I felt a painful sting on my cheek and I gasped looking up to my Auntie who was now infront of me looking at me like I'm some kind of a disguised; what am I saying? I'm a total disguised infront of her eyes.

Me:"Auntie"That escaped down my throat,I didn't trust my voice at all but I'm glad it managed to come out.

Auntie:"You're a Stupid girl! What's happening on that floor in my bedroom huh?"Her Raging voice full of fire. She's breathing so heavily with so much anger in her. I've seen it all, this is not the first

Me:"Auntie what are you talking about? I've been scrubbing that floor for hours and I made sure that it's clean"

Auntie:"Are you saying I'm stupid!?Huh? What are you trying to say?"I looked down trying to gather my thoughts. She can rip my stomach out if I fail to listen to her

Me:"I'm sorry Auntie, I'll go and scrub the floor"I stopped what I was doing and went over to take a brush behind the door, I should scrub the floor again

Auntie:"Who's going to cook when you're focusing in one thing?"I stopped on my tracks, feeling defeated. I'm tired behind all that, she won't let me rest.

Me:"Auntie I'll resume when I get done with your room" I murmur

Auntie:"We're hungry! My daughter is starving and you're saying that?"I sighed and placed everything down.

Me:"I'll cook then"

Auntie:"Meaning you won't eat today! You're going to scrub my floor when you're done with dinner"With that she turned over her heels and walked away. A tear escaped from my eye and I wiped it off

Me:"God be with me"I mumbled my everyday hope which always keeps me moving; knowing that God is here. Princess walked inside the kitchen chewing her bubble gum, she's so beautiful unlike me. Sometimes I ask myself what's wrong with me? I'm a total disgrace in this family. I sighed looking away from Princess

Princess;"I'm hungry"I ignored her "You can't talk now huh? You're a stupid ugly black Monkey,I don't know why my mom took you in"She mumbled

Me:"Leave me alone Princess"

Princess:"This is My Mommies house,go to your Mother's House"She dramatically frowned "Ewww I forgot,she ran away because she saw that you're a Nonsense! Such rubbish"She said that walking away. I don't know how much I'll be able to let those words in. I turned to focus on my pots,my mind travelled far from where I am. I remember telling my father that I want to be a Pilot and travel the world. My dreams shuttered when he took his last breath and that was the beginning of my misery. I have accepted that I'm not meant for great things.

"You're day dreaming in my kitchen!"I snapped out of the thoughts when Auntie's voice echoed through the kitchen.

Me:"I'm sorry Auntie"I whispered finishing off with what I was cooking then placed the pots nicely where they supposed to be. We live in a five roomed house which looks pretty decent. Thankfully I had my own bedroom but sometimes they would lock me outside because of their own purposes.

Auntie:"Stop day dreaming you stupid ugly thing"I looked up to her and nod. I swept the floor and head straight to my Auntie's bedroom. The floor was dirty,I was surprised since I left is clean. I dropped on my knees kneeling down to start scrubbing. I kept on scrubbing making sure that I leave no stain. My eyes felt heavy but I pushed myself to scrub. I kept on getting drowsy but I knew I had to finish.

Auntie:"Heeeh!"I gasped as I felt cold water being splashed on my face. Realizing that I was sleeping on the floor,I quickly got up looking at my Auntie.

Me:"I... I'm.."I stutter then dropped my head to my feet trying it again "I'm S.. Sorry Auntie"

Auntie:"You're a Stupid! Stupid Girl!I don't why I'm still keeping you in my house" I stood still not saying anything. I felt a slap on my cheek followed by another slap "Useless Girl!"She clicked her tongue walking over to a shelf next to her bed. Tears were threatening to drop but I held myself from crying. She came back handing me few notes of money


Auntie:"Go and buy Airtime with bread e Tuck Shop"

Me:"But It's dark outside Auntie"

Auntie:"Do I look like I care?Go and do what I'm telling you to do" I stumbled my way out of her bedroom. It's around 7pm and it's dark outside, it's winter and it doesn't do any good. I walked through the dark road deep in my thoughts until I heard car ties scratching next to me. I got startled causing me to drop the money I was holding. 

Person:"What's wrong with you? Can't you see you were walking on the road?"I dropped my eyes as they landed on the person's shoes. They looked shiny and expensive,I started to panic. Rich people are devils,Devils since they have something we don't have. Luxury and Money!A splendid life!

Me:"I..I'm sorry" I stutter

Him:"What on Earth are you doing in the bloody road?You want to die?"I shook my head, I didn't look at him but his voice was deep and rough. He must be a monster with a deep voice then.

