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"RING, RING! RING, RING!" the alarm buzzed. I reached out my hand and groped blindly for the alarm before I switched it off, then buried my face deeper into my pillow and dozed off…

Eventually the morning light that seeped through my window woke me. I soporifically acknowledged the clock for a moment which reach 7:53 AM, before I came to my senses and suddenly realize that I had school in 7 MINUTES!

I sprang out of my twin size bed, and dashed into the bathroom to quickly brush. When I came out I tugged the first set of clothes I could find and quickly put them on.

I hurriedly paced into the kitchen to grab some lunch, I had made a quick sandwich but as I was about to put it into a box, it slipped right out of my hand and onto the floor, "Just my luck!" I mumble.

There wasn't enough time to clean it up, Guess I'll be buying today! I thought to myself. I quickly got the keys and slammed the door shut. I sprinted across campus until I reached the north wing where most of the academic classrooms were located. I spotted my homeroom, and for a moment I felt as though I may actually make it, that is until I saw Mrs. Cheryl coming the exact opposite direction off me! Before I could do anything, she saw me and opened her mouth, but whatever she was about to say would have to wait, because just then the bell buzzed. The Bell here at Blackwood is extremely loud and long, it's a whole 30 seconds long!

"Shit" I mutter, thankfully no one heard it over the bell. The bell finished momentarily, and that's when Mrs. Cheryl opened her mouth, in a second attempt, and said, "Lucy, why are you so late! You will be marked as late for today's attendance" she started heading in to the door again and added, "Well, don't just stand there get in!" I nodded, unable to think of anything to say. I entered the classroom, and instantly I saw my best friend Lily Makayoata. She shot my an look which I guess would have meant 'Where the heck were you!?" I shot her back an look, which meant "My alarm!" I went to my seat which was next to her.

Mrs. Cheryl cleared her throat just as I sat down and addressed the class, "Good morning students, I hoped you had a good weekend, and as you've known for the past week, you will be having a quiz on everything we covered in Trigonometry today. So I hope you studied!"

I frantically sat up in my seat, I had forgotten all about the test this weekend! I hadn't studied much over the week! What was I thinking!? By now Mrs. Cheryl had already started passing out the papers. As she passed my desk she dropped one of the test papers onto it.

Unable to help it I sighed. I got a pencil and tried to focus on the test in front of me…. When I finally finished, I felt as though my grade would be something from a 30% to a 50%.

I sighed again, before I handed the paper in. By then the class period was over. In need of a desperate escape I took the longer route to 2nd period. As I walked the hallways, I wondered why do I always have such horrid luck at the worst of times? Like over this week there were many times my luck ditched me. Like for example, when I found out I accidently took a wrong route from a nearby town into a forest instead of back to campus, or when I got gum stuck in my long brown hair, or when I tripped and fell into mud!

WHY do I have this luck? Why ME?

I attended my other three classes until I finally reached lunch time, where I discovered I hadn't got my purse and I had no money. I found out I wasn't really hungry anymore though, so I took a walk a little out of campus.

"Lucy!" I jumped startled by the voice. I turned around frantically and looked all sides, but there was NO ONE! Then I heard it again, "Lucy!" This time as I got to hear it, it got louder, but there was something peculiar about it… It neither felt human or animal. Before I could further think about it, I heard it for a third time! "Oh poor Lucy, your luck is terrible isn't it!" It was more of a statement than a question. Me, not still in full conscious of what was happening replied back, "Y-yes?" I stuttered. "Oh I know… This is why I will give you a gift to change your luck perhaps."

My eyes went wide, "Really what will it be? And don't mind me asking what are you?" I interrogated. Now that I heard it a few times, the voice sort of sounded feathery, and silky. It replied once more, "Look behind you, where you're lucky charm shall lye! Now I must go, farewell!" I literally yelled back, "WAIT! No! Don't-WA-" my confused protests went on for a minute before I finally knew it wouldn't be coming back.

As I turned around to head back, I spotted a little object It was shaped as a diamond with writing over it that read Luck. At this point I was sort of freaking out but, at the end I decided there was no harm in at least taking it.

So I tucked it safely in the pocket of my jacket and hurried to class. I attended my classes, and guess what? NOTHING bad happened! In-fact the opposite! Like in art today, we were supposed to be "creative" and draw something with the use of Oil Pastels, and when I finished it looked spectacular! AND I got a 4 on it! I've never gotten a four in art before! With this same luck I, in social Studies when we were presenting our presentations, I didn't stutter once either!

We didn't have 7th period today because we have a big kick-ball game. I was getting ready, and I knew I could do it, because I had something that no one else did... Luck!

Luck was finally on my side, after all those years I've finally achieved my goal! I got rid of my genetically family bad luck... With a little help of the um gem of course!

I went out confidently knowing I had luck.

I was the last kicker and when the ball rolled to me, I kicked it extremely high that no one could catch and as if a cheetah was in my veins I ran and... My team won!!!

After the celebrating I checked my pocket, after unzipping it, and... It wasn't there! I panicked and ran to the cafeteria... and what I found there... it was the gem. I gasped. This meant I didn't have it during any of my class periods (Art + S.S.), and during the kickball game!

That's when I heard it again, "Oh Lucy! That charm contains no luck at all. It's an normal object I picked up in a... what was it, oh right a shop!" there was pause before she continued again "Anyway, it wasn't luck that kept you winning and um succeeding today! It was you! It was all you! You for the first time actually believed yourself! And THAT'S how you did it! Now farewell for the last time!"

I just stood there for a moment before I said aloud to absolutely no-one "I believed in myself? It wasn't luck?"

The more I thought about it, the more what the voice said made sense. I went back to my normal life and...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Month Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey Lucy your so lucky! what's your secret?" Lily begged. I laughed, "My secret you ask? Well it's one word, Believe!"

The past month was amazing my grades went way up! I'm now officially the tennis captain and oh so much more! But do you know what I realize? That, thanks to that voice who I may never know who or what it was, helped me realize that, there's no such thing as luck at all, it's only about how well you believe yourself.

My message for you: "Believe yourself, never feel you can't do anything! If you truly believe yourself you can do things others can only dream of! So believe, and never stop believing!"

June 16, 2021 15:33

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Laura Miller
05:49 Jul 13, 2021



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Elizabeth Maxson
13:18 Jun 24, 2021

This is a wonderful story and I loved the creative twist of how the gem was literally "luck on her side" since it was in her coat pocket. In the future, watch your use of verbs. There were times the tense (time frame) of your verbs didn't match or you could have used stronger verbs to intensify your writing (ex: ran versus sprinted). Overall, this story is delightful and was super fun to read! Good luck!


Retee Satish
00:34 Jun 29, 2021

Thank you! And I'll keep that in mind!


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Akshara P
22:23 Jun 21, 2021

Great story, loved the moral! 😊


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Jovial Sundar
22:21 Jun 21, 2021

Wish ME luck to be your boyfriend! 😏😏😏


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