The Locked Door

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Sad Speculative Holiday

This story contains sensitive content

Daddy always locks the door; he says it’s to keep the monsters out. He says I’ll leave if he doesn’t lock the door and he doesn’t want the monsters to come and take me away. He says they’ll take both of us away and well be in jail for the rest of our lives forever and ever if we ever get caught in wiggle time, so I can't tell anyone about it. Ever. But why would the monsters come and get me? There were no monsters before.

I don't like being in here all the time, because I only have the same toys and I miss going to school. I want to see Brittney; she's my best friend. We would play “Married” and chase the boys at school and one time she was running really fast, and she splashed in the puddle and it hit Becky and we laughed so much. The man came, and we laughed more and then ran away. But the teacher says we shouldn't do that, and I said “Sorry”. But I miss school and I don't know why daddy won't let me go. Maybe because the monsters will come and get me there.

Daddy says I'm the most beautifulest girl he’s ever and that there ever was, and he never wants me to grow up. He said he wants to keep me forever and save me from the monsters. He says I'm his “little girlfriend” when he takes me in his bed, and holds me, and rubs my twinkle place. Sometimes I don't like it, but he tells me he loves me and he's going to protect me from the monsters forever. Sometimes it feels weird, and I feel like I want to pee. But I know daddy loves me. He gets mad when I call him daddy at that time, so I call him “boyfriend.”

I miss mommy. She went away on vacation with the angels, but we saw her sleeping in the big box. I love mommy because she told me I lived inside her and I think one day she was laying down and I came out of her feet and then she picked me up and took care of me. Mommy would take her medicine and then she would sleep all day. Sometimes I was hungry, but sometimes she would make me macaroni and cheese, and sometimes she would give me cookies after. When mommy would sleep, Andrew would give me cereal and he even knows how to make sandwiches. He's the best brother ever, he's better than any of my friend’s older brothers, and he's the strongest and could beat up all their brothers!

Andrew is never happy anymore, even though daddy lets him go to school. He doesn't talk to me anymore; daddy doesn't like him talking to me because he thinks I'll love him more and want to call him boyfriend. When we had dinner, Andrew's eye was a purple, and he looks silly. He never laughs anymore and we never watch TV anymore. I think it's because Daddy loves me more, that's why Andrew was crying. He lets me watch TV when he's home, and Andrew goes to his room and I get to watch 'Paw- Patrol' with Daddy and he tickles me and hugs me a lot.

When I grow up and marry daddy, I'll tell him he has to let Andrew in the room with us and he can watch TV too. Sometimes I don’t like tickle time with daddy, he only does it when Andrew isn't there. I miss Andrew because when mommy was asleep he would play with me and he told me he loves me and that when we grow up he'll always take care of me and be there for me, and sometimes he would read to me and then after he cried. He said, “I'll always be your big brother, and when we're older, we'll get jobs and move away and never ever come back,”. I think that's why daddy doesn't like Andrew because Andrew wants to take me away and daddy wants to keep me here forever and marry me. Andrew is 9. He's so smart, he's the smartest big brother ever. I told daddy one day too “Let Andrew come in the room with us” but he says Andrew is bad and that I'm the good one and that I'm his princess and the bed is a fort that can turn into a castle and he's the king and he'll take care of me forever and give me a crown like a princess. Then I can have all the toys and cookies and juice boxes and chocolates and everything I want.

One time daddy came home with another girl, and I got mad and cried. I think it was his new little girlfriend, but I never see her again after. On that day I spend it in Andrews’s room and he read to me. That’s when he told me he hates daddy. I was scared and didn't want to tell daddy because then daddy might throw Andrew in the garbage and pull off his arms and he'll never come back.

I don't like this room, there's no window.

He always locks the door and leaves me here all day. I’m hungry and I don't ever see monsters and there were no monsters before. I don't like it in here; I wanna see Andrew and go to school and I want mommy to come back from the angels and make Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs again. 

I like it better with mommy. Even when she sleeps.

I don't like when daddy leaves me in this room, and I don't like living with monsters. I don't want to call him boyfriend and I want to see Andrew and Brittney and Abby and my teacher, Mrs. Locke, and all the boys at school, even Zach, and I want someone to come and open the door and take me away because I don't care about monsters anymore.

I hope mommy comes back from the angels soon.

January 27, 2022 21:06

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Anna Nonymous
03:28 Jan 31, 2022

Oh wow, Michael. This was a tough, tough, beautiful read. The writing is fantastic and your voice is just perfect. Bravo.


Michael Danyluk
01:18 Feb 01, 2022

Thank you very much. I'll checkout some of your stuff and let you know what I think.


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