The Most Important Question of All

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The cool breeze sweeps past us.

My heart beats faster, and faster.

Every inhale feels like it takes years, and every exhale decades. I can feel the stares as people file in and out of the movie theater.

Thump Thump Thump

Though I don't dare break my gaze from her beautiful face, I can see in my peripheral vision a couple stopping to watch the show. This was more interesting than any movie playing inside.

My knee is starting to cramp and I don't know how much longer I can handle being completely supported by it.

My hands are both outstretched, holding the ring in it's velvet case.

They are beginning to cramp as well.

The movie we watched was a romance. I know she’s  always in the mood to do something romantic after one of those sappy movies, so I chose the time to strike as we were walking out into the car.

The ring had been in my possession for over a month, but it was never the right time.

As I crouch down in the moonlight, I’m starting to think maybe it still isn’t the right time. 

Her name is Violet, and she had enchanted me from Day 1. Her hair is a silky blonde, and her eyes a bright green.

Now I’m worried, my hands shaking as Violet stares at the shiny ring.

She has one hand covering her mouth, which was probably agape, and her eyes looked like they would shed tears at any moment.

Logan, come on, you knew she wasn't ready to start a family! And in a public place too! Good going!

I think as I continue to crouch. My bare knee ached against the hard gravel of the parking lot. It was a hot night, and I had worn shorts.That was going to leave a mark…

Another gust of wind blows over us, sweeping one of my curls over my eyes. My nose is starting to itch, but it’s like I’m frozen, waiting for Violet to speak.

It’s easy to see what was going on, and as people pass by, some pause as if they are waiting for an answer as well.

Right, you’re waiting. I think coldly. 

I start to hold my  breath, thinking that if I have to draw it again and she still didn’t answer, I would give up. 

I could already see the conversation we would undoubtedly have in the stuffy car as we were leaving. Really?she would say. A parking lot?

I can feel feel my face grow pale from lack of air. I don’t  want to give up though. 

I gasp for breath, just about to stand up, when suddenly, Violet drops to her knees. She removes her hand from her mouth to reveal, not an open mouth like I had predicted, but a slight faraway grin. 

She snatches the ring from the box and shoves it on her finger, ripping the box from my hands. 

She flings her hands around me in a hug.

“Yes…...Yes…..A thousand times yes……”she whispers.

I hug her back, tears starting to fall out of my own eyes.I close my eyes and run my hands through her soft hair, breathing in her strawberry shampoo. 

We stay there for a couple minutes until I stand up, still embracing Violet.

I swing her around, wanting the hug to last forever, but at last I put her down.

“My arms were starting to cramp.”I say softly, and she laughs, linking her arm with mine.

“Shall we?”

“We shall,”  I say, and we walk off towards our car…


My hand immediately flys to my mouth in disbelief.

Did I hear him right?

Hmm, he’s crouched on one knee and in his hands is a small red box with the most beautiful ring I've ever seen on the inside, so I think I heard him right.

Smart move, Logan, asking me after a romance movie.

But did he have to ask in the parking lot? I mean, really, this is quite embarrassing. 

Three years….

I’ve been waiting for him to ask. I saw the ring when he first bought it, encased in a little golden bag. I made sure to stress that night how I wasn’t ready to make a family.

Has anything really changed since then?

The wind returns, sweeping some of Logan’s adorable curls charmingly into his face. He makes no move to push them to the side. I wonder if he knows how irresistible he looks like this. 

A couple passes by and pauses, like they’re waiting for me to answer too.

Logan holds his breath. I can tell because I’ve been focusing on the steady up and down movement of his shirt to keep my own breathing calm. 

Marriage…..Is a big thing. 

Am I ready?

Logan’s face is pale. He gasps for air. I can’t keep him waiting much longer, can I?

I drop to my knees and remove my hand from my mouth. I take the gorgeous ring from its box and put it on my finger, taking the box out of Logan’s hands.

I throw my arms around him. Spend the rest of my life with this guy? Sign me up.

“Yes…...Yes…..A thousand times yes……” I whisper in his ears. 

He hugs me back, burying his face in my hair. He picks me up and swings me around before putting me down.

“My arms were starting to cramp.”he says softly. I laugh. 

“Shall we?”I say, linking my arm with his.

“We shall.” and we make our way to the car...


“So, we’ve agreed that I am going to be gelling my hair, correct?” Logan said, smiling at his beautiful fiance who was busy at the dining table making sure everything was perfect for their upcoming big day.

“Wha-Logan! You’re kidding right!”Violet said, finally looking up from the mountain of papers and into Logan’s sparkling eyes.

“What? What do you mean, I thought that’s what we agreed on!”

“Logan!! You know I love your curls too much for ‘gel’. You have to keep it natural!”

“Awwww, okay…”

“Come on, everything has to be perfect.Including your perfectly imperfect hair, got it?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just remember, it’s my wedding day too!”Logan said, still with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Ohhhh…….Don’t pull that card on me Logan! Do you actually want to gel your hair?” Violet said, looking deflated. A slight frown tugged at her lips. Logan quickly went to where she was seated. After all, he had only been kidding and didn’t mean to upset her. 

“Violet, really? Why would I gel my hair? Besides, you never touch my hair when it’s all gelly, so it’s a huge no-no.”Violet smiled and rolled her eyes.

“You and your jokes…”she said, and continued finalizing everything. 


“Do you, Logan Quinn White take Violet Dawn Moon to be your lawfully wedded wife?”Logan smiled.

“I do.”

“And do you, Violet Dawn Moon, take Logan Quinn White to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

The End

July 09, 2020 19:34

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Nirosha P
04:45 Jul 21, 2020

I LOVE this story. I feel it is a lot like your other story 'True Love' Love it! :)


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Sarah A
16:15 Jul 14, 2020

This is super well written! I totally thought she might say no. I’m not an expert, but I think it might be better to continue with the first person points of view of Violet and Logan for the ending, instead of suddenly switching? But I like it a lot. I’d appreciate if you could read and comment on one of my stories if you have a chance!


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02:53 Jul 10, 2020

Adorable and very well-written! Great job!


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C.J Dunstall
02:19 Jul 27, 2020

Awww. that story made me want to laugh and cry. Poor Logan I can feel his pain in waiting for an answer and I can feel his relief in being told yes. I don't know how you manage to make my day every time, but please, keep doing it.


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Heissell Ramirez
04:21 Jul 16, 2020

I liked the two points of view it reminded me of the show " The Affair" which I really liked. Your descriptions were also very well done. Great story!


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Zatoichi Mifune
14:46 Jun 21, 2023

Heart-warming. Such a... for lack of a better word *nice* (That's in italics) story. Logan Quinn White and Violet Dawn Moon? Interesting names. Really like them, especially their middle names.


Amany Sayed
02:33 Jun 22, 2023

Haha, thanks! I love naming people interestingly, it's one of my favorite parts of writing.


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20:49 Aug 13, 2020



Amany Sayed
21:14 Aug 13, 2020



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