Friendship Happy Holiday

I looked out of the window, and I just kept looking, in awe. Autumn was finally here, and oh what a time it was. Autumn has always been my favourite, and it is that time of the year when everyday just makes me want to get up and dance around all day in the beautiful pale orangish glow of the sun. I instantly put on my jeans and favourite white T-shirt, ran down the stairs, kissed mom and went running through the door. 

As I stepped in the street, I felt that light cool breeze pass me, kissing my arms and cheeks on the way, and I almost jumped. Everything was so perfect, autumn is just so perfect! The perfect weather; wherein there is neither sweat dripping off nor shivering from cold, neither burning in the scorching sun nor freezing in the snow. Just the orangish-yellow light of the sun lighting up the trees and the streets, and leaves falling gently around you like some sort of a ceremony. I was headed to the Hangover, the famous coffee shop just a few blocks away from my house. It was the hotspot of our locality, and it was a place for us to chill and have some really nice coffee.

The Hangover had introduced an autumn special flavor; they were calling it the “Tango Twist” and people were just loving it. Everyone was talking about how great it was, and this was the day I was finally gonna taste it.

I pulled out my cell phone and called Ben. He picked up after a  couple of rings.

“Dude! The Hangover. It’s Tango Twisty day!!!! Wohoooo!!! Hurry I am already on the way.” and I hung up, before he could give me any of those lazy excuses. I was literally shouting with excitement and everyone was looking at me. But I was in too much of a mood to care for that.

I reached the Hangover, dancing some moves I had seen in Work It on a Madison Beer song I was humming. I pushed the door open, and it was just perfectly lit! Not so brightly that one could not appreciate the light outside, and not so dimly that would just make it look like a, I don’t know, a library! Small beautifully coloured decoration lights ran all around the walls, and there were a lot of people in there. Mr. Hubie knew that this time of the year brought with it our vacations, as well as great weather, and it was just the perfect time for the Hangover to flourish!

I jogged to the counter and ordered a cheeseburger and a Tango Twist. I took my receipt and sat on a table for two by the window, looking outside. I knew Ben would still be a few minutes; and I didn’t mind waiting.

I put on my earphones and played on “Edge of Great” from Julie and the Phantoms. And in a few minutes I was vibing to the rhythm like crazy. I closed my eyes and just went along with Madison Reyes’ beautiful voice.

I was pulled out of that musical universe by someone’s touch on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw a girl of about my age, dressed in a beautiful black top standing over me. I paused the playback and took off my earphones.

“Hi, sorry to bother you. You were probably having a moment there.” and she chuckled. I smiled too, a bit awkward to have been caught in that crazy moment by the pretty girl.

“Is this seat taken?” she pointed to the seat in front of me. 

“Umm...no, no. Please.” I motioned her to join me. She smiled and sat down in front of me.

“I am Hailee.” she said, putting her receipt on the side of the table, and looking at me with shiny, blue eyes. 

“Taylor.” I said, unable to take my eyes off of her. There was something about her.

“So, it seems like someone is having a really good day!” she laughed. “What is it? Sister coming back for the holidays? Pretty marksheet? Some girl?” and she winked at me, playfully teasing me. I could not help but chuckle. 

“No, no...none of those things. It’s just that I love this time of the year. Everything is just so perfect.” I said, looking outside the windows.

She smiled. We talked for a while about how our school was worse than the other one’s and other random stuff like Netflix and ending of Dark.

They called my name at the counter, and I came back with my order. I put the plate in the middle of the table so both of us could share.

“Hey, so everyone at my school is saying the Tango Twist is legen-wait for it-dary!!! I am so excited to check it out. I am pretty sure some dorks would despise this one as well. You know there is a girl Shirley at our school who once put up a post which said that…...CREAMY THRUST IS OVERRATED!! Can you believe it!!” I said, realizing a bit late that i was getting carried away.

“What!” Hailee’s eyes widened in shock. “That is like the greatest coffee ever made.”

“I know right.” I said, putting the sipping pipe in the coffee glass. “Here, have a sip while yours is on the way.” I said, offering her the glass.

“It’s all right! It’s so good I won’t be able to stop if I taste it once. I would better wait for mine.”

She said laughing.

“Oh, come on. We will just get another one. Here!”

“Alright, if you insist!” she smiled and took a sip. She looked at me and smiled.

I took the cup and took a sip.

“What the hell!” I said, almost throwing up back in the cup. I could tell if someone had looked at my face at that time, they would have probably thought that I had just squeezed three lemons in my mouth.

“This is the worst thing I have ever tasted. How can anyone like this.” I said, trying to keep my voice low so others won’t hear me. I was just not able to shake that disgusted look off my face.

Hailee almost jumped with excitement. “I know, right! God it tastes bad. I hate it. You know I have ordered a cappuccino for me because there is no way I am tasting that ...stuff again.” she said, laughing.

“But I just made you drink this. Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked her, wiping off my mouth and the coffee spilled on my t-shirt with a tissue.

“Well, I really liked you and I didn’t want you to think I am a dork.”, she said, and then she immediately bit her tongue, realizing she had just admitted to liking me.

I looked at her, and I smiled slightly. “Would you like to have coffee with me again?” I asked her softly.

She smiled and said, “I would love that. And let’s hope when we come back that creepy guy won’t be here.” She said, looking past me.

“What creepy guy?” I said turning back, and saw Ben sitting at the end of the shop, looking at us and trying to hide his laughter.

“He has been looking at us for a while now! Creep!” she rolled her eyes. “Let’s get out of here.” she said.

“Yeah! What a creep. Let’s go somewhere else.” I said, trying to not laugh, and we went up and left. 

My phone binged. It was a winky emoji from Ben.

October 10, 2020 17:26

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