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It's a coincidence if you meet a random person at a different place second time.

But what do you call if you meet the same stranger more than probably I don't know, twelve times.

Yes, recently for the past few days I have been coming across the same stranger more than once. I don't know if I should call him a stranger anymore. He is present if I am in library, or in the park while jogging, in the restaurant where I work.

I first met him at the library. I was searching for a book and coincidentally we both picked the same book, but he offered me it. And that's when I saw him. He was wearing a plain black sweatshirt and grey sweatpants, he looked simple. I thanked him and bought the book.

I don't know if he is stalking me or I am imagining things. It kind of creeping me out. And when I told this to my best friend, her exacts words were,

"You lucky bitch, I don't even have a stalker. Was he handsome? Hot?"

I dropped the conversation since her words didn't help my situation.

Even now I am just pretending to listen to the music on my headphones while sitting on a bench at the park, and he is here.

Whenever I see him, he is wearing the same black sweatshirt, and grey sweatpants.

"Does he even bath?"

"Does he not have enough money to buy dress"

I thought to myself. But to be frank, he seems to be good. Alright not just good, but he is handsome. He looks stunning in just a normal wears. His beautiful black hair falling on his forehead like bangs makes him look cute. He doesn't disguise himself, but shows his pretty face to me.

Maybe he is not the stalker, I am.

Our eyes met accidentally, and I instantly looked elsewhere but him. I cursed at myself for staring at him for long.

I could see through my corner of my eyes that he is coming towards me. Without hesitating I grabbed my water bottle and ran the hell out of the park.

I ran without looking back. I didn't know how long I was running, I was panting hard, and halted for a moment to look back. I felt relief when I found him nowhere. I was sweating real hard and wiped it off on my sweatshirt. I drank some water and that's when I realized.

"Why the hell did I run? He was the stalker, not me."

I sighed heavily when I analyzed my action. I looked around, and saw the surroundings.

"Where am I?" I wondered and looked for any hint of knowing where did I run to. I opened google map from my phone and found that I was on the opposite direction from my house.

I started to walk by following the instructions from the map. It felt like he was coming to talk to me.

"Did I run at the wrong time?"

I questioned myself and my thoughts were fully filled with my stalker. I felt relief when I reached my house. It was 8.20 am, I need to get ready for work.

I reached the restaurant before time and went to the dressing room and wore the apron. I looked at the mirror and adjusted my hair, and dress. I breathed in heavily and breathed out.

"If I see him again, I am going to confront him face to face."

I nodded myself and went for the work to serve my customers.

It's weird I haven't seen him at the restaurant after my running incident. I wonder whether he thought I was crazy.

I don't judge him, because anyone would think like that if they saw me running. I shrugged it off and decided to leave the silly thoughts.

"It's good that he is not following me anymore."

"Or was he even stalking me? Maybe he tends to be there wherever I go."

My work finished sooner than I expected. I changed myself and looked at my watch, 9.45pm. I sighed and started to walk to my home.

Again I got the same creepy feeling.

I looked back, and saw the same guy following me. I halted my moment, and he stopped his feet.

That's it.

I clenched my fist and turned around and walked towards him. I expected he would run away but to my surprise he was standing there, like he wanted me to approach him.

I moved closer to him, and he was wearing the same clothes. I shook it off from my thoughts and confronted him what I have been thinking of saying to him.

"Listen mister, I don't know who you are. But I do know that you have been following me. I see you every where wherever I go. If you want money to buy you dress, I will gladly give you. But I feel like your motive is not that. Are you stalking me? If so you are wasting your time. I am not interested in any relationship and if I see you again I am going to file a complaint against you." I told him and started to pant heavily.

Phew that was a long speech. I was proud of myself that I didn't stutter.

I thought he would ask sorry or ask for forgiveness, but again he shocks me by chuckling.

"Am I a joke to you?"

I asked in serious tone, making him to stop his chuckle.

"Wow, your little brain can do so many imaginations." He commented and grinned at me.

"Excuse me?" I was confused. I didn't understand what he was speaking.

"Do you remember me?"

How can I not remember?

I nodded for his question.

"And where?"

"At the library. We both picked the same book, but you offered me to take it." I said and he gladly nodded at my answer.

"Do you have that book?"


"The book, which you bought that day."

"Yes, in my house."

He gave me a heavy sigh and looked at me.

"You see, that book is a limited edition, and I being the kind-heart person, gave to you without thinking. But I personally love that book, and I couldn't find anywhere."

I knew where this conversation was going. He was following me for a book? I wish the ground could swallow me right now. I felt embarrassing to even stand in front of him.

"And the only person I knew who have this book is you. So that brings me to you."

"So, it was for a book?"

I asked even though I knew the answer.

"Yes, and what did you think?"

I literally can feel the smirk on his lips, but I didn't dare to look at his face. I cleared my throat to speak.

"You know, you could have spoke to me like you did today." I asked casually to maintain my image not get more damaged than it had.

"Whenever I made a move, you either ran or walked off by pretending to speak to someone."

I sheepishly laughed and scratched my head by thinking what to reply. But still I couldn't accept his reason.

Who would follow just for a book?

Maybe he is lying. He got caught, so he is trying to cover it up.

But that book was a special edition, and I knew it was difficult to find it. I searched many libraries and was frustrated since it was not sold in many places.

"I-I will give you tomorrow morning at the park."

I said firmly, and started to move to avoid more embarrassing moments in my life.

"Excuse me?"

I hear his voice calling for me. I halted and turned around to see him jogging towards me.

"You are really dumb."

He said while giggling and started to walk away by shaking his head. I was immobile for quite some time.

What does that mean?

Am I dumb since I believed his words? Or that I thought he was a stalker?

What did he mean by that sentence? I wondered again and started to walk to my home while my thoughts were filled with my stalker.

No, my book stalker.

April 15, 2020 13:57

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Gwendalyn Ong
05:01 May 04, 2021

The story had me in the first half ngl. Well written!


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