whenever she arrived home after the office , she looked cheerful all day .One day I got to kitchen took, a deep breath before opening the door and walked in the kitchen had plenty of sun falling on the plates and kitchen floor ,she had put her pink pinafore and looked beautiful. she was dressing the chicken ready to go into brown coloured oven , "Why did you choose me ?" I asked confused whether the question was right one! She smiled at me and sat down on chair beside's and told me to do so . "Do you know caleb about my past , ok never mind forget about it! , I choosed you beacuse you were simple and kind, generous , I have never mate anyone in my life". "Ok" I said thinking of different question but nothing came in but I alway's feared that one wrong mistake of me could land me out of house . Though she had a lovely house everything in life could be fit in this big one . I daydreamed for few minute's voice sopked, "Ok ,dear over with your question then let's have breakfast ". With that sentence , I lost complete to the breakfast.

I enjoyed her company, every week she would take me to cinema hall . We would enjoy everything typically a normal families enjoy on Sunday's. I never wonder , that I would have any family , the one I had, which is now lost in time. At sometimes she used to pick me from college . Those small moments of each other would remain for life in my heart . She even helped me of my work , I was like alien to this exposed world never step outside of four walls of orphanage .But this everything remained till two months, then after that dark cloud's started to whirl around our house . At one night she didn't turn home , I tried every number I had , I even called her friend's but no answer came out which would meet circumstance.

I went out in heavy rain outside trembling like a wave pool . I walked the street her office was not far from home at front line, I saw crowd gather , I came to the edge and saw my worst nightmare in that muddy and dirty ground layed a cold body which I could recognize it at once , I felt onto the ground's as if losing my legs she had got Mark's and scars on all over her body along her waist, hands , face.

I sat beside a hospital bed were she lied motionlessly, I was just sitting here and don't know nothing , "how it happened?"," And for what it had cost me ?", "I didn't know beacuse of me she might me in this condition?" Because only two month's past , she had adopted me after so many year's I had experienced the love of mother and she had experienced love of son . Just like me, she too! didn't have any family but she was young to handle this and never wanted anyone in her life but at certain point she might had thought of it? By seeing her face made me sick , alway's remembering the lovely face . I wanted to tell her , so many thing's and she just left me alone in this world . Doctor stated in report that she was harassed and then tired to kill but it seems she fought back , I said in my mind," she had strength of surving?" or "she is alive beacuse of me?" question's circled me but no answer came . She sat in silence and I too didn't speak . As thought she had drifted from this world and "she is waiting for me to come ", I felt uncomfortable about the thought , "How can I reach to my mother of another world?" "She surely waiting waiting for me".It feel's she is need of help but "l could not reach to help" , could I?

May 19, 2020 10:21

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