Coming of Age High School Romance

Don’t you remember how we first met?

All the shaky apprehensive feelings we would get

How could I forget?

Your friends carrying you out at school lunch

I think I had seen you before and I had a hunch

That maybe, just maybe you felt something towards me 

To tease an accord for me

You were a cheerleader, I was a square

But you didn’t know any better to be fair

You gave me your number

The weight of the idea I felt over encumbered 

Took over two weeks passed Valentine’s Day for me to call

Think you could tell I was shy behind my wall

We’d talk for hours us not caring about time at all

A week passes and I finally ask you to the movies, it feels like I need an inhaler

So we watch the movie I don’t remember the story too much but I think it was Drillbit Taylor

A few days pass and I ask you to be my girlfriend 

I didn’t know at this point that you would be my best friend 

We would see each other at school go make out by the elevators 

My friends would walk by, and make fun of me later, they were haters

We were good for a while and then we broke

But I was so in love it was hard to let things go

Gave you some time and waited things out

I guess I didn’t know exactly what you were about

But me I was just a kid, googley-eyed at a girl

I think I became too much, trying to make you my world 

So I stepped back to assess 

To realize my feelings were in excess

Started writing raps to get the weight off my chest

So we took some distance for a year or so

Then one day, on my windshield, was a note

“I care about you, and things have been tough, I’m not gonna lie

But despite all that happened I would like to give us another try”

At this point I didn’t know how to feel

Emotions I pushed away as a pathway to heal

I didn’t respond for a day or two

Then I called and we started anew 

I’d pick you up from school to play hooky 

We got more intimate but honestly I was a rookie

You knew some things but I think we were in the same boat

So some time to romance, we would both devote

Then things got hard again you didn’t know what you wanted

Another break, all the while the feelings they haunted

Casted a cloud over me for a year and some 

We graduate high school but we were good, but I reminisce on the crumbs

I dated another girl and was together for years

We still stayed in touch, but we kept things clear

Then my mom passed and you had known she was sick

Asked me to let you know when or if it happened and I struggled with it

But I decided to let you know, unknowing of your response 

Afraid possibly you would be nonchalant 

But you wrote a caring message on how you were sorry for my loss 

We had not seen each other in years but to me, we still felt close

You update me on your life and how you are dating, and I was glad you weren’t alone

Some years pass and I had a falling out with my lady

The details of it weren’t important and not worth explaining 

Some reason in my heart, I had to let you know

So I write a long message hoping you wouldn’t think it was a show

That I had only waited for something to happen and it was the perfect ammo

To reach out and hope you would want to reconcile 

A few days pass and no response I must have been off by miles

Feeling stupid I just wanted to forget

How could I think that you had just been waiting on it?

But on the fourth day I get a response

“hey I’m so sorry my mother took my phone, I had got into trouble for leaving home. I’m good now, if you still wanted to talk?”

I respond “really? I thought I was being dumb.” 

You say “is starting again something that you want?”

I hesitate for a second “maybe we could take it slow for a minute”

You agree, we talk for a week then we go out to eat. 

As soon I see you, I struggled to even speak

Breathtaking I couldn’t even believe you were out with me

Something so strange about it but it felt more like a dream 

After the dinner we go to a spot and play pool

Had a few drinks, and some laughs and everything felt cool

We go our separate ways and I slept with a smile

Something in all the years prior I haven’t felt in a while

We would hang out regularly, until I finally asked you to be lady again

The terrain felt shaky but so right 

And we would hang out every night

Work or no work, 3 hours of sleep but I was so high

On the thought of seeing you again the next night 

Acid rap, what a time that we shared

The interlude to lost, nothing could compare 

To think all that time we spent apart wasn’t for nought 

Cause at the end of the day it was just a part of our plot

Now fast forward 8 years and I’m still in love

We had troubles to state the least with timing, things, and some drugs

We bonded on music ever since the beginning 

And we still share that love and I  am still grinning

Some thinning along the way, but hey that’s how it goes

Through almost deaths, to roaming alone

Two fools hand in hand wandering on unfamiliar roads

But whatever happens we always have each other

You gave me a happy ending but the after can only get better

July 27, 2022 23:04

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