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Fiction Sad Kids

β€œWhy is the sky blue?”

β€œI’m not sure Annabeth.”

β€œSalem, you must know why the sky is blue.”

β€œI told you Annabeth I don’t know.”

β€œWell, do you know why I’m here?”

β€œYou know why you’re here Annabeth now stop asking these silly questions.”

β€œCan you please just tell me again?”

β€œDo you not remember?”

β€œNo, not really so can you tell me”.

β€œWell, Anna your parents had an accident, and they-”

β€œI know that part skipped to why I’m here”.

β€œYou need to know the whole story.”

β€œNow, where was I? Your parents-”

β€œWhat did they look like?”

β€œAnna, are you gonna keep interrupting me?”

β€œSorry but I need to picture them.”

β€œYour mother was beautiful. She had brown hair like yours and green eyes. She had a wonderful way with words that always spoke to people.”

β€œWas she nice?”

β€œYes, she was the nicest person I knew.”

β€œWhat about my father.”

β€œHe had hazel eyes and a nose like yours. He was kind and had a warm aura. Your voice is like his except yours is softer.”

β€œSo I have small pieces of them within me.”

β€œWell yes, that’s one way to put it.”



β€œCan you tell me what happened tomorrow? I'm tired.”

β€œOf course get some rest.”

──── β‹†β‹…βœ¦β‹…β‹† ────

β€œTime for breakfast Anna, wake up. Anna where are you?”

β€œBoo! Did I scare you?”

β€œYes, I’m terrified.”

β€œHaha- can you finish telling me about my parents?”

β€œAfter you eat I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”


β€œAre you done?”

β€œI am so now can you tell me more?”

β€œWhere do you want to start from?”

β€œThe very beginning.”

β€œOkay, your parents met each other when they were in their 20s. I think your mother was around 23 and your father was around 25. They met in a cafe near the quiet part of town. Your dad had been visiting the state and your mom had lived there. They bumped into each other and everything sort of just happened.”

β€œHow do you know all this?”

β€œThey came around here and told us all about it?”

β€œWhy did they come here to this place? This place is sad and my parents were happy.”

β€œWe’ll get to that later but for now let me finish the story.”

β€œOh alright.”

β€œYour parents loved each other so they decided to get married. A couple of years later and they had you, Annabeth Joelle Carter.”

β€œMy name is pretty.”

β€œYour mother told us that the name just fit you and she was right. She said that once she saw you it was like a light bulb had gone off and it was the perfect name for you.”

β€œBack to the story, this is where it gets good because I’m born now.”

β€œAlright, where was I? So, you were born and they bought a house not too far from here. It was a beautiful house that was just the right size for your small family.”

β€œCan we go visit one day?”

β€œI’m afraid not but I’ll try.”

β€œThat’s too bad. On with the story.”

β€œYou were so happy in your home with your two wonderful parents until-”

β€œCan you tell me more about them before you tell me about the accident? I don’t want to be sad yet.”

β€œYour mother had the voice of an angel. She would sing every morning to the birds while your father read the newspaper. Your father had a love for writing and planned on publishing a book one day but sadly, that never got to happen.”

β€œAm I more like my father or mother?”

β€œI would say both. I’ve heard you hum a tune once and it was beautiful but I’ve also read some of your magnificent writing. They would be proud of you right now. They were always proud of you because you were their little girl. Their first and only daughter.”

β€œSo I’m special?”

β€œYes, Anna, very special.”

β€œI’m ready for you to tell me about the incident.”

β€œAre you sure?”

β€œYes, now please hurry before I change my mind.”

β€œThey had to go out to pick up a few things. They would only be gone for an hour or so. They were on their way back when something or someone blocked their path in the road. We still don’t know exactly what had happened but we assumed it was an animal. They stopped but there had been ice on the floor causing the car to spiral.”

β€œWait, I’m not ready yet.”

β€œAnna you’re going to have to face the truth eventually.”

β€œFine, tell me.”

β€œThe car spiraled into the forest causing an explosion. A fire broke out and your parents were swallowed by it. Ambulances arrived shortly after because a car happened to drive by after the fire had erupted. Your mother made it out alive but your father died in the crash.”

β€œWhat happened to my mom?”

β€œShe died on the way to the hospital. She was hysterically and heartbroken after the crash. Her husband had just died and you were at home unprotected. All the stress caused her heart to fail.”

β€œWas her heart not strong enough?”

β€œIt was and that’s why it was able to survive that long. Anna, it comes to a point where something is too much to handle and things start to fall apart. It happens to the best of us which is why we need to find happiness in the small things.”

β€œHow are you supposed to be happy after something like that?”

β€œYou don’t. You let things happen and try to stay as calm as possible. You try to stay grounded in the things that comfort you to try and stay in one piece longer.”

β€œCan we stop for today?”

β€œOf course.”



β€œWhy did my parents come here?”

β€œThey wanted to adopt another child so you wouldn’t be so lonely.”

β€œBut I wasn’t lonely.”

β€œThey thought that once you were older you would want a sibling to keep you company.”

January 12, 2021 06:59

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yet another.......weird story i dont know why i keep writing stories about orphans but i like how this one came out this story is sad but also happy in a weird way (i dont know if that makes sense) "why is the sky blue?" can someone please answer this question for me i understand that sky = blue because science but why did someone wake up one day and decide the sky is blue just because (this is basically what goes on in my mind 24/7) i have the same questions about colors, numbers, words, etc. why is everything the way it is and what if it...


Dhwani Jain
03:16 Aug 11, 2021

Hey! So, I wanna know, WHICH WORD DID YOU ADD?


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY also, are u a percy jackson fan?? because i really appreciate your name choice :P also, the sky is blue because of diffuse sky radiation which is "Diffuse sky radiation is solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface after having been scattered from the direct solar beam by molecules or particulates in the atmosphere. Also called sky radiation, diffuse skylight, or just skylight, it is the determinative process for changing the colors of the sky." according to le wikipedia


thank you ive never read percy jackson that was a lot of science and i dont understand half of it but thank you :)


i dont like science its just so much and i dont understand it


i would probably have a panic attack


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awwwwww i love dis, it's sad and cute at the same time. LOVE IT!!!!! great jwob :D ~ Amethyst






:DDDDDDDD are you gonna do anything special, or just like have a normal day


a normal day i dont usually do anything for my birthday


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Dhwani Jain
07:17 Dec 10, 2021

I had read this story earlier, I think. I forgot to comment on it then, I guess. So, it was nice, short, cute and really touching. I don't know why, but I felt that the girl, Annabelle was a bubbly, 5-6 year old from the way you wrote the dialogues. I really liked the story!


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Dhwani Jain
03:15 Aug 11, 2021

Ah! Nice story, Blue Garnet. Even I am born in January !!!!!!!!! Yay! It had the innocence of a child AND the maturity of an adult. I think that throughout the story, Anna matured a lot. 😊😊 Please do read and comment on my stories as well. Do you have any funny story to read?


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