"You are the Princess of this Kingdom."

My head was spinning and felt like the walls around me was slowly eating me. Everything seemed to be moving in a slow motion.

All my childhood days, I was working as a maid in this big kingdom. I lived in the small room allocated for all other stuffs like me, eating the left overs by the majesties by sitting on the floor. The maids serving here always took care of me well, gave me a bed to sleep, feeding me. I felt like I finally had a family.

Today was my twentieth birthday. Like my usual days, I got up and did my morning routines, helped other staffs in cooking, cleaning the king and queen's room, even though they have not returned from their ship voyage.

While I was watering the flowers in the beautiful garden, a guard came and told me I was called by the king's brother. I was terrified. I didn't do anything wrong.

Oh no, they couldn't have found that.

Are they going to kill me for stealing the bread, the day before yesterday.

Or maybe because I sneaked around the mansion, to look at the beautiful full moon.

Or worse may be some maids complained about my snoring.

I was walking behind the guardsman and entered the big palace. All were not allowed inside the palace, only few. And I was glad I was one among them. He stopped at the door, and I looked at it, and it read "Library." The guard opened the door for me and I slightly peeked through the door, and I was hit by strong smell of old books.

Is it weird if I said I loved the smell. Maybe not. Because I had weird taste in these kind of things.

I walked inside, and I jumped on my feet when I heard the shutting of the main door. I clutched my heart and looked ahead.

I could clearly hear my footsteps and my perfect breathing. I looked around the big library. If these books were moved to someplace, the servants all in this palace could sleep here.


I called out. Okay maybe whispered.

I was fidgeting my fingers and looked through each rows and walked straight until I heard some footsteps. I stopped and looked at my right side to get the perfect view of the king's brother.

I instantly bowed and maintained some distance. Since I was taught to maintain a gap between the Majesties and rulers.

"Ahh here you are."

He exclaimed and took his glasses in his hands which he was wearing and kept the book on the second shelf and walked towards me.

He walked past me without telling me anything. I decided to follow him behind, and soon he went over a table and sat on the chair. I was in dilemma whether to sit or stand, since he didn't mention anything about it.

"Today is your birthday right?"

To say I was shocked would be an under statement. How could some one like him could remember my birthday. I nodded shyly. Though he is King's brother, he looked smart and handsome. He was tall, broad shouldered, thick thighs and he had a muscular body which could attract any man or woman.

"Do you know your parents?"

Is he insulting me?

He got up from his place and handled me a picture. I looked at him, and he signaled me to take it. With hesitation I reached the picture and saw the King and Queen holding a baby. It was a portrait, but a beautiful one. I looked at him in confusion on why he gave me this picture.

"Alright, it might be difficult for you to grasp everything but still listen to me carefully."

"You are the baby in that picture. You are the Princess of this kingdom."

And that's how we reach for the current situation. I was finding difficult to breathe, when he started to tell the story.

"Your parents didn't like to spoil you, they wanted you to lead a simple life instead of a luxury one. Your parents wanted to take over the kingdom once you reach twenty."

And my mind and ears stopped listening whatever he was speaking. I always thought he would become the next king. But I didn't expect this to happen. While I was in my thoughts, I came to reality when felt a sharp object sliding on my neck. I gasped and looked at the king's brother. He was holding the knife and his smirk never leaving his lips.

"I thought after killing your parents, I would become the king. But didn't knew my brother had a daughter, until the moment he died."

Is he going to kill me?

"M-Majesty, I s-swear I utter a word." I felt shiver running down on my spine when he pressed the tip of the knife into my throat.

"I hate to leave evidences. Only you and me know that you are the heir. It's better if you don't exist."

His low voice made my body shudder. Without thinking I pushed him off, and started to run.

Damn, why is the library very big?

I was relieved when I found the main door, When I was about to open the door, I suddenly felt a stinging pain on my legs, and I fell down.

I looked behind and saw the knife clinging to my skin and blood oozing out. I crawled with my legs but screamed when the Majesty stomped his feet on my wounded leg.

"Aghhhh please."

He smirked at me and took the knife from my wounded leg and forcefully inserted on the side of my neck.


I screamed and got up from my bed. I looked at the surroundings, and I was in my messy bedroom, my pillows on the floor, bed sheets on the edge of my bed ready to fall anytime on the ground.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes and realized that it was a dream.

"Woah it's just a dream. Not real, a dream. A dream."

I hit my head and told myself to wake up from the nightmare. I got down from my bed, and walked to the bathroom to wash my sleepy face. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw eye bags under my eyes.

"Aghhh" I groaned.

I did my routine, and walked down the stairs to see my father busy in eating cereal in one hand, and browsing his phone on the other hand. He looked at my arrival and saw him grinning.

"Bad dream huh?"

I shook my head and pulled a chair and sat beside him.

"Hmm. Someone was looking for you today." He chewed his cereals and drank the remaining milk from his bowl. I raised my eyebrows in confusion by his mention about the stranger.

"Through phone?"

He shook his head and got up from the chair.

"In person. He is looking smart and handsome. Never knew you had such a friend."

I was even more confused by his statement. I shrugged it off, I thought maybe he was teasing me.

"What are you doing here? Go to guest room, he is waiting there."

"What? Father, why do you allow some stranger inside the house?"

"He is not a stranger, he told me literally everything about you."

"What if he is a stalker?"

"Oh dear, your imaginations has no limits. At least be happy that some one is stalking you. Don't end up single forever."

I groaned and got up from the chair and moved towards the guest room. I looked back and my father grinning at me and showing me thumbs ups. I sighed and opened the door and went inside.

There was guy standing near the window, showing me his back. He was tall, broad shoulder. But he some what looked familiar to me. I cleared my throat to gain his attention, and he turned around and gave me a smirk.

I was shocked to see the man standing before me, who killed me at my dream.

"What the.."

April 14, 2020 07:36

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Joan Kearney
21:37 Apr 22, 2020

Very creative story with a few surprising twists as well. I like that her dream seems to end up being a kind of warning or maybe a foretelling of her future, leaves you curious as to what might happen next.


Saranglogy R
04:09 Apr 23, 2020

Thank you :)


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