Kanchibhai had entered the town three days ago with his wife and his 3-year-old child. He was desperately looking for a job. He had left his village as his meager income there was not sufficient to feed the additional mouth of his son. Somebody suggested he go to Bhavnagar as many jobs would be waiting there for the working person. With the dream of getting a job as soon as he reached the dream town, he was looking into every job opportunity that he came across. Sincere that he was, he believed in hard work to earn the living.

But nothing had come his way for so long. He was getting tenser every moment passing without him getting any work. And that morning at around 11, he met Chhaganbhai.

“You seem to be in deep trouble. Can I be of any help?” Chhaganbhai.

Kanchibhai was surprised. This unknown person realizing him to be in difficulty offered help! Kanchibhai stopped. Looked straight up into his eyes and said. "Yes. I am searching for a job for the last three days without any success.”

“What kind of job are you looking for?” Chhaganbhai.

“Any type. I am prepared for any kind of hard work. But I want to earn some money to feed three mouths of the family.”

Chhaganbhai found Kanchibhai to be honest and innocent.

“May I know your name?”

“I am Kanchibhai from Veraval, a village some hundred kilometers from here. I have three years old son. In Veraval, I could not earn enough to feed three people. So I came here. But so far, I have failed to find a job.”

“Oh! How much have you studied?”

"After S.S.C. I started a job. Got married and in two years I was blessed with a son. But due to some unknown reason, the company closed down and I was jobless. I tried getting odd jobs but the earnings were not enough to support three people. And I landed up here.” Kanchibhai opened out.

"Don't worry. I know a friend who may help you out. Can you meet me tomorrow at the Municipal Market at 4 in the afternoon? I will take you to my friend and let us see what we can do to help you out."

"Oh, that will be a great help. As I told you, I am ready for any kind of job. Only the job should ensure me and my family survive in this town.” Kanchibhai said earnestly.

“See you tomorrow at 4 near the Municipal market.”

They both departed.   

The next day, Kanchibhai was waiting at the Municipal Market at 4 in the evening.

Chhaganbhai reached the place in just 5 minutes. After greeting each other, Chhaganbhai took Kanchibhai to his friend Mansukhbhai.

Without wasting time on formalities, Mansukhbhai, his mouth full of paan, started talking.

“So, you want a job. I am offering you a job that will pay you much beyond your expectations. We will provide you accommodation, and food for your entire family, and the money you get will depend upon how well you perform.”

Kanchibhai’s eyes sparkled. He thought when God gives, he gives much more than what one expects.    

“When can you join?”

“Whenever you want me to join.”

“Ok. Bring your family today evening. Chhaganbhai will show you your house. Small but well-appointed home. You will be comfortable there. “

“But what is my job?”

“Be patient. We will explain to you in detail.”

“But sir, unless I know what duty I will have to perform, how can I accept the job?”

“Don’t worry. We are not going to tell you to murder anyone.

You know, these days people are looking for some moral support and miracles to happen in one’s life. There are many ailments they are suffering from. But they can not afford Doctor’s fees. We will have to give them some antidote.

For illness, some medicine and for other problems solutions.”

"But Sir, I am not a medical practitioner. How can I give medicines? Nor am I a counselor. How can I offer solutions to their psychological problems?"

“I have never said that you act as a medical practitioner or as a counselor."

“Then what do you expect me to do?”

"You just act as a MIRACLE MAN. You give the patient simple pure water by chanting something and the rest of the work will be done by the faith the patient will have in you.

That will be a great service to humanity. A penniless person, as well as a very rich person, will get cured of any problem they have by sheer faith in you.”

“But who will have faith in me?”

“That you leave to us. You agree to act as a miracle man and we will take care of the rest.

Initially, the attendees, or may we say the devotees will be a few. But as the word spreads around, more and more devotees will visit our place. They all will have faith in you.

The devotees will tell their problems, you offer them solutions. Their faith in you will do what is needed. And the problems will get solved. Their faith will get consolidated. Any mental problem or physical illness, the devotees will see they getting solutions.”

"But sir, doesn't give ordinary water as a medicinal solution amount to cheating?"

"Not at all. We are giving moral support which works very effectively. Where is the problem? They tell you their ailment, you give them moral support. What's wrong with it? Now, don't think over it anymore. And start your job as soon as possible.

Finally, we all are going to get benefitted. As the number of devotees swells, your savings in terms of money too will swell."

The last words pierced deep into Kanchibhai’s mind.

During the next couple of hours, Kanchibhai with his wife and his 3-year-old son took charge of the house given to him. He was given the holy clothes which he had to practice wearing and had to practice advising the dummy devotees. The actions and the speaking style had to meet the expectations of the devotees. This practice went on for 8-10 days.

Kanchibhai’s son was getting familiar with the surroundings. All the household material was promptly provided by Chhaganbhai.

Every care was taken that Kanchibhai and his family were comfortable within the vast compound of the big bungalow.

On some day, Chhaganbhai and Mansukhbhai dressed as the local persons and arranged a gathering of 50-60 persons in the neighbourhood.

Mansukhbhai started.

