Black Sad Fiction

This story contains sensitive content

*Full of sensitive themes. The story is about an adult, who was grossly abused, writing to the power that enabled this evil to occur. It is also a statement about how evil a society is that is comfortable that these things were done to a little girl, and they turned a blind eye.*





Dear Mister Devil,

Let’s talk.

Let’s talk about the family I was born into. You know, the 3 teenagers and 2 adults that were blessed by God to have me. Let’s talk about how your demons in human skin offered my family money, family, wealth, fame, opportunities, jobs, friends if they sold me to your organisation and I never had any of that.

My family, my siblings and external family is beyond evil. These adults and near adults bullied me, on the orders of your crew. My oldest brother and grandfather sexually abused me as a little girl, as did friends of the family. Nobody ever cared. My younger brother and father groomed me to accept the abuse a long time before that happened. My experiences have never been validated and people around me think it’s a joke.

Let’s talk about the place my oldest brother took me to for the really evil mind control shit that was done to me by the US military. I was a little girl and members of the US military sexually abused me, drugged me up and performed a whole range of evil things. We are talking things that make the Nazi's look like saints.

The population I live in, and the adults that were involved, think it’s a joke, they think its funny that that happened. The population I live in is completely comfortable that these horrors happened to a child. In fact, I am the one in trouble because I’ve remembered this, and I disagree with it.

Oh, and about that. Why have the other victims of this been rewarded and compensated with their families and not me? You know whom I speak of.

Let’s talk about the men you sent into my life, who were comfortable using Neural Linguistic Programming so that I allowed them to traffick me. No normal person would choose that. I made a lot of connections and my first husband used a lot of repetition and psychic driving. As I observe my current group of stalkers, the MO hasn’t changed, but I have. I found my spiritual value and worth and I have no desire to ruin my chance at a peaceful eternity to make my stalkers happy. Will my stalkers stop stalking me if I make them happy? They didn’t last time, or the time before that.

Let’s talk about the things I gave birth to. I always wanted a family. I protected them and looked after them. Then you had some of your Freemason police rape me at a party. They used trigger words and trigger music that I was programmed to respond to as a little girl. They hooked me on drugs and sent evil people into my life to destroy me. Then you stole my children from me and lied about me to them using my mother.

About those things I gave birth to. For years I hoped and prayed they had the brains and that they would seek me out to find out what my side of the story was. I thought when they were adults, they would have done what I have done. I found out you ensured that their fathers brainwashed them into hating me. Funny how what I don’t do gets done to me anyway.

I once would have sold my soul to be reunited with the things I gave birth to. I once would have done exactly what your pet slaves are asking me to do. And I would have, if you had given me the same deal as you gave my family. I don’t ever want to see the things I gave birth to again and I am one hundred per cent fine if you take the souls of my unborn grandchildren. After all, to betray your mother is to invite a curse upon your own souls from her. I have power. I can do that. So, I have.

Most people will read these words and think what an evil person I am but what they are not reading is the pain I’ve been put through, the evil that they are doing to me. That’s okay. People who have been more evil than I could even dream have 0 spiritual authority and they can not judge me. Only God can. And these people who read my words, when was the last time they took a look at their behaviour, and judged themselves accordingly?

One thing I would really appreciate is if you would ask your stalker slaves to back the hell off and out of my life. These are people whose soil I share a birthplace with. I was once loyal to this nation. Not any longer. You can not treat a person so terrible and then expect them to remain loyal.

I think the biggest joke will eventually hit onto my siblings. They lied. They stole. They tried to trade my spiritual energy for a cushy life, and it worked for a while. Those demons they bargained with let me know of the deal, and the small print. I had authority to cancel the deal. So, I did. It turns out the only people that are liable to pay for the meal are those that eat the meal. Well, my family sat there and watched me starve while they filled their faces and celebrated. Of course, I’m the bad one, because I’m mentioning it.

“Thank you for that”. Thank you for all of that. Thank you for ensuring I understood that family is worthless and that a family is a curse. Thank you for showing me my loyalty to the people of my nation was a waste of my energy. Thank you for pushing me towards God and Jesus. There is no judgement and condemnation from them. I get an awesome deal. Follow Jesus and his precepts, obey his commandments, remain faithful and I get to live a peaceful eternity. After a lifetime of suffering, I was deliberately put through by my family and the people of my nation, I am down with that.

As for your stalker slaves, keep requesting me to do things and be prepared to be disappointed. You don’t own me. We don’t have an agreement. We aren’t even allies. We are enemies and you are all bullies. I have the right to live my life on my terms doing that which makes me happy. Why the hell should I do anything for people who slander me, lie about me, bully me, rape (and watch me be raped and do nothing) and beat (and watch me be beaten and do nothing)? You tell me stalker slaves. Would you do anything for people treating you like this? Be honest with yourselves. You don’t have to answer me.

And that is how you turn a good person against you. That is how you lose a persons loyalty. That is how you go from getting what you want to not getting what you want. I can not be blamed for my response to domestic terrorists, which is what stalkers are.

So, Mister Devil, take your stalkers, your servants and the people I am related to and shove their souls in the deep dark hole where they fit.

I don’t ever want to see the things I gave birth to again and when my siblings are all dead the stalking will be over because the debt will be paid. Until then, it is going to be war between us every day.

Never The End

December 07, 2022 09:36

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