Observing the Horizon

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Two friends were returning from their weekend trip to the mountains. Tom turned on the radio with a voice command while AI was driving the car. They heard the public announcement made by the White House. 

Did you listen to the announcement?

'Yes, Tom, I might miss one eye, but not my listening capabilities. '

Oh, Jack. I didn't mean it that way. I was just saying that those words blasted from the speakers are hard to fathom. '

'I warned them. I wrote letters to them. On top of that, I tweeted daily. I DM'd all the influencers. But nobody cared.

'Now, all of a sudden, POTUS's scientific advisor wants my expert opinion. For that, they came knocking on our space. '

As soon as Jack completed the sentence, the car came to a screeching halt and the AI voice inside the car announced a new destination. Tom and Jack tried to override the command but to no avail.

The new destination was the White House, and the techies beneath the basement of the White House made sure that the car with its passenger made it to the White House.

"Are they insane?" shouted Tom.

"No, they are eager," said Jack, by showing three missed calls from the secretary of that scientific advisor.

But he just said that your research is cent per cent correct and the future course of action will be decided along with the guidance of Mr Jack. '

Yeah, I've heard that already. What matters now is the way we tackle the guest that came knocking on our solar system. They have already devoured pluto. '


"So... The timeline is of the essence. Before going on air, they called me, but I didn't pick up the phone. So they are making sure that we arrive on time, willingly or unwillingly."

"Kidnapping is still illegal in the US, right?" asked Tom.

"Yes." But in desperate times, desperate measures. They have also shifted my telescope to the inner periphery of their campus. '

"So, no way to refuse."

"Yes, my friend. I was right, but they refused. Now, they are accepting what I said, but the essential time for acting on the discovery has passed. We now require a quick and efficient method of course correction. "

Out of nowhere, four hummers came near to the car. The new muscle cars escorted Tom and Jack speedily to the White House.

"Are you sure, they just want to talk?"

Yeah, Tom. Relax. They have a big enemy to take care of. When there is a threat to self-existence, every personal rivalry within the same circle takes a back seat. '

But, didn't the POTUS humiliate you in front of the press?

"Yes." But the past is the past. 'Let's see if he agrees with my solution.'

"Dude, seriously, I should have picked some other day to spend some time with you. I just wanted to simply hike and also see your laboratory. And here I am in the White House betting for the survival of humankind. '

"Relax. Tom. Just observe your breathing and let the other pieces fall into their places. Relax.'

"Meditation Guru, focus on your plan, not my breath. They will ask for your proposed solution, which you were reluctant to share with the world unless the POTUS apologises to you for insulting you in front of the press. '

'Tom, let the past be in the past. Or we will be in the past when no one is there to remember. '

So, what is the plan?

Yeah, tell us, Jack, what is the plan? Suddenly, the front mirror started projecting the image of POTUS.

He asked Jack about his plan.

Oh, here comes the POTUS!

Jack exchanged greetings with fewer feelings and more concern.

"Sir, the guest is a part of the blackhole. However, it is more like a trigerred or controlled blackhole with its masters sitting light years away from our galaxy."

Tom and POTUS could not resist smiling.

"It is hard to fathom, Jack."

"I know that our limited beliefs have limited our understanding of the universe. But, with my observation, I can prove that."

"We don't need your proof because we've already seen that remote-controlled blackhole devouring our not-so-perfect planet Pluto. We want solutions to that problem. How to stop that giant from gulping down our globe? "

"It is simple. Just trace back the signal and block it from the source that is controlling it. "

"What about the cut-loose blackhole on the rampage?"

"To our relief, that giant is not a black hole but a wannabe blackhole."

"The blackhole is not a blackhole. Then what happened to pluto?"

"It is a warmhole enclosed with a controlled blackhole."


"Yes, the blackhole has different characteristics that can be observed which are absent in this decoy."

"So, you are saying that a giant species that is some lightyears away from us has unleashed this havoc. And for what, exactly?

"I am not 100 percent sure, but they are extracting minerals and other important elements from our brother planets. They transfer the planet through the warm-hole and extract it."

"How did you come to this conclusion?"

"Simple Physics, Sir. One time, out of nowhere, I saw a blackhole. I alarmed everyone, but nobody believed me. Then, I started observing it and comparing it to the standard belief. Luckily, for us and unluckily for Pluto, I saw some differences. It would grow after eating the Pluto, but it didn't. Then I saw the gravitational pull relax somewhat. It was like a python relaxing after having its prey. The blast of energy from Pluto escaped, and I observed it. But before I could conclude anything, the gravitational pull normalised and it started moving towards us."

"So, you are saying that we have to cut the communication with their masters. And that will work?"

"Yes, definitely."

'But, how can we reach within."

"Just use the satellite that is revolving around Saturn. Just modify the signal jammer and let it be engulfed by that fake blackhole."

"Your destination has arrived." the AI announced with utmost perfection.

Tom woke up Jack, who was lost in his dream world of galaxies. Jack smiled and said, "You woke me a little bit early. I was about to save the galaxy."

"What a Day."

March 23, 2022 05:29

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