Drama Crime Suspense

This story contains themes or mentions of suicide or self harm.

    Work was finally over. Rain unlocks the front door, kicks her shoes off and falls on the couch. "Thank God it's Friday! A weekend of much needed relaxation" said Rain. She heads up stairs and runs a nice, warm bubble bath and turns on some music. Rain steps into the tub, sits down, and closes her eyes to relax. Then her phone rings. "Hello." said Rain. When the voice on the other end spoke, Rain quickly sat up. "Greg!" shouted Rain with a smug grin on her face.

    Greg and Rain's best friend Stacy were the perfect couple. Everybody wanted their relationship to be like theirs. They communicated with each other, traveled together, cooked together, and most importantly, they loved each other. That was everybody except Rain. She never liked Greg. Maybe it was the sneaky look on his face or his arrogant attitude. Whatever it was, Rain just had a gut feeling something wasn't right.

     Stacy and Rain would go shopping every Sunday. That was always 'girls day out' until one Sunday Stacy decided not to go. Rain knew something wasn't right so she went over to Stacy’s house. Rain knocked on the door but no answer. She knocked again and yelled "Stacy, open the door!" Stacy opened the door with her hair in disarray, clothes hanging off, and tears falling. "What happened? It was Greg wasn't it?" shouted Rain. "He took it. He took all of my money." cried Stacy. "He cleaned the safe out. We both were putting in money to save for a bigger house and he took it all!" sobbed Stacy. Rain hugged Stacy. "I'm so sorry this happened to you." said Rain. Six months later Stacy took her own life and Rain vowed to make Greg pay.

   Hearing that voice was what Rain had waited for, for 5 years. This was her chance to get even and to keep her vow to Stacy. Greg had been living about 150 miles away in a small town. She knew this because she hired a private investigator and had been tailing him for the last 3 years. He has a wife, a son, and two dogs. They both work at Baileys Real Estate, drive Mercedes-Benz and have a nice big home worth about 2.5 million. Little did Greg know the nice, wonderful life that he was living was about to crumble.

     Rain pulled up to Baileys Real Estate and sure enough there was Greg walking out of the front door but he wasn't alone. "Mr. Henry?" Rain said as she gripped the steering wheel with confusion. "Why would Greg be talking to Stacy’s dad?" said Rain with a puzzled look on her face. Greg and Henry chatted for about 15 minutes. They seemed to be getting along very well but how. Henry came to Rain's after Stacy’s funeral and told her that he would kill Greg. Henry blamed Greg for her death. How could Henry go from hating Greg to being his friend? Rain was determined to get to the bottom of this. She went home and started putting into motion the plan that she had worked on for years. It wasn't going to be a relaxing weekend after all.

    Every Saturday morning at 7:00, Greg would work out at the gym for 2 hours and then go to the local coffee. In the evening at 6:30, he always met up with his mistress at the Liberty Hotel in room 227, except this time he would be in for a surprise. Cheryl, Greg's mistress was there early as usual. Rain knocked on the door and Cheryl ran to open the door. " Hey ba.." said Cheryl. Rain pushes the door open and walks in with a taser in her hand. "Who are you?" yelled Cheryl as she backed up. "Sorry, I'm not Greg. I suggest you get your things and leave before I use this on you for messing with a married man." said Rain. "I didn't know he was married!" stuttered Cheryl while running out of the door.

  Rain sat waiting in the chair in the dark when she heard the door rattle. "Right on time." she said while looking at her watch. Greg walked in with flowers in his hand. "Why do you have the lights off?" laughed Greg. "So I could surprise you." laughed Rain. He was so shocked that he dropped the flowers. Never in a million years did Greg expect to see Rain. Especially not in his hotel room. Rain stood up with her taser in her hand and pushed Greg down on the bed. She then pulled out a pair of handcuffs and told him to put them on attaching him to the headboard. Rain began to explain that this was revenge for Stacy. Greg tried to get Rain to understand that he called her to apologize and that he was just doing what he was told to do. Rain wasn't trying to hear anything he had to say. All she knew was that her best friend was gone because this man took all she had. Rain walked towards Greg with her taser at the highest voltage possible. She was determined to make him suffer until he said the unthinkable.."Henry! It was Henry! He made me do it!" yelled Greg. At that very moment, Rain stopped in her very tracks. "You’re lying! Why would he do that! He loved Stacy!" said Rain with tears in her eyes. Greg began to tell Rain that Henry was upset that his wife Dana, Stacy’s mom had left everything to Stacy. Henry had a gambling problem and Dana knew he would blow through the money. Rain was in disbelief. How could Henry do this to his own child? Rain was filled with rage. She grabbed Greg's phone and had him to call Henry over to the hotel. This way, she could kill two birds with one stone. Literally.

     Rain stood over Greg with her taser when there was a knock at the door. Low and behold, there stood Henry with a smile that turned into a frown. Rain grabbed his collar, pulled him in the room and shoved him into the chair. She found a sheet, ripped it, and tied Henry up. After explaining her reasoning to Henry, he began to cry. "I didn't mean for anything to happen to her. I needed the money!" Henry said while sobbing. Everything that Henry or Greg said went in one ear and out of the other. Rain had her mind made up. They both had to pay.

Two plastic containers were hanging from the ceiling. One over Greg and one over Henry. Rain told them that they both were reaping what they sowed. Stacy didn't deserve what they did to her. She was the sweetest person. She would go out of her way to help anybody. Rain explained that the plastic containers would rain down fire on them. Their skin would be burned and fall from their bones along with excruciating pain. Both men tried to scream but were unable to due to the tape that was covering their mouths. She informed them that in about fifteen minutes they would began to feel her wrath and it would be slow and painful. Rain set the microwave for fifteen minutes and then wiped down everything that she had touched. She turned around and looked at them both with the uttermost hatred in her eyes and walked out.

September 21, 2023 05:50

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02:59 Sep 26, 2023

Nice twist with Henry. I liked the plot, which delivered some good surprises. When there were big jumps maybe you could add a little bit more, maybe just a sentence or two of reflection,etc. it felt it moved a bit fast around this transition: "Six months later Stacy took her own life and Rain vowed to make Greg pay. Hearing that voice was what Rain had waited for, for 5 years."


Shanelle Monique
18:05 Sep 26, 2023

Thank you Scott Christenson for your feedback! Will definitely keep that in mind!


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