"The Case Of Davy" PART 1: By Maddy Granger✨✨✨

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    "5..4..3..2..1, no, no that's not right, ok again, 5..4..3..2..1, was that right?" Davy Williams was an odd man, everyone in the small town of Fordwich U.K. Growing up had never been easy for Davy, being OCD, everything had to be just perfect, unfortunately, Davy's life was quite far from perfect. You see Davy had grown up in poverty, his clothe shad never fit, they had always hung from his thin, wiry frame, Davy's mother Mary, lived to drink, in fact, many say as the story was told that the drink was what had killed her at the tender age of 28 when Davy had just turned 14. By then he had already graduated top of his class from grade 12, Davy was someone who you would call special, someone out of the ordinary with intelligence beyond any kind known to man, some might say that Davy Williams Wasn't human.

Of curse, this is not true, but it isn't entirely false either. After his graduation, throughout his adolescence years, Davy started to invent many objects, things that were made out of copper that could attract things that were made out of alluminum. He invented things that could fly around his room and land in the very exact place they had taken off. Being OCD caused Davy to worry constantly and as many can relate most of us can't to his vast journey of knowledge, but living with obsessive-compulsive disorder controlled every move, breath, and word that Davy took, breathed, and wrote, it was taking ve the young man's life, making decisions was impossible unless they were done in exactly the perfect order. Davy was the type of person who would sleep in 'till about 4:00 am, and then go to bed around the same time the next night, he often stayed up late sketching put his ideas for future inventions onto parchment paper.

I guess you could call Davy Williams an attractive chap, he wasn't necessarily good-looking and beefy and well-built like those of his peers but, Davy was in fact handsome, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, and his blue eyes were complimented whenever he left his small flat.

The year was 1936 and Davy now 24 had moved from his dinky untidy flat in Fordwich to a bigger flat in London. It was quite a change, but, Davy had high hopes for his inventions. He climbed off the train, quietly sucking in a breath as he saw the many, many cracks etched into the street, he took a deep breath and walked around them, making sure he didn't step one any square of pavement more than once. He was in London to show his inventions to Mr. Mabel who was the head of staff at King's College.

Davy's heartbeat faster underneath his tweed jacket, he was nervous but in a good way, the kind of nervous one might say inspires others, and that is exactly what Davy did. The young chap walked up the many steps towards the university, noticing with a small smile that his footsteps played out the tune to the song Pennies in Heaven. At the top of the steps stood a beautiful young woman in a long red skirt and a white blouse, her red hat's brim covered the left side of her face, and her red lips turned up into a smile as Davy approached her.

"Good morning Sir, I'm Ina Evans, The headmaster and I are so honored to have finally met you!" She extended her hand, Davy realized he was meant to shake it, he did but remained looking down at his feet.

"It 'tis!" Ina laughed, her laugh filled Davy with joy it was soft and ladylike but held such beauty as did she.

"Oh, you amuse me, Mr. Williams, well if you follow me the Headmaster is waiting." She started to walk off, Davy followed still looking down.

"Oh, yes, I meant to show him my-

"Your inventions, yes he did mention that!" Ina interrupted. They walked down the long halls filled with students carrying books some even ink and quills, Davy noticed one girl was reading Shakespeare but the book was upside down.

"How peculiar!" Davy thought, but really it wasn't that peculiar to him, Davy often read books upside down, he found books more enjoyable that way. Ina opened a large wooden door, she closed it behind him, the Head Master was a large burly blonde man dressed in an elegant expensive-looking suit, he was puffing the end of a lit cigar.

"Ahhh, Mr. Williams, it is an honor to finally meet you!"

"Yes, Ina already told me," Davy said smiling smally. Ina blushed as she sat down across from Davy. The Head Master walked towards him extending his hand,

"Mr. Cod, I'm the Head Master!" Davy smiled but didn't shake his hand he offered, instead he seated himself in one of the brown leather armchairs in front of the desk. Mr. Cod raised his eyebrows but returned to his seat, still puffing from his cigar.

"Do you smoke Williams?"

Davy shook his head.

"No sir, I don't." Ina smiled again, Davy smiled back at her. Mr. Cod raise done eyebrow and cleared his throat.

"Well, you are here Williams because I heard your inventions are beyond brilliant, I must see them!" Davy nodded, he opened his briefcase, pulling out a long metal rod with cables attached to a round disk that was fastened to the end and a few scraps of metal. Mr. Cod scoffed.

Davy took this as his clue to start speaking, he did.

"This is a device that can detect any type of metal anywhere around the world, s-s-say you have a-a locket you dropped n the beach and couldn't find it, this device will find it for you!” Mr. Cod took the device in his hands, his eyes roaming up and down it.

“Fascinating, say, what do you call this?” Ina looked toward Davy, they shared a thoughtful look. Davy cleared his throat.

“I call it a metal detector!” Mr. Cod nodded approvingly.

“Well, is that all you have to share with us, Williams?” He said leaning forward, his large blonde moustache twitching. Davy nodded, placing the metal detector back into his briefcase along with the fews pieces of scattered scrap metal laying on the Head Master’s table. 

Mr. Cod sighed.

“Very well, I will speak to Mr. Hall, he is the head scientist here at University so I will see if he will approve, until then I bid you good day!” Davy nodded.

“T-thank you sir!” Mr. Cod yawned as if he was bored.

“Yes, good day!” Davy felt excitement rising up in his chest, maybe he would finally get the credit he deserved. Ina walked back out of the college with him, her hands held in front her, Davy noticed that she was nervously twitching with a blue ring on her pinkie finger, 

How odd, why that finger when she had the pick of any of the other 4? He thought. They descended the steps together when they reached the bottom, Ina turned to him, he now noticed that her cheeks had turned quite pink. 

Possibly from the many steps. Davy thought. 

“I’m sure the HeadMaster will inform you very soon, your ‘metal detector’ is quite genius!” she said. Davy smiled.

“Thank you!” Ina laughed lightly.

“Well, it was nice meeting you Davy, I’m sure he will want you back here tomorrow for the results!” Davy nodded.

“Yes, I suppose so!”

“See you soon Mr. Williams!” Ina said, she smiled one last time, showing only a bit of her perfect teeth. But before she climbed back up the many steps to King’s College, Ina Jones leaned forward and placed a kiss onto Davy’s left cheek.




May 24, 2021 03:13

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Maddy Writes
03:19 May 24, 2021

Hii all you lovely people!! I do hope you enjoy this first part of "The Case of Davy" as much as I did writing it!! I do have to apoligize if there are some minor spelling and grammar errors, I didn't have much time to edit the whole entire script, It took me two days and one night :) to actually complete it!! But, I am very excited for where Davy takes me along on this writing journey!! So please enjoy :) 💖💖💖 Much Love, MaddyGranger ✨✨


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