Picture "Perfect"

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Coming of Age

“Jessica, you’ll be attending the Drucker wedding. Ben, you’ll be attending the Holt wedding. And George, you’ll be attending the Brita wedding. Now everyone listen up, I want you guys to take the family photos, food photos, the kiss, and the dance. Make sure to bring your F29 cameras and please make sure to be on time!” Even before my manager finished his speech, I was out the door and was ready to photograph the Brita wedding. During the whole drive, I kept on double checking to make sure I had all of my materials. 

After thirty minutes of driving and almost losing my way, I quickly pulled up into the wedding parking lot and I sprinted into the wedding. As soon as I rushed through the grand wedding doors, I saw that everyone wore a very formal suit and tie or a ruffley dress. “Gather around and smile!” Just looking through the lens of the camera, I saw kids itching their bodies, parents hushing the children to quiet down and to not complain about the clothing, and the adults that just patiently waited for the photo to be taken. “ 3, 2, 1, Cheese! Alright, thank you everyone.” 

After the crowd had dispersed, I checked my camera and chose the best photo out of the three photos that I had taken. The first picture had multiple kids with their eyes closed and another photo had a man in the back who was already starting to walk away probably thinking that the photo was over. The photo in the middle though was perfect. Everyone in the photo was smiling and they looked like they were all having a great time together. Before I was able to delete the other two photos, I saw other families just walking in and I wanted to make the best of this moment so I snapped photos of them too! Some of these guests came to parties of two up to parties of eight too! 

Once an hour had passed, the wedding song started to play and everyone took their seats leaving the aisle clear. The soft melody kept everyone at peace and in the back some of the kids looked like they were dozing off, so obviously, I took a quick photo of them too. 

Soon, the groom had walked down and in unison, everyone had turned around to watch him pridefully walk down the aisle. I immediately got out of my seat and took some photos of him striding down the aisle. He was wearing a black and white suit and wore black leather shoes. He had his dirty blonde hair tied back into a bun and he had a grin on his face that seemed too good to be true.  Most importantly of all, he was grateful to spend the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams. Next the very allergenic bride had walked down with her bouquet of flowers. She specifically asked for white daisies and  red roses because those were some of the few types of flowers that she enjoyed and that she wasn’t allergic to. As she walked down the aisle, she forced out a smile and weirdly couldn’t stop sniffling her nose. I took mostly snaps from the back to cover up her miserable face, but also had to take some from her front profile.

 Halfway down the aisle, she started to sneeze uncontrollably and couldn't stop itching her arms which had soon formed patches of  red rashes. Knowing that this would’ve happened her mother quickly got up and rushed to her rescue with an epi-pen. She hurriedly injected the shot onto her thigh and within seconds, all of the swelling had gone down. As the bride's mother had gone to pick up the flowers, she noticed that the florist had put in complimentary flowers as a gift for the wedding, but the bride had been allergic to them so it had caused more harm than good. 

When all the commotion had died down, she completed her walk without her flowers and then she read her vows after her soon to be husband read his. The priest told them that they could kiss and right then and there she sneezed and I took a photo. The bride went from looking elegant to embarrassed. All of the close relatives and friends on the benches tried to stifle their chuckles and giggles, but soon it became unbearable to hold it in.

 Luckily though, even the bride thought that it was kind of funny, so she joined in on the laughing too! When everyone had left the main wedding hall and had gotten back to their tables, they all danced to the music playing out of the speakers and had a great time until . . . cake. 

When the newly wedded couple cut the cake, they had fun by putting frosting on each other. It was all normal, just like what any other couple would do on their wedding day. But instead of eating the cake, surprisingly a small cake was brought to every table in the wedding and a food fight had erupted. I took a photo with cake in their face and how they also smashed it onto others too! It was quite a sight to see. Cake was flying everywhere and it even got on my camera! But on the bright side, it made up my mind for me and gave me an excuse to get a higher quality camera. When the fight was over, all of the guests were handed towels and a slideshow of the newly wedded couple was played. We saw how they met in high school, their first date at a coffee shop, their engagement in front of the Eiffel Tower, and their journey up until today. After the wedding was over and many of the guests had left, I walked over to the couple and I went over the photos, chose the best ones, and I sent it back to my manager with a note saying “I think this was a success!”

May 07, 2022 01:29

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Aeris Walker
17:11 May 12, 2022

What a fun, lighthearted read. I don’t know why, but I was picturing Tom Holland as the photographer the whole time. Your main character seemed to have such a positive attitude—from the stress of finding the wedding location to the chaos of the sneezing bride and cake fight. He even put a positive spin on his camera getting globbed with cake, which maybe just reminded me of Spider-Man’s good nature and humor. I loved your imagery of children itching themselves and picking at uncomfortable clothing-so darn accurate. One little piece of adv...


Joshua Lee
23:46 May 13, 2022

Hi Aeris Walker, Thank you so much for reading my short story. I loved all of those comments and compliments that you gave me about my imagery and word choice. I really loved the advice that you gave me about replacing those boring verbs with more action. I honestly have never thought about replacing those words and how they can really change the level of your writing. Your advice was really spot on and I can't wait to use it in my future writings too. I can't wait to read your stories too! Thank you!


Aeris Walker
00:39 May 14, 2022

You are so very welcome, glad I could offer something helpful! Encouraging feedback always helps me stay motivated to write, and sometimes hard-to-swallow critique is what makes us better writers ;) Though I always hope to be more encouraging than critical. I look forward to reading more of your stories :)


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