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Christian Drama Inspirational

This story contains sensitive content

This story gives some explicit description of Jesus's death on the cross.


“Yes, child.”

“How can you love me after what I’ve done?”

“What exactly have you done, child?”

“Oh, God! Please don’t make me say it out loud.”

“It needs to be spoken in order for others to hear.”

“But why would you choose me? I’m nothing. I’m no one. I have done horrible things and horrible things have been done to me. I am blemished, bruised, and battered, standing before you in filthy rags. Why would anyone listen to me? I am not worthy.”

“ No. Listen closely, my child. Stop believing those lies. You are a child of God. You are a friend of Jesus. You have been washed clean. You are a new creation. If others do not listen to what you have to say, that is mine to carry not yours.”

“How can this be so?”

“I love you so much. So much so that I sent my only Son, Jesus, to earth in human form to set the example for those willing to listen and obey.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know.”

“Will you help me to understand, God?”

“Open your mind, child, and hear me clearly. I sent my only Son to earth to die a horrible death of a criminal on a cross. He did this so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life with us here in heaven. It was decided long ago; He would arrive as a human baby born of a virgin in Nazareth of Galilee. He would grow into the man I had created Him to be and bear witness to all who would listen. When the time came, He would sacrifice himself to save humankind.”

“But how can this be so, God? I, too, am a parent. I cannot even fathom sending my child to die for a saint much less a wretch like me. How could you bear it?”

“It was a dark time indeed. When He left the deity to become flesh, We knew it was what needed to be done in order for humankind to be saved. When He began His ministry, He was lied to and lied about. He was spat at and His very beard ripped from His face. He was betrayed by someone close to Him. He was mocked and forced to carry His own cross even when He could barely carry Himself. He was hated just because He was different from what they knew and believed. He was whipped and beaten till He was unrecognizable. With each pound of the nails in His hands and feet, the sin of the world was pounded into His spirit. As Jesus hung on that cross, I couldn’t even look at Him. Not only was He a bloody, mangled mess of shredded flesh and bone, but He was also so covered in sin that I had to look away.”

“Oh, God! I’m so sorry. It must have taken every once of your control to not smite the very souls you were trying to save!”

 “Yes. But love prevails. It was for love we chose to do this. It was for this act of selfless sacrifice that you are able to stand before me holy today and speak freely with me. Because of what Jesus did on the cross and because you believed in Him, you are now free from the wages of sin.”

“My very soul is at war with my mind as I try to comprehend this selfless act.”

“It is not meant for you to understand, only to believe it to be true.”

“I’m sorry God. I’m so sorry. I have no words. I don’t even know how to begin to ever thank you.”

“Look up, child. Let your tears fall, but don’t be sorry. Be bold in your faith. Be confident in who you are in Jesus. Stop believing the lies and start living the truth.”

“How am I to be confident when it is I who caused you such pain? I do not deserve such love.”

“It is true. This is not a love you can ever earn. It is freely given.”

“So, how then, can I even begin to show my thanks and give my gratitude for such a sacrifice on my behalf?”

“Just as I have put Jesus on display for all to see, so you too have been given the tools to do the same.”

“What tools do I have to accomplish such a task through me?”

“Tell your story.”

“My story, God?”

“Each one of my children has been given gifts and talents. Some are singer-songwriters. Some play instruments. Some are scholars, teachers, and prophets. Some are actors, creative minds, and authors. Some are good with numbers while others are craftsmen and can build with their hands. Some have eyes open to the spirit world and others have the ability to speak many languages. Whatever has been given to you, use it to tell your story and put Jesus on display. So that through you, others will come to me. For it is my wish that all shall be saved.”

“My story is ugly, God. I’m afraid to tell it. What if I’m not liked after?”

“It is possible that some may not like what they hear. Still tell it as Jesus did.”

“What if people don’t believe me?”

“Some will not. Persevere as Jesus did.”

“Who do I tell it to?”

“All who will listen.”

“Fear holds me at bay, God. He keeps Doubt close to my side.”

“I will send you a helper, Holy Spirit. He will guide you in wisdom and truth. Fear and Doubt will be benched while you share your story.”

“What if no one comes to hear it?”

“There are people who need to hear your story. It’s the reason I allowed you to walk this path. They, too, have Fear and Doubt as their companions. They are hungry. They will come.”

“What happens if I get tongue-tied and can’t speak?”

“Write it. You have the Living Word in you. It cannot be silenced.”

“Where do I start?”

“From the beginning.”

“Are you sure I should start there?”

“Yes. I’m sure.”


“Yes, child.”

“Will you be with me?”

“I will never leave your side.”


“I pinky-swear it!”

February 20, 2023 23:44

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1 comment

Ela Mikh
04:22 Mar 02, 2023

Great story - there is always room for new beginnings


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