Me:"I'm sorry"I repeated

Him:"You're supposed to be sorry! Gather yourself and get lost!"I turned running off home without looking back. I started playing with my hands when I realized that I have lost the money. Auntie is literally going to kill me. I stepped inside the house with a heavy heart,they were settled at the dining room watching a simple Drama on the television.

Me:"Auntie" she looked up to me annoyed

Auntie:"Where are the things I have told you to buy"I dropped my eyes to my hands as I started playing with my fingers

Me:"It...I..I.. I lost it Auntie, I'm sorry"I slowly looked at her,the look she had on would literally send me to the grave

Auntie:"What did you just say?"

Me:"I lost the Money Auntie"

Princess:"She ate the Money,I know Mom she did"The Princess has spoken and I'm afraid of what she's going to say.

Me:"It was a Mistake Auntie,I really lost the Money" she stood up and I took few steps backwards. 

Auntie:"You'll walk out of that door to go and find my Money"I gasped, trying so hard not to cry. Atleast not infront of them.

Me:"Auntie"My soft voice escaped so low


Me:"Auntie"I repeated

Auntie:"Leave! Leave you stupid girl I want my money"I dragged my feet out of the house heading out. A painful sob escaped immediately I stepped outside. I know I have no choice but to sleep outside.


I was woken up by the sun reflecting straight to my face. I yawned and woke up from where I was sleeping. I totally had no choice but to sleep with the chickens. I had to get ready to go and sell some fruits before afternoon. I ran inside the house and started with the house chores. Hopefully my business will quickly go just like it did yesterday.



Auntie:"Where did you sleep last night"I dropped eyes looking at my dirty feet. I had flip flops on and they were slightly torn.

Me:"With the Chickens Auntie"I whispered. A slap Landed on my cheek, I'm used to this.

Auntie:"You don't get to harrass my Chickens, you should have slept outside"she hissed and I started scrubbing the floor on the kitchen. I got done and went to take a bath,I changed to another dress which is white but due to the dirtiness it has turned brown. I took the fruits and few Vegetables placing them on the basket and I made my way back to the kitchen.

Auntie:"Where are you going?"

Me:"I'm going to sell some fruits Auntie,We need the Money" she nod and looked back at the television. I made my way to take the basket and I walked out.

Me:"Fruits and Veggies!"I kept on shouting the same sentence all over again but today no one bought from me. While I was still shouting and walking a car stopped next to me. It looked so expensive and it's so beautiful though I don't know anything about cars so I couldn't tell what it was. I saw a shiny brown shoe Stepping from the car,I couldn't move or anything. A man who was in an expensive suit walked out,he had the nice neat and clean cut and looked really handsome. He's the first handsome man I have ever seen in my entire life. 

"Miss"I was bought back to Earth by that Deep voice which I recognize pretty well


Him:"How much are those fruits?"

Me:"R2.00 each sir"

Him:"I'd love to have the whole basket"

Me:"What!?"Like I didn't hear anything but I thought he'll say he's going

Him:"I don't like to repeat myself Miss,I have many important things to get to rather than looking at your stupid self" I felt offended,how dare he when he doesn't even know me?

Me:"With all due respect sir, You don't know me so please keep your stupid thoughts to yourself"I clicked my tongue as I turn over my flip flops walking away.

Some people think I'm a Charity case,I don't need pity from anyone. I might be broken or anything but I still have so much hope in me. I walked around the Streets of Soweto, it's hot and the sweat is doing no justice. A boy stop next to me and hand me a little piece of paper

'072 6817 381;Call me SM' I look at the boy but he was already gone.

Me:"Who can it be?"I threw the paper on the floor walking away doing what I came here to do until I sold everything. I made my way back to the house, Princess was painting her nails watching a television.

Princess:"She comes back, Wow"

Me:"What exactly do you want from me Princess huh?"

Princess:"What would I want from you? You're nothing but an ugly Black Monkey"

Me:"I'm warning you Princess"

Princess:"Oh Please"She dramatically rolled her eyes,I sighed walking to my bedroom and started doing some cleaning. In few minutes I was done then I went back to the kitchen do I could start with dinner. I smiled when that man's picture flashed on my mind

Me:"Don't be a betrayer Lethu"I mumbled to Myself,that man is rude and arrogant. Be called me stupid and he had the audacity to see me as a charity case

Princess:"She's Day dreaming,ey Lady wake up. You want to burn my home?"I ignored her but she kept on throwing bad things to me. I took them all, it's what I've always done. Taking in all the insults!

