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Karuli felt irritated. The beautiful house by the sea looked good when she inspected it with the real estate agent. It had been unsettling when the agent seemed so pleased she had liked the place. It had been an odd encounter, with the agent using the same words as the people from the last town she had lived in.

Often Karuli would wonder if society were pre-programmed robots running on some sort of script that she knew nothing about. Everyone performed the same body language about her. The people seemed uncomfortable in their poses as if they were acting and the positions were not natural to them.

Karuli wished she had visited the backyard with more thoroughness. The previous tenants must have been filthy trash. The yard was full of bottles and cans, along with other rubbish. Behind the shed, there were 2 full bins of nothing but crap. It felt to her as if it should mean something. In a way, it did. It meant to her that there were some people living on the planet with no regard for others. People don't do things because of her. People do things because of their own choices. Then again, if they were pre-programmed robots, would they even know they had a choice to improve their behavior?

One of the bins had no wheels ensuring that it was impossible for her to wheel the rubbish out to the front. This is where her current irritation stemmed from. Bit by bit, she removed items from the wheelless bin into the one that had some. There was a child's toy in blue and red. A rubber chicken came out next. So much weird trash. It made her wonder as to the previous tenant's mental health.

The next day, Karuli went shopping. In the line at the pharmacy, a man dressed in red and blue stood before her holding a hot chicken. The man looked at her, holding the bag up in her face, nodding yes. Rolling her eyes, she looked him in the eyes, and muttered beneath her breath, "I don't like chicken."

The glare from the man was intense. The stranger looked disgusted, angry almost at her response. He stalked off.

Walking into the supermarket, people were all making the same gestures as the people in her last town. They all stared at her as they struck their movements. Karuli returned a hard stare at each individual, meeting their eyes. Not one seemed inclined to hold her gaze, all glancing away. A few even seemed as if they felt ashamed or guilty.

To Karuli, this did not make sense. Why do something if you feel guilt? If you know you are doing the wrong thing, choose not to do it, unless you are all pre-programmed robots. This was often Karuli's train of thought. People have free will, do they not?

That day everyone seemed to be wearing red and blue in the supermarket. Another oddity. Everyone also had a chicken in some form or other, including several people with rubber chickens. 

To someone not paying attention or a robot, this would not make an impact. To someone observant, like Karuli, who knew she was a free-thinking human being, it was unusual. It was too much to be a mere coincidence.

Karuli had changed towns because of the odd behavior of the people in her previous town. It seemed as if everyone knew a small portion of her past. 

Karuli had been trafficked for sex by her first husband. The town she lived in appeared to know that she had been trafficked, and all they wanted to do was use and abuse her. When Karuli had figured this out, she learned how to say no to requests of use for her body. After all, her body is the holy temple of God. Jesus wasn't going to live in an unholy vessel.

When she had begun to say no, the games had turned nasty. The community continued to harass her. The people seemed obsessed with sexual activity, especially when it was cruel to her. Karuli knew her worth. She knew she was worth more than being used. Karuli was smart, beautiful, kind, and generous.

Every man she had been with she had cared for them, put them before her. Karuli had always been faithful, loyal. Karuli knew she was a catch for the right man when he came along. If he didn't, that wasn't a problem. Keeping her body clean of other people's energies was her gift to Jesus.

Karuli went home. Unpacking her groceries, she thought about the experience. It was as if everyone knew what she had found in the rubbish, and then went out of her way to bombard her with this. Again, much the same behavior as the people in the previous town. Being of sober mind, she knew she wasn't paranoid. How could she speak to someone else about this without seeming so? How could she trust that whoever she did speak to was not part of a community that seemed to be stalking her?

Checking social media, it all seemed to be a repeat of what she had seen in the shops. It wasn't possible that something like this could be natural.

After doing some research on the internet she came across several sites which spoke of gang stalking. It was odd that the people who wrote these websites used the same phrases as the community of people she was sure now were stalking her. The internet described what she was going through in an appropriate manner. Her intuition said that that was the truth.

The internet spoke of this. There was nothing Karuli had done to deserve it. There was nothing she had done to attract it. People kept telling her it was her karma, but there were holes in that story. When she took an honest look at the good vs bad she had done, there was no way that she could deserve this. The people throwing the karma word around were cruel. If they believed in karma, they wouldn't be acting the way that they were. Even the men that had raped and beaten her, along with the members of her family that had abused her through sex as a child had told her this was her karma. What a load of codswallop. If they believed in karma, wouldn't they be getting punished in a very nasty way for their crimes? What karma could an innocent child have?

It wasn’t out of the realms of possibility, with the use of social media, that such atrocities could take place. Social media was an evil tool. Social media could be good. To Karuli, it appeared to be used for the most part for evil intent. People used social media to slander, twist, lie, manipulate, misinform and cause disharmony in the world. Even the media, television shows, movies, music, books seemed to operate on an insidious agenda of mind control and disunity. Even the so-called enlightened people came across as having a personal agenda.

Imagine an app that enables a bunch of stalkers to spy into a person's life through technology and connect with each other to devise ways to interfere with the normal workings of a person's mind and life? This was the most probable way that if what she had read was happening to her, would be able to happen. It would have to be government-run, she thought, for them to have so much information about her past. It would have to be military-enabled for them to have hacked their way into her technology so all these nosy people could look into her life. If they could watch her, though, why couldn’t they see the new person in Christ that she was? Why were they so attached to her past? Why could they not learn to let go of their need to control her? What was wrong with these people. Once again, she came to the conclusion of people have a spiritual disease. Either that or they were confirmed pre-programmed robots without the ability to act from a conscious level.

Karuli spent days thinking about the situation. Everything made sense to her. It wasn't her. It wasn't karma. It was a widespread spiritual sickness that encouraged people to act worse than animals. If they were trying to bring her down, didn’t mean that these people, obsessed with cruelty, sex, greed, manipulation, power, control, etc, were already beneath her? That told her morals were better than them, and they knew it, which was why they felt the need to try and bring her down.

There was nothing Karuli could do except endure the situation and seek God even more. God always answers prayers, especially when in the name of Jesus. This is what Karuli did, then. Karuli spent the majority of her time seeking God and asking for the oppression to end in the name of Jesus. In fact, Karuli is still doing this because the pre-programmed robots are still acting like fools. 

Never The End

January 29, 2022 01:08

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Philip Ebuluofor
11:57 Feb 14, 2022

Never the end. Like that. You can stretch it further from there. The story is engaging to be honest. I only noticed one error which is oversight. Have instead of having. Fine work.


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