The house was away from the highway. It was small , three room house. But it was big enough for one man. It was filled with the silence, until they entered with the bang. Soon, the silence disappeared and the house filled with their voice. Slowly, like someone fills air in the balloon. 

      Anybody could have easily heard them if they had just put their ear on the small, brown door of that house. But not a soul would dare to stop on the highway . Especially if its midnight. Forget about visiting the house.

       They sure don't remember how it started. May be it started in the car, may be it started when they entered into the house. But it soon turned into the argument. Both of them were defending their favourite.

     " Well, this is the problem with the world. People just don't listen these days. There is always something in their ears. That's why they don't listen to each other and elect a putz . They don't listen to doctors and get cancer. They don't listen to their wives and end up getting divorce. They are all idiots cause they don't know talking is silver, silence is gold".

     " Yeah, may be. I don't give shit about the world. Give me some cloth, there is blood on my shoe. What all I know is the Rosie sung that song".

     " U are also deaf like rest of them , man. Listen carefully. My darling Mitchell sung it not your Rosie. She can never hit that high note.She ain't that good singer. Mitchell sings song like Angel. All the big people stops and look at her when she sings. Besides she is hotter than Rosie".

      "What u know about Jazz!! . Rosie is gift to jazz.Her voice is sugar to ear. She is the reason why people listens to jazz. Ask any intelligent person who knows little bit about jazz and he will tell you the same thing. Rosie is the goddess of jazz. She broke the record with that song when you were still in diapers and sucking your thumb". 

    "That was differnt song. U didn't listen the song carefully. Mitchell sung this song last year.

   " Close his eyes. I have to say prayer."

   " Does it matters?He is gone now".

  " Well , It matters to me. I am a religious person. Oh , Lord forgive this gentle soul for the sin he committed and reward him the paradise for his virtue. Amen. Tie his hands."

    "This fella seems heavy!".

    "Yeah, like fucking pig.Hold his hand , I will do legs."

      They picked up the body . They felt the heaviness of it on their shoulder.Failed to take body out of house at once they put it in the hall. They sat on the sofa looking at the still face of dead man. Trying to catch their breath. 

     " Oh ...he must be around three hundred pounds. Will he fit in the trunk??".

    " May be. How much money u got??" .

     " I'm not telling u thats for sure".

   " Well , I will give u chance to double it. Lets bet on the song".

   " Hmm ....one of your trick to rob me. I am no fool".

   " Why , what happened?. Didn't u listen carefully ".

  " Don't tell me about listening. I listen carefully all the time. I can even tell u the last line of the song...' I'll pay for you , will u please pray for my death' .

  " That's correct. U do listen. U ain't like us. Congratulations!".

   " Stop laughing man. Listening is art. It takes time. Only those who are patient enough can be a good listener. "

 " Okay , then listener. Lets bet all the money u got on this. If this song is sung by your baby Mitchell , I'll double your money ".

  " Go away man, u don't have a dime in your pocket. "

  " Well, its upto u. Its free country" .

    They both kept mum for a while, looking at the dead body. One of them lit the cigarette and started smoking. The smoke filled the room.The sizzling of cigarette could be heard. 

   " well , I have two thousand in cash. I will bet all on it. But if u are wrong about your dead goddess then u will pay me four thousand in cash".

   " Attaboy. Let us put this pig in trunk and we will ask Boss.He listens jazz all the time.  

    This time they successfully took the the body out of house. 

     They just threw the body into the trunk. It took them awhile to adjust and fit the body in the trunk.The dead man was really heavy. The tyre of car flattened a little. They took a moment to sit in the car. After two three jerk car started and became part of highway . 

   " Where ?".

   " Near the old lake. I dumped that blind kid their last month".

    The car left the highway after few hours and stopped near the lake. They took the body out and slowy put the body into the lake. One of them started the car, the windows were open now. Their clothes were wet. They again came on highway.

    " Call the boss".

  " Yeah, yeah!. Wait a second Mitchell baby ".

   He took out the phone from drawer. He dialed the number.

   "Give it to me . I'll talk to him. I don't want any monkey trick".

  "Okay, okay. Take it Mitchell baby ... haha".

  " Hey , Boss . How u doing?This is Roman. Sorry to call u late. The job is done. He is in la la land now. No, I cut his throat and Bob put bullet in his hole. He slept like baby".

   "Are u fucking deaf? Have u lost your mind? Who asked u to kill him. I asked u to listen carefully. Didn't I? I told u to teach him a lesson. Break his leg or hand".

  Any child could have understood how angry Boss was. His voice was shaky but strong. There was pure rage in his voice. It was volcano of anger .

   " Give phone to the Bob. Are fucking deaf Bob? . U idiot!!.. I aksed you to teach him a lesson and not to send him la la land. I was very clear on the phone. Tell me, are u deaf? U guys are morons. If you don't want to get killed then don't come to the city. Go and hide somewhere else. Go to village. Don't come here and meet me. Remember If I go to jail , you will be dead ".

    The Boss hung up the phone. Nobody talked in the car. Dread and silence took over the car. Someone started the radio and it was playing one of Mitchell's song.

Within seconds he turned it off.

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