Come on Universe! Please let me find Ferrer Rochets at the gas station! I have to get these chocolates, or else my wife will go insane! I only ever went to the gas station. It was not a good one. A Conoco at that. The only store I ever went to from High School to college. I hated all the other stores. Besides, Joe's the best. He always knows where to find what I'm looking for. Granted, most of the time he does not have what I'm looking for. Like this one time I was looking for baby clothes because it was her nephew's birthday. She found something at Target.

Let's just say she wasn't thrilled when I got home after an hour of arguing with Joe about boys' baby clothes from the gas station and I still had nothing in hand. She also wasn't thrilled when I was so upset I didn't get it that I was unwilling to go back out into the world to a regular store and buy the baby clothes. I met her nephew once before. He didn't like me. Even after we gave him his presents. What kind of baby does this kid think he is? A really snobby baby, that's who.

It's Valentine's day. My wife, of two years, gave me my gift this morning. It was my favorite album. She shops online. She's a teacher and works with kids, so ordering is much easier for her than going to the store. But when she does shop, it's not at the gas station. I can't imagine why. The gas station is the best. They have everything I could ever want. Why would it not have something she would want? I catch her once monthly having one. She says it's the best type of chocolate. She says she has it once monthly because it's expensive, but so's the album.

Now, I did not plan a dinner or anything. But she seemed so happy to see me happy, and then I promised I would give her hers tonight after I got home from work. I told her I was working late, and I forgot. I even showed her my calendar. That would buy me some, but not a lot of time. Straight to the front desk, and Joe laughed when I asked. "Naw, man. We don't get something like that. Try a store or a better gas station." I'm in shock. But not for long, my wife calls me. Perfect timing honey. Just lovely, perfect timing. I pick up after the third ring. I don't have a choice.

"You said you'd be home by eight, it's eight-thirty!" She cries into the phone. Oops. Apparently, not enough time. I grab a Hershy's bar with peanuts. I motion for him to check me out and I pay. I run and start my car. Must be close enough. But it feels like something about it is wrong. Something about the gift is just not right. I just can't remember why it's wrong.

"Yeah, I just needed to pick up your gift. I'll be home as soon as possible, I promise. I love you, bye." I hang up as soon as possible. I look at the bar and realize I'm the one who likes this type of chocolate bar. Not her. I have no other choice but to go to the store. I remember her shopping at Target once or twice. I think that's her favorite store. I almost speed there and go to the beauty section. Nail polish. The only thing I'd ever see her use to dress up. Usually a pink color, and only ever done by herself.

She never really liked to go to the salon and sit there for an hour to get her nails done properly as other women that come to my office do. She says it's pointless to get them done professionally. She works in a pre-kindergarten class. She is really creative and makes all their activities herself. She makes sure that all of her students are comfortable in the classroom. I once watched her teach her class. She is so composed in her classroom. She makes you feel comfortable. I love to watch her teach.

All Valentine's colors are there, non-ones beneath them. Lined straight up against the wall. Like they're in uniform. I'm overwhelmed by the volume this stuff is in. I like the gas station stores for a reason. Who has the time to even stock this stuff? Or buy this stuff? What's the point in even buying this overpriced junk? But I don't have time to question. I pick the color that's closest to my hand and head to the checkout lane.

I pay and run to my car. I have a few minutes to get home and hand it to her. I have the chocolate bar as I drive. When I'm home, I remember that the bar was still for her and I still haven't bought the Ferrer Rochets. No more time. I have t go in before she comes out. So I go in, and she's cleaning. Scrubbing inch for inch, polishing everything. She sees me and stands up, saying hello with a broad smile. I smile back and give her the nail polish. She thanks me a million times and showers me with little kisses.

I smile back at her. She made me my favorite dinner and we sat at our island talking and really just enjoying ourselves. I realize how lucky I am to have her. As I was laying down in bed, I remembered her in her wedding dress. I remember how happy she looked. How hard she was trying to not cry during the wedding. I smile. I love her. So much. I love her. As soon as she climbs into bed she snuggles up with me. Usually, I push her off me, but tonight, tonight I held onto her. I whispered into her ear, "I love you."

I saw her smile at me. Her eyes were closed. And she let out a cute little snore. I love her little snore. Her happy smile. Her little freckles. I love her, she's so special to me. I can't believe that she's mine some of the time. How lucky I am to have her. I snuggle up close and fall into the best sleep I think I have ever ever had.

February 15, 2022 17:51

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