That night Rajiv went late for sleep. Next day after he reaches his office his boss called him to their cabin and gave him a gift voucher of $ 1000. But this is very unusual for her because he already worked for more than 1 year but still, he can't able to do proper work and also his boss always gets frustrated with him. After thinking for some minutes he takes the voucher and from that voucher, he buys a lot of toys and fruits for an orphan child he adopted from orphan home because he is not married and have no friends he likes to be busy with that child and one more thing is he too is an orphan. At night after doing dinner with his child (adopted child ) he went for a sleep and start thinking that why his boss gifted him $1000 after thinking a lot he can't able to find a proper reason.

Boss and all of his staff members also don't know that he adopt a child this thing suddenly come to the mind of Rajiv and yes he don't talk much with his office friends so then Rajiv able to relate that the voucher which he got is not for this emotional thing then he thought that it might because I may do a great job in the recent project work but still he is not sure about this but he is feeling confident about this reason because if somehow his boss know that he adopted a child they don't show any special treatment because his boss doesn't have any affection toward orphan children . The next day he went for his work and he plans to thank his boss for the gift but before he said thanks the boss come and said thanks to him and this creates a lot of confusion in Rajiv's mind. After this Rajiv shows a lot of improvements in his work because he started to think that this all gifts he is received because of his good work in his projects from here he gets the motivation that he too can do a project correctly. This because in his life he don't get awarded for any of his work so this demotivate him a lot but after he get a reward from an unexpected person he again get motivated .

After some days he got promotion because of his abilities but at the same time his boss meet with an accident and heavily injured after Rajiv knows this he went to the hospital at there his boss counting his last minutes and there her boss tell her the truth behind the $1000 gift for him he said that the child you adopted is mine own son when he was 4 years old his mother died because I have no time to take care of her I sent him to an orphanage and when I called the caretaker of that place just to know what happened to her after I leave him there then that person replied that a man whose name is Rajiv adopted him that's why in curiosity I ask him about some bio of the parent and the bio which he get from there is matching to the bio of Rajiv . For that reason, his boss gifted his full salary to Rajiv and after some seconds he dies. This mystery not only gave a new life to a child but also help a person to get motivated. From here Rajiv's and his child never suffered from any saddest moment like they usually go through.

" Some times thing end in an unusual manner but the results of that ending is not always negative "

"Some times a negative situation also became positive in the right time "

October 21, 2019 13:14

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