Horror Drama Fiction

The Wicked Truth’s

Brooklyn stares out the window watching the tree's flash by, on a long pathed road that seemingly led to nowhere.  

Hello? Earth to Brooklyn. Come in, Brook.” She hears a familiar voice say. She looks over as see’s the eyes of her friends staring at her,

“Oh, yeah. What's up?” She asks.

“We were talking about what we were going to do when we got there. Any ideas?” Asks her best friend Haven Locks. Haven Locks and Brook went to middle school together, and then high school. They both graduated the same time and were accepted into the same college. 

“Well I think we should get things settled in first.” Brook said. 

“Well that’s a given babe.” Mike said. Mike was Brooklyn’s boyfriend, and he was driving the van.

“Well there is a lake at the cabin isn’t there?” Freddy asked. Duke nodded his head as he was stuffing his face with potato chips. “Hell, I'm going to go swimming first.” He said again. The whole van was in agreement with that suggestion, until Duke spoke up.

“Yeah. If you want to get leeches all over your body.” 

“Yo. There are leeches in that lake?” Freddy asked again, putting his arm around Haven.

“Oh, be a man.” Haven joked. 

“No. There are leeches in there. I’m not about that.” He said, the whole van started laughing. They were on their way to Duke’s parents cabin. It was in the upper corner of Minnesota, wedged right in between Canada, and North Dakota. 

As they approach their destination, the whole group bounces out of the van.

“This is our weekend cabin?” Mike asks as he looks upon the run down and forgotten old cabin. 

“You have got to be kidding me? What’s my dowry? Tetanus?” Haven asks. Brook looks at the rundown thing, and notices that there aren’t any holes or mold, just algae.

“Hey guys. Don’t be so down. All this place needs is to be swept, a little dusting, and to be aired out. It looks like it’s got a fire pit, and furniture. So let’s make the best of it, and get this place looking nice.” Brook says, jumping out in front of the group.

“That’s my Brook, always optimistic.” Mike said as they all headed inside determined to clean out this run down cabin. The group is all tight knit. Haven and Freddy are a couple, and have been for an entire year. Mike met Brooklyn when she was a freshman in college, he was a sophomore. They have been together for the past three years. Duke was Freddy’s best friend, and he also was a glutton for anything with a taste. He was just the friend of the couples. The only reason why Freddy and Mike hangout is because Haven and Brooklyn are the best of friends. Mike, and Duke want to become Veterinarians, while Freddy, Haven and Brooklyn are going to college to become Zoologists. 

After they clean out the cabin, Haven and Brooklyn add their girl touches, that make the place seem more homely. While the men go out and gather logs for the fire. The group sits in front of the fireplace, Freddy smiles. 

“Oh no, why are you smiling?” Brooklyn asks.

“Oh no reason. I just thought of bringing something along to have a little fun with.” He says as he takes out four blunts, and a cooler filled with alcohol. The group smiles, all except Brooklyn.

“Oh don’t tell me the girly girl is too good for a little marijuana and some drinks?” Freddy asks. Mike smacks his shoulder.

“Watch it.” He says angrily. 

“He’s just playing.” Haven started. “Brook doesn’t smoke, but she does drink.” Haven finished. She looked at Freddy sternly. “Don’t pry.” She said again. 

They sit there talking amongst themselves, all except for Brook. In the midst of all the talking Brook hears an unfamiliar voice call out to her.

“Brooklyn.” It whispers. Her brows furrow and she leans. “Brooklyn Morris.” She hears again.

“Guys shush.” She calls and everyone dims their voices down to nothing more than breathing. She waits for a minute and doesn’t hear anything.

“Brook?” Haven asks.

“Did anyone else hear a whisper?” She asks. They all shake their heads no. “It’s probably nothing, I think I need some water.” She says and gets up and heads to the kitchen. As she enters the kitchen she hears the whisper again.

“Brooklyn. Play truth or dare.” The voice said again. 

“Now I know I’m going crazy, nobody plays truth or dare anymore.” She says sipping on her water.

“Play truth or dare. If you don't, all of you will die.” The voice said again. 

“Oh come on Haven stop playing around.” Brooklyn says, walking back into the room. 

“What are you talking about Brooke? I didn’t say anything.” Haven says eyebrows arched.

“You didn’t just say play truth or dare. If you don't, you all die?” She shakes her head no, and Freddy gives her the cuckoo sign. Mike hits him again. 

“I told you to watch it.” He snarls. Freddy hits Mike back. 

“If you touch me again I will kill you.” Freddy says with a maniacal look on his face. 

“Boys, stop.” Haven said. All of a sudden there was a voice in the air.

“Play truth or dare. If you don’t you will all die.” It echoed in the air. All of them stop and look at Brooke. 

“You weren’t lying.” Freddy says timidly. Haven quickly blinks her eyes looking around. Mike is just as shocked as everyone looks around and Mike realizes that Duke isn’t there anymore.

“Duke?” Mike asks. All of them look around now and have the same realization. 

“Duke? Where are you bud?” Freddy asks.

“Come on, Duke quit playing around.” Haven says. Brooklyn looks up and screams as she jumps out of the way as Duke comes crashing down onto the ground, blood draining out of his neck. 

“Play the game. If you tell a lie. Or don’t do the dare. You die.” The voice said again. 

“What's going on?” Brooklyn asks shakily, as Mike is holding her. 

