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Fiction High School Suspense

I cant do it.” said Cory to herself looking at the ice skating rink out of her hall window . She took a deep breath and closed the curtains. Cory went to the kitchen and made herself a warm cup of hot coco with a marsh mellow on top. She then sat on the couch and wrapped herself in her warm purple blanket that her mother had given her before dying. Cory’s parents had died in a tragic helicopter accident. Cory’s mom, Tina banks, was a professional ice skating champion. And her dad, Steve banks was a very famous anchor and had anchored in almost every one of Tina’s championships. But Cory was not anything like her parents were. She could not ice skate like her mom used to or talk in front of hundreds of people or even a camera like her dad used to. The only thing she was good at was painting.

 Cory started drinking her hot coco. Alone. She attached a camera to her television and started looking at her old family photos. As she looked at them, a tear rolled out of her eye. She quickly wiped her tear and rushed to her bedroom. Cory took out a notebook from deep under her drawerThe notebook was icy blue in color and had a ice skater painted on it. The ice skater was her mom. Cory had gifted the notebook to her mom for her birthday. Tina had written her notes about ice skating in it.

Cory started reading it but then, an angry look came on her face. She shoved the notebook in the bin and started drawing cartoons. She drew a girl. a woman and a man. And a helicopter. Two hours had passed. Now Cory had made a flipbook. It showed a story. A story of a girl. She and her parents were a happy family. But a tragic accident took place. The parents died and the girl, all alone. Yes. Cory had been drawing a flipbook about her life.

It was morning and time for Cory to go to school. Cory wore her black leggings and took out a black hoodie from her dad’s closet and some black sneakers from her mom’s. As soon as she wore them she felt a chill up her spine. She felt weird but ignored it. She usually went in the bus but today she was walking. Yes! Walking two miles to her school. As soon as she reached school, she fainted. Cory found herself in the nurses office. She was confused  but the nurse gave her a slip and sent her to her class. It was P.E time but the principal, principal miller, came in and asked Cory to come with him. Principal miller took Cory to the ice rink. And told Cory to wear her mothers old skates. As soon as Cory wore them se felt the same chill up her spine as she did before. Then she stepped on the ice and another chill. Cory thought tat she had fallen and had broken her legs but she found herself ice skating gracefully.

Cory was actually enjoying it, but then she accidentally bumped into Brittany, Cory's enemy. "ugh can't you see were you're going and what are you doing on my skating rink?". " A- I can see were I'm going and B- this is not your skating rink this is the school's."

said Cory with a smile on her face. Cory came back home and changed her clothes. se felt the same chill up her spine and thought se saw her mom and dad and had this sickness in her tummy she went to her bed and lay down.

"Cory?", "Cory, sweetie?". she heard two familiar voices, "mom, dad?" she said weakly. " no dear it's your aunt Mia and uncle bob honey". said Mia. Cory was barely able to see. Her eyes were blurry. She told that to her aunt and uncle. Bob suggested to go to Dr . chuck .l.es. They went to Dr . chuck .l.es the next day.

He tested Cory. “ okay…so looks like……you need glasses.” Said an awfully familiar voice. Dr . chuck .l.es got a pair of glasses with a weird frame it was transparent and one side was a triangle and one a hexagon. Cory put them on.

Then what she saw shocked her. She saw her dad. “dad?” she asked. “no im not your dad I am Dr . chuck .l.es”. said the doctor.  She looked again. And saw a tall boney and skinny man. He had nose hair coming out of his nose and ear hair coming out of his ears. The doctor grinned. His teeth were rotten except for four of them. One was made of wood, one silver, the other gold and the last diamond. He was indeed very weird. They left.

At night Cory was not able to sleep. She started looking around and then noticed her mom’s note book glowing. She went to the bin and took it out and saw a story same as her flipbook but only different:

. A story of a girl. She and her parents were a happy family. But a tragic accident took place. The parents died and the girl, all alone……..

Before the flight, there was a chat between Beatrice pearl (Tina’s ice skating rival aka Brittany’s mom) the pilot and his wife. Beatrice gave the pilot a briefcase and he handed it over to his wife…….

in the flight……

The pilot purposely crashed the helicopter.

Beatrice had given his family money to purposely crash the helicopter and Tina get’s out of the way so she herself can win………….

Cory then saw Tina and Steve…….

I was there honey, and I will be in the competition too…..”

said Tina with a wink

just then Cory realized the cause of the chills in her spine…

it was Cory’s mom who was coming in her body and making her skate gracefully.

“Cory dear, I will come in your body on the day of the competition so you can win”

Said Tina.

“ what competition?” asked Cory.

“ her championship of course” replied Steve

mom, dad no! mom will not enter my body… I want to learn ice skating and do it on my own.” Said Cory.

Cory started training. She fell down many times. But got the hang of it.

“you are ready” said her parents floating away

Cory shouted “ mom, dad, don’t leave” 

Cory woke up.

It was just a dream.

Now it was time for the championships…..

Cory thought, it was a dream she cant actually skate…..

Suddenly she opened the last page of her mom’s note book…

She wore her mom’s skates and went on the ice.

She was the best dancer on the ice…. And guess what, she won!....

she was the new Ice campion

 But what was on the last page?




                  -MOM AND DAD

She saw this and got the courage.

                                                       THE END

Autors note:

guys were is gonna be a part 2 in future prompts too so do read it


January 18, 2021 05:46

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