It was the beginning of a new year. I had to wake up and prepare something for breakfast myself. My friend Kelly, who was living with me in the same flat, was out to see her parents and she is spending the New Year with them. But I could not spend the New Year with my parents, because I never had parents. I was an orphan. But luckily my grandparents had decided to raise me. So I was able to live as a good child other than being an orphan.

I woke up at six thirty in the morning and had a wash. I had to decide what to have for breakfast. Although I felt lonely, it gave me a feeling of freedom as I could decide what to eat myself instead of thinking about what Kelly would like to eat.

I came to the living room. Actually the flat where I was living with Kelly had two bed rooms, a kitchen and a living room. The flat was one of the most comfortable flats in the town. I looked around the living room. I had no idea about what to do. Yesterday when Kelly left, she told me to stay safe and eat properly because I used to skip meals because of my workload from the college. However now I must eat as I wanted that day to be a good and an active day since I had a lot of work to be completed by tomorrow. All of the work was not book based. I had to go to the town and buy some stuff too.

I walked toward the kitchen and checked the cupboards to see what was available. Kelly always made sure to keep those full of stuff. So I made pasta along with a lot of cheese, sausage and also ketchup. It was very delicious; actually it was better that Kelly’s pasta. I ate quickly and dressed up to go out. I wanted to buy some books, some clothes and also I wanted to visit Mrs. Salina, as I wanted to borrow a book about French grammar.

I walked away from the flat towards the city. People were busy with their work. I walked passing thousands of people. After walking nearly for half an hour I reached the library. I went inside and started to choose books. I wanted to borrow books about literature and I grabbed what I wanted borrowed them. After that I felt quiet thirsty and I went to the nearest coffee shop to feed myself with a coffee. I bought a coffee and sat on a chair and took one of the books I borrowed from the library and started turning pages although it wasn’t a good surrounding to read a book. Then I realized that someone was sitting in front of me.

“Hello, are you busy?” that person asked. I held my head up to see who that was. It was a familiar face. But I couldn’t realize him.

“Do I know you?” I asked with a doubtful feeling.

“Oh don’t you know me?” he asked back. I nodded my head to let him know my answer was a no. He was smiling in a way. It was like he felt unbelievable of my behavior.

“I’m Jason! We are studying in the same college. Don’t you know me?” he said and that smile was still in his face. All of a sudden I remembered of that name, Jason.

“Oh god! It’s him.” I said to myself. He was the dream boy of all the girls in the college. I felt uncomfortable as I never expected him to talk with me or I was nothing compared to other girls in the college.

“Yeah, I know you. Why are you talking with me?” I asked.

“Why? Do I need permission to talk with you?” Jason asked me with a smile.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean it.” I replied with a smile.

“So are you busy with reading?” he asked.

“Oh no, I can talk.” I replied.

It seemed like he is up to something. So I was listening to him carefully.

“Can you join with me to have dinner tonight?” he asked. I was not sure about what I heard. Why is he asking me to join for the dinner? There are thousands of beautiful girls in the college but instead of asking from a beauty queen he was asking me to join with him. What did he want? 

“What? Are you joking? Why me? There are so many girls waiting for your word. Why are you asking me to join with you?” I asked with astonishment.

“Oh it’s creepy when girls start talking with me and they are so disturbing. I was looking at you throughout last week and I think you are different than them. So I think you are the best to have New Year’s dinner with Me.” he said.  

“Well, I’ll come but isn’t it strange?” I asked.

“Maybe, I’ll be coming to your place to pick you. Be ready by six.” He said and walked out of the shop without anything else.

“What was that?” I asked myself.

It took more than an hour for me to complete my work at the city and I went back home after that. I wasn’t hungry so I went to my room to choose a dress to wear for the dinner. After thousands of fittings I finally choose the best for New Year’s dinner. When I look at the clock, it gave me chills. It was already five o’clock! He said that he will come to pick me at six o’clock.

I rushed and had a wash. I felt so nervous. I dressed up myself. I did my best to make myself look beautiful. Finally I felt satisfying. It was six o’clock. I locked the door and walked towards the exit of the flat. The watchman was there.

“Happy New Year Ms. Elie!” he greeted. And I greeted him back.

Everywhere was colorful. It looked like Christmas. I never seen the city this much brighter, with colorful lights and decorations. It felt so pleasant. I walked out of the gate and stood in front of it. I waited for Jason to pick me. It was six past ten minutes and it was already dark. I hated dark but I did not want to go away from the dark.

I waited and waited. The time was running faster. I felt so bad because of Jackson’s lateness. Sometimes I felt he has fooled me but I made up myself saying he did not. However I couldn’t stay out of thinking that. Or I did not give up.

If any of the other girls see me, I was sure that they will fill up my name with different rumors about me and Jason. I was not afraid though. I imagined how it will be when the girls realize Jason had the New Year’s dinner with a girl like me. They will say I have done black magic to attract him. But some of them knew that I wasn’t interested of that kind of things. Whenever other girls were busy following the handsome boys me and Kelly was busy in the library or the café. Will this change me into a girl like them? I had that doubt in my mind although I determined to have dinner with Jason whatever happened.

The time was running passing me. I was still standing in front of the gate. But no one came to pick me. It was seven o’clock. Did he forget? Or he had a change in his mind? I should not have agreed with him to have dinner. I should have New Year’s dinner prepared myself and enjoy it in the rooftop. How precious it will be? What did I do? Do I need to go back or should I stay some more? I couldn’t decide what to do.

Finally it was eight o’clock. I looked at my phone and walked back to my home. I felt like I was fallen down from a mountain. I was out of sense. My time! My pride! Why did I agree with him? What will he be doing now? Is he happy that I waited and gave up waiting for him or is he really in a trouble? I did not know or I did not want to think about it.

“That’s enough!” I said to myself and walked inside my house after unlocking the door. Everything was still the same and the quietness made me feel so sad. I cried and cried. If Kelly was with me she should have stopped me saying those are craps or nasty boys. But it was my time to make up myself and come back to my senses.

I prepared dinner myself and walked to the rooftop. It was quiet. I started eating while looking at the beauty of the colorful town. Tears came rolling down from my cheeks. I kept my dinner on the table and walked ahead in order to see the colorfulness more closely.  

I heard a familiar voice. I started looking around curiously. Someone was standing near the gate. He was shouting, and was looking at me. I wasn’t sure who that was. But within a minute I realized that was Jason.

July 04, 2020 08:09

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Batool Hussain
08:16 Jul 04, 2020



Irushi Shawindi
03:53 Jul 05, 2020

It's my first short story. Thank you!


Batool Hussain
05:30 Jul 05, 2020

You're welcome!


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Elle Clark
21:22 Jul 14, 2020

A lovely calm story - I wish we knew what happened next!


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Nandan Prasad
10:02 Jul 12, 2020

Hey, great story! The plot concept is well-fleshed out and the narration is smooth. A few grammatical mistakes, but nothing that cannot be corrected by quick editing. Overall, very well-written! Also, would you mind checking out my stories if it is not too much trouble? Thanks and good luck!


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17:46 Jul 25, 2020

Great job, Irushi! This story was awesome. Some advice: sometimes it’s best to drop the dialogue tags so the speaking reads clearer and easier. Other than that, keep it up! Would you mind checking out one or two of my stories? Thanks! —Aerin!


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