I got done with dinner and went to my bedroom so I could bath,I took a quick bath then went to depose the water. I went back to the kitchen do I could dish out and eat but there was nothing on the pots. I felt tears threatening to drop but I sniffed that away heading to the dining room

Me:"Where's my Food?"Auntie was now here,I wonder where she was

Auntie:"Your Food? Don't play with us please"

Me:"I... I didn't eat,You were supposed to leave some for me"

Princess:"Who are you again?"

Me:"I made enough food"

Auntie:"We gave the rest of the food to the dogs"My heart broke

Me:"Wh.... What?"I stutter

Auntie:"Yes Stupid girl"

Me:"You gave all the food to the dogs? But why?"

Auntie:"You think the dogs are less important than you? Don't piss me off, leave my sight"I dragged my feet to my bedroom without saying anything. I'm so hungry and I don't think I'll make it.

The evening went by too fast and soon it was morning. I did my terrible morning routine, then got ready for selling my fruits. I kept on thinking of running away from Soweto maybe go far away but it's useless and I'm scared. 

"I waited for your call"That rough deep voice surely belongs to the Monster with a rough voice who kept on nagging me

Me:"What do you want from me"I turned to look at him with a basket on my head. He really looked so beautiful,a beautiful man with brushy eyebrows and little bit of hair which looked lovely and messy on him.

Him:"Done Checking me out?"You couldn't miss that smick across his face

Me:"I need to go"

Him:"We are still talking"What he said yesterday came back

Me:"I'm a Stupid girl right? Now go and talk to the ladies who are in your league"

Him:"You done saying shit?"I looked at him shocked, who is this guy


Him:"I'm Sizwe Mhlongo,not that you had to know my name" he said getting closer to me. Click!I love his smell,even though he's few inches from me he smelled so good.

Me:"I'm Lethu,I need to leave"I turned to leave but he held my arm. I stopped and looked at where he was holding me



Him:"Can I drive you home Lethu?If you don't mind of course"

Me:"I do mind, You're really suffocating me and I'd really love for you to leave me alone?"

Him:"Are you sure?"I nodded. He looked around then back at me

Him:"I'll keep my distance then"He turned to his car. I looked at him as he drove off and I sighed walking away.



This girl is driving me crazy,I want to keep my distance but that is not working. I tossed the car keys on the coffee table and threw myself on the couch. Mandla walked downstairs with Two ladies; such a womanizer he is!

Mandla:"Sure ladies, I'll give you some money for the cab and maybe do your hairs"the other lady looked at him shocked

Her:"That's not what we agreed on Mandla"

Mandla:"Take it or leave it Tee,I can't be begging your arse"

Her:"Fine!"She snatched the money from him and they walked out. I chuckled

Me:"You won't stop will you?"

Mandla:"What? Chowing a pussy?"


Mandla:"I won't stop, Pussy is life bro. I can't be like you,busy running after a pussy while there are too many pussies out'cha"

Me:"Mnx, Let's leave it"

Mandla:"You went after the Fruits lady again?"

Me:"She said she doesn't want to see me nomore man"


Me:"I can't be driving to Soweto for someone who's not interested in me"

Mandla:"You giving up?"I shrugged my shoulders and he whisled "He's giving up oh shit, this needs some Scotch"

Me:"Fuck off Mandla Marn, This girl is different and I have to get her"

Mandla:"Get her"

Me:"It's not easy, she's not like everyone you know. She's different"

Mandla:"More than Mapula?"I looked at him so pissed because I stood up "I'm sorry Mann"

Me:"You don't get to talk about Mapula Ndlos,she better be out of that shameless tongue of yours because you'll be in trouble"He surrendered

Mandla:"Sorry, I'll be upstairs"He made his way up and I sighed settling back on the couch. I took my phone dialling Mom's number.

Mom:"And he remembers he has a Mother"I chuckled, she's becoming dramatic

Me:"Mom how are you?"

Mom:"I just miss you my son, where are you coming to visit me?"

Me:"Soon Mom,Soon"

Mom:"Thando was here looking for you,I thought you're with her"I scoffed leaning towards the couch

Me:"I got important things than Thando Mom, she needs to chill"

Mom:"Why are you stringing her along? Making her your rebound"


Mom:"You're the only one who's not married Sizwe,you need to grow up it's been Five years since Mapula died yet you...y..."She sigh deeply "I'll call you late"She disconnected the call before I could say anything further. I shook my head and laid on the couch while closing my eyes. What's happening to me?


May 15, 2020 22:20

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