A Mystery Best Left Unsolved

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Mystery Speculative

  Wreck of the Malaysia  

Airlines Flight MH370 Discovered 

"Shall we try and pursue the parties responsible for this? I can't even say that we truly desire to do so given what we now know."  

-- Anonymous Aeronautical Expert 

August 14, 2026. 9:30 PM EST. Updated: November 1, 2026. 3:19 EST. 

By Samuel K. Morrison 

A mixture of pride, fear and relief dominated the air as the last of the debris was finally hauled out of the ocean. The crew tasked with extracting the infamous aircraft reported a general sense of unease as they watched what remained of flight MH370 rise above the water for the first time in more than ten years. 

“I could have sworn I heard a voice telling us not to look inside of the plane, almost as if we were somehow disturbing the dead,” claimed a technician who opted to stay unnamed in this article. “It was in our best interest to listen.” This sentiment was not shared among the entire crew, with some saying that there could not be any dire consequences for investigating the wreckage. Nonetheless, the plane was shipped to a remote and highly secure facility in the United States of America for further inspection. 

Upon arrival at the facility, experts took note of the lack of any visible severe structural damage to the exterior of the plane. Other than one scratched window in the cockpit, nothing seemed to suggest that any ballistic, explosive or energy weapons were used to bring the plane down. Initially, this lent a bit of credence to the previously prevailing theory that the flight was never completed due to a pilot choosing to commit suicide. 

“Hindsight is a funny thing. What may seem obvious now, one would never have considered [to] be possible in the past, among other things. ‘How I wish I could go back!’ a man will oftentimes find himself saying.” The interviewee laughs with his eyes to the floor, then abruptly stops. “Our team... You see, we thought that we had been spared a lot of paperwork, years of back-and-forth arguments, legal fees, the typical action that comes with prosecuting whoever is responsible for shooting down a plane. We would trade that experience for what we instead uncovered at our offices,” recounted Dr. Simon Freeman to our team of reporters. He is the Chief Detective of the facility and has studied plane crashes for over thirty-five years. 

The American researchers, upon investigating the interior of the plane, discovered that the machine was completely void of human remains of any kind, save for the perfectly preserved corpse of one Fariq Abdul Hamid, the co-pilot of the flight. 

“I thought my eyes had deceived me. Dare I say, we all felt this way. I’ll never forget how time felt as if it had frozen when we saw him,” a researcher who has chosen to stay anonymous told interviewers. “He was seated and facing the door where we walked in, almost as if he was waiting for us.” The researcher quickly looked over his shoulder and then continued speaking. “His eyes were wide open and his mouth agape, the way a person would have his if he were about to scream.” 

A coroner, along with a specially trained team of crime-scene investigators, were summoned to give a word on whether there was any evidence of the presence of other people onboard the plane before it crashed. To the dismay and surprise of the researchers, as well as the coroner and his associates, none could be found. 

“No fingernails, eyelashes, nothing at all. Even the passengers’ clothing and luggage could not be traced in any capacity,” the coroner, Mr. Seth Williams, informed our team of interviewers. “This is highly suspicious, to say the least, but what worries me in particular is how we are supposed to relay this information to the victims’ families. These people have been missing for over ten years, and the only closure that we have right now on the matter is that it appears as though all the passengers disappeared into thin air simultaneously. Initially the idea was proposed that we would have to fabricate a narrative in order to make reconciliation a smoother process, but after a while we decided not to do so out of respect for the relatives of the flight’s surviving family members.” 

Upon being asked about the corpse of Hamid, Mr. Williams had the following to say. “To be completely honest with you, I don’t even know where to begin. It shouldn’t even be possible for him to be in such a condition after having been deceased for so many years. Yet, when we investigated the plane, there he was. 

“His body was abnormally hot to the touch. Two of the researchers that I worked with received third-degree burns on their hands when they attempted to move him onto a stretcher. Parts of their gloves even melted right off from their hands and boiled on the ground for a little bit. None of us knew what to say. What could we in that situation? It was already somewhat understood before, but at that point we knew what we were dealing with had to be some sort of supernatural activity. Still, we had a job to do.” 

Investigations as to the connection between Hamid and the missing passengers are still underway. Little progress is being made on any front, however, leaving detectives around the world exceedingly frustrated. 

“This case must be the first of its kind, that we know of, anyway,” says current FBI director Christopher Wray. “Finding out [the truth] oftentimes turns itself into a series of seemingly impossible challenges. Where do we go? Are we looking at what clues we have in the right perspective? What if we missed something? At our headquarters, we expect to run into these sorts of questions and problems all the time; it’s our job to get answers. What we are dealing with now, however? When was the last time we had to ask ourselves whether the solution to our inquiries even exists on a human level of understanding? Can we even begin to comprehend what might have caused this?” 

Mr. Wray’s thoughts and opinions on how to get to the bottom of flight MH370 have been echoed by physicists, investigators and even world leaders alike. 

Not helping matters was a lead opened up in the year 2022 by British aerospace expert Richard Godfrey who found out that flight MH370 was being followed due to the plane’s anomalous flight patterns that occurred shortly before its disappearance. It is not understood as to who, or what, was following the plane, but researchers at present theorize that it must certainly have been what brought down the plane and put Hamid into his current state. 

[November 1, 2026 ADDENDUM]

A critical piece of information was accidentally leaked to the public yesterday on October 31st, 2026. More specifically, it was a phone call made by Fariq Abdul Hamid just a few minutes before the plane seemingly disappeared forever. An unaltered, English translation of the transcript has been provided below. Only Hamid’s words were recovered from the exchange:

“No, I’m certain he’s following us now. This is it.”

“The passengers saw him, too. I hear many of them screaming and crying. They’re trying to break into the cockpit.”

“I have been informed that he made it inside. It’s quiet, now. He’ll come for us next in the cockpit, I know it. I have to crash the plane.”

July 26, 2022 03:29

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