I made my own stranger things story and my own title my own title is fever

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Kids Middle School

Monday 11:45

At school

In reeses *

Mike Dustin Lucas and will sat on a table outside Reese's* will put his arms in the table and put his head down on his arms* guys why does it smell like eggs said Lucas ew said Dustin puting his mouth and nose on his shirt* Lucas ur so disgusting said mike covering his nose with one of his fingers* Lucas laughed* ur so disgusting said dustin ur also disgusting said Lucas no I'm not said Dustin yes u r said lucas no I'm not said dustin right said Lucas shut up said dustin anyways tomorrow is Patrick's day said Lucas wait it is said Dustin duh said lucas shoot I don't have anything that's green said dustin dude it's ok I have green stuff I can let u barrow some said mike really said Dustin yes said mike thanks man said Dustin ofc said mike I'll call my mom after school that I'm going to ur place said Dustin ok said mike will said mike buddy r u alright said dustin dude r u alright said lucas no said will what's wrong said mike I don't feel so good said will dustin got up where he was sitting on and walk with will* buddy can u put ur head up so I can touch ur forehead said Dustin ok said will dude ur weird said Lucas I'm not I'm just gonna touch his forehead if he has a fever ok geez said Lucas will put his head up* Dustin started to touch his forehead and his 2 cheeks* guys he has a fever said dustin he does said mike yes said dustin mike got up and walked to will* will hold my hand I'ma take u to the nurse office said mike ok said will will hold one of mikes hands and got up* I'm coming with u guys said Lucas me to said dustin mike took will to the nurse office* 2 minutes later mike opened the door from the nurse office* nurse said mike hi there said the nurse hi said mike my friend will has a fever aw sweetie said the nurse ima check ur temperature ok sweetie said the nurse sweetie sit in that bed over there said the nurse mike walked will to the bed will sat down* mike sat down nexts to him* Lucas sat on a chair* Dustin stood up* the nurse opened a drawer and got the temperature check thing and walked with will* sweetie I'ma put this under ur armpit said the nurse ok said will the nurse put the temperature thing under his armpit* the nurse took it out* 1537 sweetie u have a very bad fever said the nurse he does said Dustin yes I'ma call his mom said the nurse the nurse went to call wills mom* aw buddy I hope u feel better said dustin get better soon said Lucas guys I'ma go home with will said mike can u guys bring my backpack said mike sure said Lucas u guys stay at school if Mr c says where am I say that I didn't feel good and I got picked up by my mom said mike ok said dustin I'll cya guys tomorrow cya said Dustin cya said Lucas Dustin and Lucas left* will said mike yeah said will did u tell ur mom or brother that u didn't feel good said mike no said will aw why said mike because my brother wasn't home and my mom needed to go to work said will aw nexts time tell ur mom ok said mike ok said will Lucas opened the door from the nurse office* here said Lucas will ur mom is in the office said the nurse ok said will I'ma walk him down said mike ok I hope u feel better dear said the nurse ok said will bye said the nurse bye said will cya soon said Lucas I hope u feel better said dustin thanks guys np said Lucas and dustin Lucas opened the door* mike walked will to the office mike opened the door fron the office * honey said wills mom wills mom hug him * miss byers said mike hi there said wills mom hi I'ma go home with will said mike ok said wills mom wills mom open the door from the office and closed it and open the door from outside the school entrance* here let me help said mike ty said wills mom ofc said mike mike opened the door from the backseat of the car* wills mom helped will in and buckle him* and closed the door* mike buckle himself* wills mom got in the car and buckle herself and turn on the car and drove home* 3 minutes later mike called his mom* hello this is the wheelers mom mike? Aren't u in reeses said his mom I was but I got picked up said mike picked up by who said mikes mom u know my friend will oh from the byers yeah whatever he got picked up early because he has a fever and I felt bad and I went home with him said mike oh said mikes mom I'ma spend the night with him can I said mike sure said his mom ok thanks bye said mike mike hunged up* in the living room* will lied down the couch * sweetie why didn't u tell me said his mom because u were going to work said will aw but u could've tell me to call my boss that I'm going the nexts day im sorry said will it's ok said wills mom but nexts time tell me ok said wills mom ok said will I'ma go get a blanket from ur room and a wet cloth and medicine ok said wills mom ok said will wills mom kiss him in the forehead* and went to wills room to get a blanket* will said mike yeah said will mike opened his backpack here said mike what is this said will a gift I forgot to give it to u in Christmas said mike oh thanks said will ofc said mike let me help u open it said mike ok said will mike unwrapped it * 3 notebooks said will yeah said mike ik u love drawing and I got u these said mike ty said will np said mike mike hugged will* I'ma put this in ur room said mike ok said will mike headed to wills room* honey sit down said wills mom* will sat down* I'ma give u 1 spoon of this medicine said wills mom ok said will wills mom gaved will medicine* lay down honey said wills mom will layed down * wills mom cover will with a blanket* wills mom put a wet cloth in his forehead* try to sleep said wills mom ok said will my baby I hope u feel better said his mom ty mom said will ofc baby said wills mom and went to put away the medicine*to be continued...

March 05, 2024 23:43

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