"While I was moving from village to village, I came across one man of extraordinary power. That day I had severe stomach pain. I did not know what to do. Then one of my friends took me to him. As soon as I entered his tent, he knew about my problem. Without my saying a single word, he poured some water into a small cup from his vessel and offered me to drink. After I had drunk that, within a couple of minutes my severe pain had vanished. To confirm it does not recur, I waited for an hour. During that time he treated at least 8-10 persons. All of them were happy that their ailment had disappeared.

After two days, I requested this person to visit our place to bless the people of our village. He was so busy that he could not agree to my request immediately. On my insisting his visit to our village benefit the people of our area, he agreed to come here. 

Now, I request to all present here to spread the word around and maximum people should reap the advantage of his visit.”

Everyone, after seeking the blessings of the miracle man, left happily with determination to return soon to get blessed.

The next day, a large number gathered around the bungalow.

Only 5-6 persons were allowed in for the first session. All of them had some problem or other. Chhaganbhai made all the visitors donate something as per his capacity. Everyone contributed with his might. When Kanchibhai dressed in holy attire and took his position, everyone was quiet.

"Sir, after my personally getting benefitted from your advice, now I have brought my friend to get your blessings. Rajesh, speak out about your problem." Mansukhbhai started the session. Rajesh got up and started narrating his trouble.

“Sir, whenever I eat something, my stomach starts paining. I can not bear the pains.”

Rajesh said.

Kanchibhai took a small glass. Poured some water, miracle water in it, and asked him to drink. “You will be cured. Go home. Chant my name ten times and you will be out of pain.”

Satisfied, Rajesh got up, sought the blessings of the miracle man, and left for home happily.

Another person got up.

"Sir, I have a problem with a dispute regarding family land distribution. My brothers do not want to share the land with me. What should I do?"

“Don’t worry. You will somehow get your share of land. Drink this water and your brothers will be convinced with your argument and you will get your share."

Kanchibhai poured little water into the cup and asked him to gulp it. After donating some more amount, he left.

And it went on.

Kanchibhai’s trembling hands while handing over the cup of water to his devotee, slowly became steady then

On the following days, the crowd was significantly more.

Chhaganbhai had to split the crowd into two lines. One was for those who could afford Rs.1000 as an entry fee. Many got into that line. They were allotted more time i.e. 10 minutes with the miracle man. The other line members were given only 5 minutes to explain their problems.

In a few days, the crowd increased so much that by paying Rs.50,000 a personal visit could be arranged in the afternoon.

The flow of money was beyond expectations.

Mansukhbhai was reliable enough to make equal parts. Apart from these three persons, the others involved were also given their share in the collection. Everyone      

was happy over the money earned.

The crowd was growing day by day.

But that day, Kanchibhai’s son got ill. He had a high temperature. Kanchibhai told Chhaganbhai about this. Chhaganbhai advised him to give the miracle water to the boy.

“I can cheat hundreds of others but I can not cheat myself and my wife. We need to see the doctor immediately.” Kanchibhai said.

“What else? Do you think people will take it easy if you go to a Doctor? No. No. That will damage the entire situation." Chhaganbhai.

“What do you mean Chhaganbhai? Should I see my son dying in front of my own eyes?”

“No. No. I don't mean that. You try for a few days. If the situation does not improve, we will call the Doctor.”

“Already, ten days have passed. He has not improved at all. We need a Doctor urgently.”

“Don’t get panicky. After a week, If we find the condition of the child unchanged, we will take him to the Doctor. But till then no.

See, we, Mansukhbhai and myself, are going to Dohad to arrange for a camp there. It will take a week. After we are back, we will call the Doctor. All right? Till then you try with your miracle water.”

Saying this Chhaganbhai left the place.

Kanchibhai saw the second-line supporters in action.

The daytime meetings were carried out as usual. Many were treated with the miracle water.

But Kanchibhai was worried about his son. His fever was not coming down. They were trapped by Chhaganbhai. No solution was in sight.

Kanchibhai and his wife decided to escape in the dark night. They packed their earnings and a few essentials. Took their son and left the house soon after midnight.

 Quietly, they reached the bus stop and boarded a bus without knowing the destination. After a drive of 5 hours, they got off. Before it was bright, Kanchibhai got hold of a barber and shaved off his head and beard. Ensuring that nobody would recognize him, they took shelter in a lodge.

After the sun was brightly shining, Kanchibhai took a round in the town. He saw his big poster hanging on the main street. There was an announcement of his visit to this place next month.

Kanchibhai looked for a doctor. He got his son checked.

“Good that you have brought your son in time. A slight delay and you would have lost your son. Why were you so late? Were you trapped by that miracle man? Many people go to him first. Try out his miracle water and when they don’t get cured, they come to the doctor. Sometimes, it is too late. You are lucky. Please keep yourself away from the miracle man.” Doctor said.

Kanchibhai nodded positively. He was happy that his son was saved.

He rented a room in that town. Took up a job as a peon in a school in the town.

Kanchibhai was happy that he was not cheating anyone anymore. He thanked God for this miracle.

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