“What do you mean what’s going on? You're the one who heard the voice first” Freddy says, putting all the blame on her. ‘

“She didn’t do anything. She said she heard a voice didn’t she? We didn’t listen to her. This is our fault just as much.” Mike said.

“Oh stop babying her. She’s a grown adult. If she can’t hold her alcohol she shouldn’t be drinking.” Freddy says.

“You heard the voice too and you're blaming this on alcohol?” Mike asks.

“GUYS!” Brooklyn yells. “There is a dead person in the middle of the floor. Instead of playing the blame game why don’t both of you stop and focus! Jesus H Christ!” She hollers again, now getting all of their attention, even Haven’s. Haven approaches her and puts a hand on her shoulder.

“We have to play the game guys. You heard what it said. If we don’t play we die.” Haven said. Brooklyn looked at her.

“And if you lie, or if you don't do the dare , you die.” Brooklyn said matching Haven. The two boys look at the girls and nod as they simmer back down. 

“Okay well how do we do this then?” Asks Freddy. There was a piece of paper that flew into his hands. He read it silently to himself. “What the serious fuck? Is this a joke? Who the fuck wrote this?” He asks out loud, angry. 

“What is it Freddy?” Haven asks.

“This is what, Heaven. It says Haven did you have sex with Mike? Plain and simple.” Brooklyn’s blood ran cold as goosebumps cover her arms. She slightly looked over to Mike, his face said the answer, tears fled her eyes. 

“Did you?” Brook asks her head down, her hair covering her face.

“Well. no. Of course not. Why would I do that to you?” Haven asks. Haven’s arms are grabbed and snapped. The whole group can hear her arms being broken as the bones snaps. Haven screams out in pain and Brooklyn just watches as she falls to the ground writhing in pain. Freddy rushes to her side and holds her up.

“YES YES! I admit it! Mike and I did have sex.” She screams out in pain. Brooklyn twitches as she tenses up, knuckles nearly white as tears stream down her face and lands on her pants.

“Why?” Asks Brooklyn, as she turns to Mike. “What made you so attracted to Haven that you would have sex with her? Why her? It could have been anyone else, but why her?” Brooklyn asks. Mike’s demeanor changes.

“Remember when we had our huge fight?” She shakes her head. “Well Haven was with my friend that night and I went over there. She was staying the night. She said that she would make me feel better. We all had a lot to drink. And she did, that night was full of lust and desire. We never talked about it after that night.” Mike said.

“No, of course not.” Brooke said. Mike grabbed her arm. “Don’t touch me. You disgust me.” She said and shoved him off of her arm. A piece of paper flies into Mike’s hands.

“Brooke what happened the night where you were stranded with Duke all night.” Mike looked to Brooklyn, her eyes were wide and was staring at Mike. She let out a shaky breath.

“How… How does it know?” She asked. Goosebumps covered her body once more. 

“Answer the question Brooke.” Haven said. Brooklyn shook her head,

“No, the answer is too horrible to answer. It wants details. But I don’t even remember.” She said,

“What are you talking about? You saw how it broke Haven’s arm after she answered wrongly. Answer the damn question Brooklyn.” Freddy said. 

“Okay Okay! I’ll tell you. I guess it doesn’t matter now that he’s dead. Duke was driving me home one night, we were smoking a joint, and he had hit someone and killed them on sight. It was horrible. We jumped the body in the river, and never spoke of it again. That’s why I don’t smoke anymore.” Brooklyn said and all of their eyes were wide. 

“So Haven and Mike are Cheaters, and you and Duke are killers.” Freddy said.

“Oh don’t act so high and mighty, you’ve been cheating on Haven your entire relationship.” Mike snapped. A note flew into Haven’s hands.

“Name all the people you’ve slept with while with Haven Lock!” She yelled. The anger in her voice made the walls tremble with fear. “So he wasn’t lying!” She asked nearly in tears. “ALL!?” She yelled.

“So what, you cheated on me with Mike.” Freddy said,

“Once! That was one time. It says girl(s) plural. So go on Freddy tell me who did you sleep with?” Haven asks.

“Tamera, the girl from my chemistry class. Daisy the girl from my home ecc class, Rebecca the girl from your anatomy class, and Heaven.” Haven started beating on Freddy with all of her strength. 

“MY SISTER! How nasty are you!” She walked over to where Brooklyn was. 

“Stay away from me. Go sit with Mike.” She said. Mike had gotten up and wandered off. “Mike?” Brooklyn asked. He came back swinging an ax in Freddy’s direction, but tripped over Haven being where he was, and he fell. The ax landed upright and his face made contact with the ax. Blood splattered on the girls as they screamed. Freddy was almost traumatized at what he saw. Then his vision blurred as he saw the girls to his side now. They were both hugging each other screaming louder at the sight they saw. They were looking right at Freddy. Freddy watched his body fall to the side before his eyes rolled in the back of his head. Brooklyn got up and flung the door open. The girls both got into the car. As they were backing up, they saw someone holding a knife in the middle of the doorway. They rode back to their dorm. They never talked about what happened, the whole ride back home.  The girls fall asleep after bathing and getting a minute to themselves. 

“Nice to see you again Brooklyn Morris.” A voice whispers, waking up Brooklyn. She opens her eyes to see Haven’s body hanging in a cross blood pouring out of her neck, she looks into the black eyes of her attacker, and doesn’t even get a chance to scream.

August 16, 2021 20:16

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